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Effects of Cutting Classes for Grade

11 TEC Students in AMA Computer
College Las Piñas (S.Y. 2018-2019)

Group 3

Castillo, Christopher

Capadocia, Ryan James

Manzano, Psalms

Gapas, Jerome

Celes, J Rhose

Asence, John Paul

Menes, Miles

TEC – 3
Mr. Abrina

Cutting class is a routine absence or skipping on your class that harms the

students’ exam scores, missing pre-exam, reviews, and quizzes. Cutting class is a

coined term is a coined term, that actually means intentionally not attending a

required class in one's formal education without a valid excuse/reason. Cutting

of classes is especially rampant in public schools in the Philippines where there is

inefficient security and a relatively high number of students thus making it hard to

monitor each student. This issue is rampant as well in tertiary educational

institutions where there are no more limits as to when one can or cannot go

outside of the campus and a limit as to when one can or cannot leave the

classroom during a lecture. This problem affects three people: The parent,

student and teacher. I myself know dozens of students, from different schools in

Metro Manila, who cut class. After cutting class is where the real problem begins.

The researchers wanted to anticipate and take deep explorations

concerning the behaviors of different individuals, especially the senior high

students who manage to cut classes and how such accomplishment affects their

academic performances.

Educational institutions are not only responsible for teaching certain

knowledge to students but also for correcting, disciplining any forms of

behavioral, moral, and social problems being faced by the students. The

researchers are convinced and self-assured to say that students’ problem has
enough time for growth and development. This development surely starts at the

comfort of their homes and families. Hence, it results to that of their schol

institutions to become the scapegoat for their problems. Therefore, professors,

teachers, and school administrators have to face and shoulder all sorts of

problems from their respective students and considered as the most difficult for

most school teachers and staffs.

The researchers all know that this is the stage where most of the students

are beginning to be curious about life. This is where they start coming out from

their “comfort zone”, explore life and make their own decisions.

Every time a student cuts class, it is irresistible that they are also cutting their

education. It is said that going to school is like having a job, wherein they are

mostly alike in such reason that you get paid with knowledge and academic


An effective education encourage everyone and aids them in getting a

job worthy of their hard work. Just as a saying goes, “with a good job, you’ll have

a good life, but by having a better job, you’ll have a better life.” Having a

convenient and profitable job will not only benefit you, but also your family in

which in turn will help them carry out a bountiful life.

Researchers would like to know what triggers the students to do cutting

classes. Also, to know the satisfaction the students get. As well as to know how the
problems affect the academic performance of the said respondents. The

respondents chosen are the Grade 11 TEC – Students of AMACC Las Piñas.


This study aims to help the students as well their parents and teachers

address the problem in early stage and to avoid much greater conflicts in the


Specifically, this student seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What Is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of:

a) Age

b) Gender

2. What are the reasons why students are always cutting class?

3. What are the effects of doing cut class?

4. How cutting classes affect the academic performance?

5. Are they aware to the consequences when it comes to their grades?


This study will be favorable to the following:

The students would be able to go to school on time. They would become

more responsible. This study will help the students to attend their class regularly

since this will provide them factual information about the benefits that they can

get in attending school.

Parents could engourage their children to go to school on time, also to

know how their children behave at school. Besides, this would give them the

opportunity to help guide their children in dealing with problem that may affect

their performance especially in regards to their academic.

Teachers and staffs could help each other in implementing plans in

helping the students go to school early.


This study will focus on the reasons why students are fond of cutting class.

The ways to prevent this problem. Effects to the students also in their parents and

in school of doing cutting classes. How cutting class affect their academic

performance of students.
The study will be conducted in AMACC Las Piñas targeting at least 40

Grade 11 TEC – Students (S.Y. 2018 – 2019) as the researcher’s respondents. This

research paper studies about the cutting classes of students.

Theoretical Framework

Cutting Classes of Students in relation of:

Social interactions with other might affect the confidence of the students,
especially if that student experience discrimination from the other. That lead on
skipping the class (Myers 2010).

Academic subjects sometimes give too much assignments and seat works
that resulted a work load impact, that resulted on having stress and laziness of
students resulting of not attending class.

Being in a relationship also might be the one factor, they spend their time
on their partner instead of concentrating on their study. But then this thought will
depend on how he or she balance the two variables (Steinhauer and Holson,

Families should be the one who boosts up the confidence of a student, it

should be the one of the inspirations, but sometimes, due to the problems that we
cannot avoid, students lost its eagerness on studying that also resulted on sipping
they class (Amato, 2005).

Work. Financial is important when it comes on living. Those students who

doesn’t have enough money or in the lower class of strata, needs to work in order
to sustain their study that sometimes lead on skipping class (Walther J.B. 2003).
Factors such as social interactions, academic, relationships, family, and
work, affect the life of the students that becomes destruction, trigger to lose the
eagerness to study, and make a student not interested at all. It leads to cutting
their classes, but it always depends on how the student will handle the situation
around them. As Brush & Jones, 2002 state, “Respect me for who I am, require me
to do my best and give me the help I need to achieve it”. Things always depend
on how a student will absorb the action of the around them.


Input Process Output

 Survey form Organizing a program  Conducting surveys

that is suitable for students in  Distributing questionnaire
 Questionnaire
Grade 11 TEC wherein they through out the students
 Person
will undergo a seminar that or potential respondents
will discuss the importance,  Interviews
advantage, disadvantage,
and possible outcomes of
cutting classes.

Senior High School (SHS) refers to the last two years of K to 12 program
name as grade 11 and 12 base on the DepEd guide book named as “Senior Hi”
that meet the developmental needs of adolescents. As Howley (2002) points out
the developmental needs of young adolescents differ from those of elementary
school children and older teenagers. “Developmentally responsive middle
schools must take into account all that is known about young adolescents and
the cultural context in which they live.” (Lounsbury, 1996).

Cutting class is a routine absence or skipping on your class that harms the
student’s exam scores, missing pre exam review and quizzes.

Academic performances is one of the factor that teacher evaluates in

order to give their students a proper mark.