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Idea that will be challenged in future: -

As the world moves forward there are many present day ideas that
will find it hard to survive in the future. Many of them will be challenged and
will lead to change.
 One of the ideas that will change in the future in the ideals of power
saving. As the world progresses there will be various different ways to
produce power with more efficiency. There will be new technology, new
methods to produce eco-friendly power. So people don’t have to worry
about the consumption of power.

Idea that will flourish in the future: -

With man moving towards moon there will be many new ideas in the
future at will flourish and help change the world.
 The idea of living in space will be one of the upcoming ideas that will
change the world as it flourishes. As the population is increasing at an
alarming rate soon enough people wont have a place to live in. in that case
living in space will be the idea that will flourish in the future.

Idea for a new invention: -

a. Name of the invention: - Hydro Car

b. Purpose: - With the invention of this car people will not have to worry
about the environment. As the car will run on water, the pollution will be
the least and people will drive safely.

c. Social Treads: - As we move towards future the need for pollution free
resources has increasing. With the introduction of this car that runs on
water the same technology could be applied to other things. This will
create a social trend of replacing all the pollution causing things with this
technology. It will initiate an eco-friendly movement.

d. Judgments: - With this car the society will have a very positive effect. It
will change the way we see the transportation system. The people will
feel positive about travelling with a car instead of thinking about

e. Business Potential: - As the car is introduced, it will create a great

business potential that will have a great positive impact towards the
automobile sector. This can grow a great deal as the same tech can be
applied to the other engine running on different machines.

f. Marketing plan: - With this invention it will automatic create an appeal

towards the major industrializers as it will be a revolution towards the
transportation system. This would also be appealing to the people to buy
the car, as the prices of fuel in skyrocketing as this car runs on water
people wont have to worry about the fuel prices.