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News for the handwriting professional and serious student

April - June, 2015

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n Alex Rodriguez - Handwriting
n Committee Reports

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n What happened on National

Handwriting Day?
n Random thoughts of a
16-year-old graphologist
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n Supplement: Does
Graphotherapy work?
Things My
Will you be Taught
there? My mother
taught me to
appreciate a
I know it’s early, but please consider this is a personal job well done:
invitation from me to you for the July 11th AHAF confer- “If you’re going to kill each other, do it
ence event of 2015. The first event was a rousing success, with over 50 people regis- outside. I just finished cleaning.”
tered. What’s extra exciting is, those people joined us from around the world via My mother taught me religion:
Zoom web conferencing. “You’d better pray that will come out of
Just as if we had all been sitting in the same lecture hall, Roger Rubin and Pat the carpet.”
Siegel each spoke for ninety minutes, sharing handwriting samples and knowledge. My mother taught me about time
Only this time, there was no expense and hassle of travel. It was as easy as turning on travel: “If you don’t straighten up, I’m
your computer or TV and logging on. The talks were taped, so in addition to the hand- going to knock you into the middle of
outs, everyone who registered got a link to the videos at no additional cost (in the past, next week!”
videos were sold separately). That means, if you couldn’t make it to the live lectures, My mother taught me logic: “Be-
you could download and access them at your leisure. cause I said so, that’s why.”
Several people hosted viewing parties in our homes, with those living in reasonable My mother taught me more logic. “If
proximity getting together, just like at a chapter meeting. At my house, eight chapter you fall out of that swing and break your
members shared a delicious potluck lunch. Before and between the lectures, we were neck, you’re not going to the store with
able to interact with our colleagues on-screen from India, South Africa, Canada, the me.”
US, and England. This was really fun! And it’s going to be even more fun as we add My mother taught me foresight:
door prizes, plus special group pricing for viewing parties. Party hosts will also re- “Make sure you wear clean underwear,
ceive a gift. Contact Val for information: in case you’re in an accident.”
The July 11th speakers will be Beverley East and Mark Reddy, and at the third My mother taught me irony. “Keep
event, October 10th, Sarah Holmes Tucker and Adam Brand. Plus, we are planning to crying, and I’ll give you something to
add some surprise speakers—see enclosed flyer and stand by for more information. cry about.”
In 2016, AAHA will host its regular in-person conference, which AHAF is happy My mother taught me about the sci-
to support. In 2017, AHAF’s 50-year anniversary, we are planning to meet in the San ence of osmosis: “Shut your mouth and
Francisco Bay Area, where the organization was born. Of course, we’ll offer the pro- eat your supper.”
ceedings via Zoom for those who are unable to attend in person. My mother taught me contortionism:
Change is hard, and for some of you, this new way of meeting may seem a bit in- “Will you look at that dirt on the back of
timidating. To make it more comfortable, the inestimable Val Weil makes herself your neck!”
freely available to help one-on-one anyone who has not yet attended a webinar and My mother taught me about stamina.
would like to see how it works. A ten minute chat is plenty to learn the easy-to-use “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is
features of Zoom. Just download Zoom free for your computer, phone, or tablet: gone.” You don’t even have to have a web cam (though it feels more inclusive
if you do).
If for some reason you are not interested in attending the conference via web The Vanguard is the sole property of Sheila
conferencing, I would personally appreciate knowing why not. The AHAF board is Lowe. A quarterly publication, it is A bene-
constantly working on your behalf, and we’re all volunteers, so if there’s some way fit of AHAF membership or by subscription
we can make it easier for you to participate in our events, we want to know it. for $25 electronic. Advertisements related to
What are you waiting for? You don’t have to book a flight or hotel, figure out what handwriting analysis will be considered. The
to wear, or get a cat/dog sitter. All you have to do is register—at a discount, too, if you Vanguard logo on the cover of this issue was
are an AHAF or AAHA member. There’s plenty of time to ask questions, so fire away. created by Lena Rivkin. John Hookey is our
We, as the AHAF board of one of the most progressive graphology organizations in copy editor.Send articles, questions, comments
the world, are proud to serve our members. As president, and as editor of this publica- and other contributions to:
tion, I encourage those nonmember subscribers to consider joining. After being a
member myself for nearly 40 years, I can attest that Web site:
AHAF keeps getting better and better.
Phone: 805/658-0109 Fax 805/658-1013

2 The Vanguard April - June 2015

M a rc J . S e i f e r, P h . D .

