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TO Be Phase To Be Sign Off

ü  As Is and To Be Documentation ü  Closing of Gaps as per scope

ü  Gap Analysis ü  Unit Testing
ü  Preparation of test cases
ü  Unit testing
ü  Changes to configuration for any errors
System Integration Testing
Integration Testing and Test Script Documentation
Identification of Gap
Prioritization of Gaps which are sure stopper for Go Live
Sign Off on Integration Testing
Closing of remaining gaps and processes
Master Data Activities
ü  Preparation of Master Data
ü  Validation of Master Data by SAP Team and Core Team
ü  Sign off on Master Data Prepared
ü  Preparation of LSMW for Master Data
ü  Preparation of BDCs for Specific Master Data
ü  Test Upload on Test
ü  Upload of Master Data in Sequence on Test
Cutover Activities
ü  Communication to Vendor, Customer and Excise etc
ü  User Training by Core Team
ü  Cost Roll ups and Validations - Test
ü  Upload of Master Data in Sequence on Test
ü  Start entry of Open Sales Orders, Quotation, Enquiries, Purchase Orders in Prod
ü  Stock Taking Activity at Plant
ü  Stock Upload with SAP Material Code, Qty, Value and Storage Location as on Go-Live Date
ü  Enter Cash Balances as of Go-Live Dates
ü  Enter Excise balances as of Go-Live Dates with monthly duty payment for March
ü  Configure Cut off Excise Number Range (Excise Invoice, RG registers) as on Go-Live Dates
ü  Back up of Loaded Production Server
ü  Go Live
ü  Availability of all balances
ü  FI Balance uploads (For both ledgers/ sub ledgers/ assets/ customers/ vendors)