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Factors Affecting Child Development

Pre-natal Physical Cognitive Language Socio-emotional Moral

Development Development Development Development Development Development
Morality is our
Prenatal During early Young children Is a critical part of Includes the ability to learn the
development is childhood, are not only your child’s overall child’s experience, difference
the process that children learn growing physically development it’s expression, and between right and
occurs during another self- during early supports your management of wrong and
the 40 weeks care skill that childhood, but child’s ability to emotions and the understand how to
prior to the birth gives them they are also communicate, and ability to establish make the right
of a child, and is more growing mentally. express and positive and choices.
heavily independence Children of this understand rewarding Children’s
influenced by than any age continue to feelings. It also relationships with experiences at
genetics. other skill advance their supports thinking others. It home, the
they will learn skills in observing and problem- encompasses environment
during this and interacting solving, and both intra – and around them, and
phase of life- with the world developing and interpersonal their physical,
toilet training. around them. maintaining process. cognitive,
Quantifying relationships. emotional, and
cognitive change social skills
is a bit tricky. influence their
developing sense
of right and wrong
Factors Affecting Adolescent Development

Physical Cognitive Language Socio-emotional Moral

Development Development Development Development Development
As children  Create an  Advanced  Searching for  Teen must
transition into environment language and identity make moral
adulthood, their where teen’s the secondary  Seeking more judgments on
bodies go through ideas and student. independence a daily basis.
a series of changes independent  Figurative  Seeking more  Physical,
during a process thinking are language responsibility emotional, or
known as puberty. valued.  Expository test:  Looking for sexual
 Recognize decontextualized new abuse.
 Cause when teens language and experiences  The death of
 First signs make well- metalinguistic  Influenced a close friend
 Changes in thought-out awareness skills more by friends or a family
boys decisions  Social language  Communicating member.
 Changes in  Engage teens in different  Witnessing
girls in ways senseless
 Body and discussions  Starting to violence.
Growth about current develop and  Trauma
events, and explore a
ask them to sexual identity
solutions to
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