Alex Rodriguez —— Handwriting

A couple nouncers pointing out various aspects to and angularity. What follows is the analysis
of weeks ago A-Rod’s handwriting. that I emailed to The New Jersey Star Led-
I got a call from The New Jersey Star The first thing they asked was if I ger followed by additional comments:
Ledger to analyze the handwriting of thought that the writing was really writ- The great legibility along with the natural
baseball player for the Yankees, Alex ten by A-Rod’s girlfriend because Paula right slant and general rounded of the writ-
Rodriguez. A-Rod, as he is known, was Sassi had commented in a Wall Street ing, points to an outgoing, people-oriented,
apologizing to his fans because he had, Journal article that the writing looked highly social person. Because the writing is
in the past, taken performance enhancing feminine. I was flying by the seat of my so friendly, people would naturally be at-
drugs. pants. I had to assume that this was a le- tracted to such an individual. This is a real
View the article and A-Rod’s full gitimate handwritten letter from A-Rod. sign of charisma. Alex cares about others
letter here. I certainly saw feminine traits in that the and he cares about how he is perceived. He’s
I was on deadline, so looked him up writing has a warm-hearted feel to it the genuine article.
quickly, saw that he has hit as many seen in the right slant, pastosity and gen- On the negative side, in the last para-
home runs as Willy Mays, and I also eral roundedness of various letter forms. graph, Alex subconsciously writes the word
knew that he had a contract with the At the same time I knew that this base- “passible” instead of “possible” so that the
Yankees paying him something like a ball player is one of the greatest in the sentence actually reads, “I will do everything
quarter of a billion dollars. However, I history of the game and you don’t get I can to be the best player and teammate
haven’t really followed baseball since I there by being “feminine.” Thus I em- passable.” This Freudian slip when linked to
was a kid, and frankly knew very little phasized, that (1) You can’t generally the sharp angles to the left under the r’s on
about his background, so I spent about tell the gender of a writer by his hand- the word “regret” (third line of the first para-
an hour looking at the writing and writing. I mentioned Barack Obama graph) suggests real guilt and pain associ-
banged out an analysis. whose writing I think is difficult to see ated with the mistakes he made when taking
The story went out, and the following as being written by a male or a female; performance enhancing drugs, when he
morning I appeared on Good Day NY, and (2) I discussed the masculine traits knew, of course, that he didn’t need to.
Fox TV on the phone with the two an- in the writing, in particular its large size

