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Dostoevsky, Hickok, Monet. What do these people have in common?

Their great expertise in chance and

probability led them to great heights. Why bring it up, you ask. Well, today, I have a special new game
that will surely stimulate your inner monopolizer, your inner capitalist. Today, Gamerizer is going to
reinvent the way you play. Today, Gamerizer and I give you, Dominate, a brand-new game for the
economists, gamblers, statisticians and everything in between. With this game, you’ll surely feel like
you’re a capitalist in complete hegemony

So, I’ve got three things I’d like to talk about this game today. What the game is about, How it’s played,
why buy it?

*What it is*

Dominate, is a probability game that revolves around betting and earning tickets. You, the player, are
testing out the chances of success and earning the most tickets. It is a revolutionary new game that’ll
surely skyrocket your arcade or casino’s profits through the roof.

*How it’s played*

The game board is divided into six parts, with each part labeled with a number from one to six. There
are also two dice. To play the game, the players need to buy tickets at the ticket counter, wherein five
tickets costs one peso. Next, wait for the game facilitator to allow you to bet. Then, bet on the numbers
you like by placing tickets on the parts labeled with those numbers. There is no limitation on how much
tickets you bet and how many number s you bet on. After 15 seconds, the players will not be allowed to
bet anymore. The players will put their tickets in a pile in a specific are in the board whether it be a
corner or a side. Then, the two dice will be rolled. The numbers that the dice will show will win that
round. If you win a round, your tickets will be doubled. In case the two dice both show the same
number, your tickets will be multiplied by four. Otherwise, if you lose, the game facilitator will get your
tickets. You can leave the game anytime. Once you get enough tickets, you can exchange them for
prizes, provided by the game facilitator or the management. Each game will last 15 rounds lest the
management alters the duration.

*Why buy it?*

Why buy it you ask? Well, first, the probability of the individual to win. Of course, “winning” is heavily
reliant on how much the individual is going to bet. But, the probability of winning a round is 11/36.
Second, customization. Since we are only selling the license (and peripherals as freebies) for usage of
the game, you can change whatever you want with the game. Increase the number of tickets? Sure
thing. Change the duration of a game? No problem. Do as you and your players please. Thirdly, is the
price. The retail cost for small time arcades and casinos is Php 25,000 with a 15-year license. This comes
with a printable board and tickets. For big time arcades and casinos, contact us for licensing agreements
and other inquiries. Lastly, is the pure satisfaction of owning and playing this game. Just listen to the
testimonials of these pleased business owners and players.


In conclusion, if you want a game that interests your customers, gets you a ton of profit, and of course
doesn’t break the bank, this is the game to have. It’s new, cool, innovative, and most of all, it’s fun. And
that’s the best thing about a playing a game.