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Ivan Juarez

Chandler, AZ 85226 | 812-234-6789

July 6, 2019

Phoenix, AZ 85009

To whom it may concern,

I am applying for the position of Architectural Drafter that was listed on Indeed. I am
currently a junior at Arizona State University working towards my Bachelor’s in
Environmental Design. My expected graduation date is sometime in the month of May in
the year 2020. I currently have an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Design and an
Associate’s Degree in Architectural Science. I have been working since the year 2015
and have about a year and a half of experience in Architectural Drafting for an
Architecture firm in Southern California and I am currently looking for a job at a firm
where I can continue to increase my knowledge and experience in the architectural

I believe that I would be good fit for your company because I have received a college
degree and training in Architectural Drafting and computer-related applications.
I have some experience using AutoCAD and Revit drafting software, and I have good
communication and organization skills. I gained my experience using 2D and 3D
architectural drafting software at my previous drafting job in order to draft construction
documents for building permit submissions and coordinating with contractors,
engineers, and clients. In addition to drafting software I also learned how to use
compatible Architectural rendering software to produce high quality 2D renders and 3D
walkthrough videos. During my studies at community college, I learned photograph and
video editing software as well as essential techniques for designing. I am always
continuing to improve my current skills and I am eager to learn new techniques and
skills to better my craft. Examples of some of my work can be found on my website

During my time at my previous jobs I managed to also pick up useful non-technical

skills. For example, at the Architecture firm that I work for, I learned the importance of
time management and meeting deadlines. When coordinating with contractors,
consultants and project clients you need to make sure that everyone has current
versions of plans and whenever changes need to be made to any plans it is important to
follow up with everyone and establish deadlines because often times the next step
towards completing the project cannot take place without everyone being on the same

I feel that I would be able to be successful at your company because I already have 1
year of experience in drafting construction documents and coordinating project
information with consultants, contractors, and clients. In addition to previous experience
I also have knowledge in additional software that allows me to create high quality
renders and rendered video walkthroughs of projects that could be beneficial for
marketing purposes. I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my
application and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Ivan Juarez