April - June 2015 The Vanguard 3

The apology in this letter squares also saw the entanglements, I was also ing. I certainly did see the feminine traits that
with the handwriting. This is the writing amazed that given the size of the writing Paula saw, and in looking at a few interviews
of a sincere guy. He oozes confidence, that A-Rod also had the ability to often of Alex, he mentioned wanting to be a good
seen in the large, bold writing and tall write large lower zone loops and not father to his daughter on several occasions.
clear capitals. Considering his enormous have them interfere with the line beneath My guess would be that he had a good rela-
success, this is also the writing of a hum- which I saw as a positive compromise. tionship with his mother or a strong-hearted
ble man. The fact that all or almost all i’s The only other way to deal with such a mother figure in his early life.
are dotted shows his attention to detail. large handwriting would have been to But the end result is that this is the hand-
This trait along with his tendency to turn increase the space between lines. Had he writing of a guy who cheated. Being a con-
down the endings on such letters as the done so, the letter may have extended it- formist, he was competing with many other
g’s and y’s is linked to a certain grim de- self to three pages. So, in a sense, the cheaters who, as a matter of course, also took
termination to continue on in the face of writer created a compromise. He kept his performance enhancing drugs (e.g., Sammy
adversity. Sharp angles can be seen on large writing at the expense of some- Sosa, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens to
ending n’s such as in the words “situa- name three more). So, for A-Rod to stay com-
tion” and “than” (fourth line), and on the petitive, as part of the nature of what the game
ending n of “win,” (last word on the sec- has become, he took shots to increase his
ond page before the salutation). These muscle mass.
sharp angles correspond to an aggressive Is he sorry he did it? My guess is that part
nature able to read a pitcher and know of him is, but part of him is also simply prag-
how to go for the kill, which in Alex’s matic. He would not have hit as many home
terms, is associated with slamming a ball runs if he had stayed clean. So, where does
over the fence for another home run. this show up in his handwriting? Actually, it’s
This is the sign of one sharp cookie. all throughout his writing, see in the persona
At the very end of the letter, Alex aspect, the ability to hide behind convention
combines the “l” and “y” in the creation and put up a good front, in the unnatural
of the word “Sincerely.” This is a neat breaks, such as between the “n” and “s” and
simplification. It is a sign of high intelli- “I” and “t” in the word “responsibility” in the
gence, the ability to cut out what is un- top line, in the abundance of arcades such as
necessary to get to the heart of the times having the lower zone of one line in the “m” in “mistakes,” in the sharp angles
matter. The clear and modest signature interfere with the line beneath it. such as in the “m” of “time” and the “h” in
along with the large bold capital “I’s” all When I first analyzed the handwrit- “Yankees,” 8th line, second paragraph, in the
correspond to someone who knows who ing, I was taken by the low-key signa- over-cautiousness in the writing and in the
he is and someone embedded with a bold ture of such a big star and I saw that as a tendency to turn down the endings such as in
self-confidence. humble streak. I was also quite aware the “y” of “responsibility” line 1, “my” line 2,
That is what I wrote without seeing that Alex also has very large capital I’s, and so on. This trait is linked to doing what
Paula Sassi’s analysis and before I dis- so I think we see a contradiction. In cer- needs to be done to succeed.
cussed the handwriting with Ruth tain ways he is humble, but in other In the second paragraph, in the word “be-
Holmes and did a bit more research. ways, he has a very big ego. lieve” he has an extra loop-de-loop between
Paula emphasized the feminine aspects This writing is essentially bold, forth- the “b” and “e” and an unnatural break be-
to the writing, the hypersensitivity as right and confident. However, when you tween the “I” and “e.” My overall impression
seen in the looped verticals on the “t’s” really get into the blood and guts of just is that this is a powerful, confident and enthu-
and a tendency to overprotect the self as who Alex Rodriguez is, you begin to see siastic handwriting. It displays charisma and
seen in the encircling capital “A” in that he did indeed take quite a cocktail has all the characteristics of a star. But for this
Alex. She also discussed the tendency to of performance enhancing drugs. And individual to succeed in such a difficult arena,
be able to hide aspects of himself as sug- the end result is that this man is much he was a follower, a conformist, he took the
gested by the retraced “e” in Alex. larger and more muscular than he would expedient way out. He did what he had to, or
Both Ruth and I saw a lot of positives have ever been had he not taken these what he thought he had to, to succeed, and
in the handwriting seen in the bold clar- drugs. Much like Barry Bonds who has then, because of his underneath-it-all, cautious
ity and excellent organization. As with more home runs than Babe Ruth and and well-protected nature, he boldly stated
Sheila Lowe, we all also commented on Hank Aaron (two men who never took “I’m innocent!” when in fact, he was anything
the persona aspect of the handwriting. such drugs), all one has to do is compare but.
It’s a bit too perfect. Through conformity photographs of these men before and af- Marc Seifer is the author of: The Definitive
and the ability to blend in, the real self ter to see what such drugs do to their Book of Handwriting Analysis.
can be kept hidden. Ruth said that the physique.
entanglements of the lower-loops with In general, and as a rule, I try to look
the line beneath pointed to a robust li- for the positive in a person’s handwrit-
bido and was a negative trait. Although I

4 The Vanguard April - June 2015

Do your reports look like this?
(We hope not!)
You have a great need for other people to like and admire you.
You have a tendency to be critical of yourself.
You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage.
While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them.
Your sexual adjustment has presented problems for you.
Disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside.
At least you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.
You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restriction and limitations.
You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof.
You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others.
At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved.
Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic.
Security is one of your major goals in life.

