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You want to cancel the privilege of matt to retrieve records from the employees table.

REVOKE employees FROM matt TO select;

Which of the following is NOT a task of a Database Administrator

None of the choices

Removing tables

Which of the following command will delete all records in the table employees

Select one:
. DELETE FROM employees

These are collection of objects such as tables, views, and sequences.

. Schema
A Database Administrator can create and remove users and tables.

The statement is correct

Using CREATE SQL Command, you can add new records in the table.

Display employee's name and id whose firstname starts with letter D and job id is IT_PROG.
Sort the output by department.
SELECT employee_id, first_name, last_name FROM employees WHERE first_name
LIKE 'D%' and job_id = 'IT_PROG' ORDER BY department_id

The INSERT statement can add multiple rows.
These are privileges that performs a particular action within the database.
System Privileges

Display the part number whose class is not HW, AG or SG.

None of the choices

Given the DEPARTMENTS table and USER user1, evaluate the SQL command:
GRANT select
ON user1
TO departments;
The SQL command is incorrect

INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE are ________________ commands


GRANT is a _____________________ command.


The two development environments of Oracle are _______________ and ______________.

ANSI SQL Web; Oracle Net SQL

Which of the following SELECT statement is the correct PL/SQL that willcreate a report
specifying only the column PRICE, ONHAND and DESCRIPTION?
The General Manager request to the Database Administrator to generate the total number of
parts and total outstanding balance on hand of every class in warehouse number 1&2.
Which of the following SQL command will generate the required output.
SELECT warehouse, class, COUNT(partnum), SUM(onhand) FROM parts GROUP
BY warehouse,class HAVING warehouse = 1 OR warehouse = 2;

Display all the employee id, names of employees ,job id and department nameof all employees
of the Finance Department.
SELECT A.first_name, A.last_name, A.job_id, B.department_name FROM
employees A JOIN departments B ON ( A.department_id = B.department_id) WHERE
B.department_name = 'Finance'

A join between two tables that returns the results of the INNER join as well as
the_______________ rows from the left (or right) table is called a left (or right) OUTER join.

You want to cancel the privilege of matt to retrieve records from the employees table.
REVOKE select ON employees FROM matt;