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Mohammad Abir Abbas

Hochschule Stralsund
Simulation and System Design
Master Program


Restrictions make us more inquisitive about discovering new things by challenging ourselves to greater
heights. When I was eight years old, despite having a computer I was not permitted to operate it. As
such I always tried to see how it works just standing by my brother. In few weeks I learnt using it all
by myself. From then I began to get acquainted with the latest technologies and that ultimately helped
me in taking the decision of shaping my future and the ultimate ambition of my life studying Mechanical

I experienced an unknown world after enrolling in Chittagong University of Engineering and

Technology, one of the best universities in Bangladesh. There I came to know about Fluid Dynamics,
Simulation, Aerodynamics and also Robotics. While Working on my thesis titled "Effects of
Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Wavy Leading Edge" and exploring Ansys fluent
models, I found my best interest in Computer aided simulations. Additionally, in tutorials from Cornel
University, a project where human heart blood flow is analyzed through Ansys coupled with sound and
deep knowledge about the fluid flow behaviour and mathematical formulations from undergrad life;
made me realize the application of analysis, visual computing in Human body. Though my results are
average but the gradual increment in later semesters made me confident of my ability to thrive for
improvement and deliver under pressure.

My internship in Unilever Bangladesh Limited was to identify find problems and increase the efficiency
of their Process Water Cooling Tower. I had little research experience prior to that. To my surprise, I
was able to figure out and provided them with a better solution using Computational Fluid Dynamics.
The experience made me aware of the potential of Simulation in Industrial world firsthand.
Furthermore, my involvement in various co-curricular activities demonstrates my work skill and
management skills as a potential researcher.

I envision myself being involved in high-level research or creating new job sectors through
entrepreneurship providing solutions in various sectors of engineering world. My future graduate study
will pave a door to create new application of Simulation and System design in my developing country
where there is limited utilization of this vast knowledge.

As an ardent admirer of new fields of Engineering, I am convinced of practical value of simulations and
design in vast area of Industrial world is the next best thing in the fields of research. For such keen
interest in learning and get into deeper into the world of analysis there is no other place than HS
Stralsund. HS Stralsund has an exciting interdisciplinary program that is exceptionally impressive with
collaborative research facility. This combination will provide the strong background I desire in order to
shape my future research interests and provide my contributions to my country in respective fields. For
an aspiring Masters candidate, I feel that Simulation and System Design is a very competitive program.
Nevertheless, I know I have the tools, determination and perseverance to accept such stimulating and
challenging subject.