(Thanks to Milt Moore for contributing this generic analysis)

If these statements feel familiar, it’s time to ask yourself whether you are being helpful to your client. While these kinds of
generic statements may be true, if a roomful of people could relate to them, there may be something missing in your report. In
addition, the following checklist and tips, compiled by the late Dr. Ze’ev Bar-Av, can help you make sure you are best serving
your clients.

Report Writing Checklist

1. Does the report focus on the reason for the analysis?
2. Is all of the content relevant?
3. Is interpretation sufficiently focused (not too general)?
4. Are conclusions adequately supported?
5 Is speculation within reason and properly labeled as such?
6. Is the report written to be meaningful and useful?
7. Are exhibitionistic or offensive remarks avoided?
8. Is the language clear and unambiguous?
9. Is word usage appropriate - free of graphological jargon?
10. Is the report too long (padded, redundant, rambling, unfocused, offering useless content)?
11. Is the style appropriate for the reader?
12. Is the report logically and effectively organized?
13. Are there any contradictions?
14. Does the report make recommendations, if appropriate?

Report Writing Tips

Do not start writing the report unless you know what your closing paragraph is going to be.
Never offer any conclusion unless you can clearly show supportive material.
Once the report is written and submitted the report must stand on its merits. You will probably not be there to explain what
you meant, nor to add or delete.
A comprehensive statement covers three areas of functioning:
1. The factual observable behavior: tells what the subject is doing.
2. The experiential mode: describes how the writer behaves.
3. The dynamics of the behavior: explains why the writer behaves the way he does.

To that we might add, be specific whenever you can (it’s the “telling details” that the recipient of the analysis will best relate
to), don’t predict the future, and even if the writing is filled with negative aspects, remember that the negativity comes from the
writer’s pain and leave him with something that will make him feel good.

