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by Thera Locksley
What is Creative Reflection?
A fun DIY journalling practice for strengthening Intuitive and Analytical skills while
deepening our understandings of the self.
A fun type of inner work to bring about effects and plans for the outer world.

Let's Start!
Write to your soul’s content! Let your thoughts and emotions spill onto the page
as you empty your heart and your mind of all that has passed through during the
day! Draw images and scenes of what has flitted through the thoughts in your head
or and flickered in your mind’s eye: Give them Physical Form.
Utilize different media : pencil, marker, pen, brush, magazine clippings, stickers,
receipts and tags from what you purchased, entry tickets, blank tape, decorative
tape, glitter, glitter glue, construction paper, origami paper, the list goes on. So have
fun and try things out! There is no right or wrong way to journal : this can be
glorious brain dump or a fastidious composition, and maybe even both. You decide
how and what to create, and name it what you want. All we are going to do is get it
out of your intangible self and into The Journal.
Make sure to write down any analyses that you come too about the events of the
day. Such as Why things happened, How they happened, Who the did involve or
could have involved, Where these events happened, What exactly happened or What
you think happened.
When you are done:
Take a Deep Breath, Close your Eyes and Pause.
Use this break to recollect all your energy and

When you are ready:
Open our eyes
Look at what you have created
Peruse your journal : flip or scroll through the entire log.

Read and Analyze you "mind dump"

Let your intuition bring forth feelings and notions that swirl deep inside of you.

Write it All down.

Accept it, acknowledge it, let it be
Let it go.
Now that you have a better understanding
of what happened throughout the day. You
can set goals and make plans for the future.
Look over your notes
About :
How events happened
Why theyhappened
How you reacted
What helped you and can help you in future situations
What did not help you and does not help you in future situations.

Look at these from the objective distance

that meditation has given you.

Think about how everything interconnects and how

you can change each situation to create more positive
connections while cutting the connections that do not
serve you.
Think About
What can be done to improve the self, the inner self.
What can be done to improve the situation, the outer reflection of the self. What
Plans to make to set things into motion.
What Goals and sub-goals to stake to reach your pinnacle of self.

Let this sink into your consciousness

deep into the ocean of thoughts
the swirling sea of emotion.
Let it be
Let it go

There is no need to obsess and worry over what you already know.
Stress and worry only bring negative effects which invoke fear, the mind poison.
Know what you need
Know what you have planned
Know yourself.

Feel proud of your accomplishments, self-assured,

and self- confident.
Walk with this new confidence
Walk like you have somewhere to go
Walk like you Know where you are going
You Know where you are going
You know that you will reach your goal