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Proposed Unit Overview for Computer Science & Entrepreneurship (2018-2019) ~ Ms.

Kanwal Sumnani
Unit # Description Duration Proposed Dates
Introduction to classroom systems and routines, technology accounts and expectations, team building activities and
Unit 1: engineering challenges, and introduction to design thinking and key problem solving strategies. 6 - 8 Days August 27th-September 21st
Students will use surveys and qualitative conversations with community members to identify a key issue they want to
raise awareness about and then leverage google slides (in 6th grade) and weebly (in 7th/8th grade) to create a
published, online campaign designed to increase the issue's visibility. They will also be responsible for pitching their
issue to their class through a public speaking showcase

Goal of project:
Use your strong voice to adcocate for a solution that will impact your community.
Website or google slides
Website= contain pages, home page/issues, solution, why I chose this issue. Each page should have one relevant
photo, use of text boxes, and at least two APA citations (total of 6 citations). Streamlined and User Friendly, use of
Google Slides= two slides each, issues, 2 solutions, why I chose this issue. At least one photo per picture, at least one September 24th-December
Unit 2: animation per page, hyperlinks 15 - 20 Days 7th
Students will learn the foundations of computer programming by working in Scratch. They will engage in a series of
explority and "challenge" based activities, culminating in a final project where students combine storytelling, creativity,
Unit 3: graphic design, and programming to create a final web app. The goal is to use the RePublic curriculum for this unit. 20 - 25 Days December 10th-March 29th
Each year students will engage in a project designed to promote them creating their own business. Each year the
complexity and expectations for they type of business they create, and the products they are expected to produce, will
increase. This year the goal is for students to identify a problem, a potential solution, and then develop that business
Unit 4: idea into a clear plan that is communicated to their classmates, and hopefully an external professional as well. 15 - 20 Days April 1st-May 31st