April - June 2015 The Vanguard 5

Chapter Coordinator – Val Weil Certification Report – Linda Green
The AHAF Chapter Coordinator reports that we have sev- Congratulations to Ralph Zackheim, who recently passed
eral regional groups (SoCal, NorCal, North Bay Cal, Rocky the AHAF Certification Exam! Ralph is featured in another
Mountain Colorado, Tucson Arizona, East Pennsylvania Fo- section of this newsletter. Two other members are currently
rum) that are doing well. Our Northern New Jersey group has working on Part 2 of the Exam. Contact Linda if you are inter-
been on hiatus during the cold winter months, and we all ested in applying for certification or working towards it.
know how hard the east coast was hit with snow this year! The
Campaign for Cursive – Gayna Scott
Online Chapter is doing very well, and invites any member
who wants to connect online to come and see what they have Jump on board with us, we’ve got many initiatives in mo-
to offer. We have inquiries about groups becoming AHAF tion. You can participate in one or many events, flow in and
Chapters or Study Groups from South Carolina, and the Mary- out depending on your schedule. Have you “liked” our
land/DC areas. Some are existing IGAS groups looking for a Facebook page yet? We’re up to 388 Likes and would love to
connection, and some are brand new groups. If you know of reach 500 before May 20th. With help from Val Weil, Sheila
any individual that wishes to connect with a group for that Lowe and I are invited to speak at the Writing Instrument
personal attention, or a group that needs some love and help, Manufacture’s Association (WIMA) conference. If we can get
please let AHAF Val Weil know. She will be happy to assist those 500 Likes, it will help them see that we have a worth-
them. while cause and a following. We are delighted to have the op-
portunity to talk to such a prestigious group who is also
Research Chair – Jane Yank invested in handwriting.
Jane was asked about handwriting research from a Our international reach has expanded. As you can imagine,
non-handwriting analyst (a computer scientist) from Iran, handwriting is a global concern. Most recently we’ve con-
which she was happy to provide. Providing information on the nected with the producers of National Stationery Week from
biomechanics of handwriting movements as well as psycho- the UK and their partners in NYC, Cambridge University
logical and physiological factors related to anxiety and arousal Press in the UK, AIPS and Angris from Italy. You can check
should prove helpful in their research. out our website for more of our sup-
Library – Linda Green
There are a few weeks left before our annual Cursive is
The Library has recently accepted sizeable donations from Cool contest. You can grab all the info on our website. Last
donors Betty Levin and Kim Iannetta, for which we are grate- year we had entries from 12 states and are hoping we’ve got
ful. They will be added to our Library lists soon. For more in- more kids enthused about writing this year.
formation on what’s going on with the Marcel B. Matley
AHAF Research Library and HARL, tune in to the AHAF On- We are always looking to increase our reach. If you know
line Chapter Meeting, hosted by Val Weil, on April 18th, anyone that we should be working with, email me with the
where Linda Green will be updating you on what’s old, what’s info and we’ll take it from there.
new, and how the library can best serve you.
Communications – Theresa Ortega
Education Report – Linda Green
The AHAF Facebook page has 18 new likes. The
The online Tuesday Study Group continues to meet each Campaign for Cursive page had +97, which biggest gain in
week from 6-7 p.m. PST via, until Memorial Day. any quarter so far, fueled by our National Handwriting Day
Do you have handwriting samples you are curious about? efforts, our PR, and new partnerships. The Online Chapter
Share them with our diverse group of analysts who are quali- page had +3.
fied at many levels from beginner to “old timers.” Members With your help, these numbers can grow exponentially.
are always welcome. Non-members may attend two compli- Please Like our pages and share with your Friends list.
mentary meetings to check us out. To sign up contact Linda

6 The Vanguard April - June 2015

Northern California: In lieu of distance, come join us. Our next
the March meeting, chapter meeting will feature:
members convened at Stan Compatibility (Joan Kramer);
Crouch’s home to view the online Find a Date for Sally (Linda
conference event. Green and Joan Kramer), Young
Northern New Jersey: No Love (Ed Castellini)
report received. Pennsylvania: Here is a
Rocky Mountain: will meet preview of just some topics we
on Saturday March 28. Sue Frank will present on the will discuss at the Pennsylvania Handwriting Analysis Forum:
Battered Woman syndrome. This is a physical and • Stunted ending strokes
psychological condition of a person who has suffered • Jealousy, a new book by Peter Tookey is all about that one trait
emotional, physical, or sexual abuse at the hands of another that can be the cause of so much hurt in peoples’ lives.
person. We will learn how domestic violence presents in • More tactful ways to express some traits.
handwriting. Susan Frank has been studying handwriting • Question Miss Manners had to answer-Should I feel cold from
for over 30 years and uses handwriting at work as an RN my friend’s “special day” cards all being sent in calligraphy?
and Colorado Addiction counselor. • What are the personality traits of a cheater? Where are they
Tucson: The chapter was visited by AHAF's President, Sheila found in handwriting?
Lowe, in January, where she presented a fascinating program on • What is the difference between a shy person, an introvert, and a
the handwritings of well-known psychologists. This year, we are highly sensitive person?
planning a public outreach program, offering free lectures to the • Should an analyst appear on a TV program to analyze small
public on the importance of cursive handwriting, signatures, samples on the spur of the moment?
doodles, and other topics directed to the public to raise awareness
of handwriting training and graphology. These free lectures will
• Where has Renna Nezos been all of my life? We will review her
be offered to the public in lieu of monthly meetings and will rely recently found superb 1986 book, Graphology.
upon experience and talent within the chapter. The public Internet: The AHAF Online Chapter is doing well. This new
outreach program will include local advertising in order to draw group is now into its second year. We have a steady attendance at
attention to the free lectures. their monthly online meetings, and the group is growing. The
Southern California: Our spring chapter meeting was a Online Chapter welcomes anyone for the first two visits, no strings
potluck viewing party at the first conference event. Members and attached. After two visits, we ask participants to join the Chapter
guests got together at Sheila Lowe’s home and enjoyed watching group (Annual dues of $15). You can join, view activities, and see
the speakers on the TV screen and sharing an array of goodies. the list of speakers (past, present and coming attractions) at the
Our summer meeting will coincide with the July 11th conference chapter website.
event and will be held at the home of another member. On Saturday, April 18th at 11:00 AM PST, the chapter welcomes
featured speaker, Linda Green. As AHAF Librarian, Linda will
North Bay: will meet on April 25th, 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at the
review some of the amazing holdings in our Library, including
Rohnert Park Senior Center, Rohnert Park, CA (7 miles south of
fascinating and little known items, audio, books, monographs, and
Santa Rosa). If you live in the Santa Rosa area or within driving
so much more. Linda will show us how to access the materials from
our Library using the new online service. It's easy and efficient,
whether you want to purchase a book, download a monograph, or
borrow a book using the lending library services. Join us!

phy with analyses of the graphic expres-

sion of the subjects of their work.
Ralph has been a member of AHAF
since June, 2007. He holds a B.A. in His-
Ralph Zackheim, CG began his study of handwrit- tory from the University of California and
ing analysis by taking a series of classes and seminars an M.A. in Geography from California
offered by Ted Widmer in San Francisco in the late State University, East Bay. His full time
1980s and beyond. With encouragement from Ted and career includes extensive work in social
others, Ralph began providing handwriting analysis in services, employment and training, and
the 1990s under the name, Handwriting Interpreters. work with immigrants and English learn-
Ralph’s main interests in handwriting analysis include ers. He is fluent in Spanish and Russian.
practical applications of graphology: employment gra- Ralph currently resides in Calgary (Al-
phology, self-knowledge, compatibility and team building. Since berta) Canada, while remaining in close touch with his U.S.
the early 2000s he has worked with Northern California photogra- Colleagues. Ralph is extremely appreciative of AHAF’s certif-
phers desirous of complementing their people-centered photogra- ication process, which he describes as “a demanding and re-
warding learning process.”

April - June 2015 The Vanguard 7

What Happened on
National Handwriting
­ Theresa Ortega appeared on Channel 2 TV in Terre Haute, England, Holland, India.
IN. In the US, we celebrate
John Hancock’s birthday,
­ Jack Hammond led a group of kids in a discussion at the January 23rd. Italian gra-
Cesar Chavez Library in Salinas, CA. He’s already planning phologists celebrate Abbé
ahead for 2016, and hopes to get the California State Michon’s birthday, No-
Superintendent to attend his next event, which will showcase vember 21st, "Día del
cursive writing in “Steinbeck Country.” Grafólogo", or "Day of
­ Gayna Scott and Nancy Cohen shared with kids at the
the Graphologist"
The Campaign for Cur-
Children’s Museum in Tucson, AZ, plus they appeared for a
sive committee is cur-
second time on Channel 9’s Morning Blend.
rently working in
­ Iris Hatfield enjoyed a homemade chocolate pecan pie with a cooperation with graphol-
cursive note to wish her a happy National Handwriting Day ogists in other
at Highlands Latin School in
Louisville, KY.
­ Sheila Lowe shared handwritings
of young celebrities with 8th
graders at Anacapa Middle
School in Ventura, CA.
­ Judy Stevens was presented with
a proclamation declaring National
Handwriting Day January 23rd by
the Board of County
Commissioners Sumter County,
­ Sally Grammar made an
informational display board for
the Rocky Mountain Chapter, CO.
­ Thanks to Irene Levitt’s efforts, a
Iris Hatfield and friend, Handwriting Pie

dialogue has begun with the AZ

Department of Education. Irene
has made the Arizona Secretary
countries to make January
of State aware of the cursive
23rd an International Hand-
problem in public schools and
writing Day. Plan ahead to
was able to get a meeting with
join us. Let us know what
Senator Ward at the State you would like to do.
capital, where she, Gayna Scott, At the very least, please
and Nancy Cohen provided Like our Facebook page.and
accurate information about the post the date in your social
importance of maintaining media outlets. Don’t wait
cursive training in schools. for the next NHD, do it to-
Events were held in at least 16 day!
states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, IN, FL, KY,
TX, and these countries: Switzerland, Sheila Lowe at Anacapa Middle School

8 The Vanguard April - June 2015

We have different types of substances
Random thoughts of a which react differently to stress (just as
there are different types of people): plastic
16-year-old graphologist substances, elastic substances, elastomers
etc. Plastic substances get permanently de-
formed on the application of a stress, they
Mathew Thomas - India offer no restoring force. This parallels peo-
I learn so many subjects in school, ple who have either very high tension or ex-
some I most probably won’t need tremely low tension in their handwriting.
later—physics, chemistry, computer sci- Elastic substances offer a restoring force.
ence etc. In most schools, there is no op- In elastic substances, strain (change in di-
tion for behavioral sciences in the 11th or mensions (length, area etc.) due to stress) is
12th grade, so I took natural sciences in directly proportional to strain (more stress =
order to get a good scientific base. However, I have found it in- more strain), but when the stress is removed, the body can come
teresting and fascinating how the natural sciences and the be- back to its original dimensions (no permanent deformation).
havioral sciences parallel. Such people would have flexible
writing with adequate tension, as
in Pophal II or III. However, be-
yond a certain stress called elas-
tic limit, the strain starts
increasing rapidly with only a
little stress and the body gets
permanently deformed. Soon, if
the stress is not removed, the
body will break.
Another interesting term I

For example,
take the case of
stress and strain
in physics. First
of all, the defini-
tion of stress: the
restoring force
acting per unit

came across is ‘elastic fatigue:’ the loss of strength of a material

due to repeated strain on the material. I thought all of this was
true in the case of human behavior too.
Looks like learning Physics is useful after all :)

area when an external force is applied

on a body.
This means the force applied exter-
nally is not the stress. Rather, it is the
reaction of the body to the force. Peo-
ple who go through similar situations
react to them differently. One who re-
acts with anxiety and fear is stressed.
One who takes the same situation in
stride and adjusts accordingly is not
stressed. Thus, stress is from an inter-
nal, not external source.

April - June 2015 The Vanguard 9

several classes of 8th graders, Freethinkers, and a
four-hour class in signature authentication to an
insurance company. Most recently, she was asked by the
website to analyze signatures of
senators who signed the infamous letter to Iran, and was
quoted in the L.A. Times on accused killer Robert Durst.

” AHAF’s youngest member, Mathew Thomas in India, has

been invited by the Junior Chamber International, to
speak to a group of children ages 13-16. The theme is
youth empowerment, the main focus to encourage these
young people to follow their dreams and convince them
that age is not a barrier. Mathew will provide instruction
about handwriting, sharing samples of celebrities they can
relate to, and showing the importance of retaining cursive
handwriting for their future. Mathew also had the honor
of having an excellent article he wrote published in The Tucson Chapter meeting. Standing: Tricia Clapp, Celia Calderon and son
Hindu, a prestigious publication in his country. Calvin, Julie, Winnie, Wicky, Lynn Monroy, Elizabeth, Darlene Randolph.
Seated: Sheila Lowe, Bill and Chele Logan, Gayna Scott
” Lena Rivkin’s latest article on autism, titled Digital Sheila presented Gayna with a tiara for her tireless efforts as chair of the
Campaign for Cursive committee.
Hangover, was published in the Autism Support Network.
Lena also presented The Secret in Your Script to students
of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Class at
” The California North Bay Chapter launched its new
Cal State University Channel Islands, and along with
Sheila Lowe, spoke to a responsive audience at the Simi
Valley Library in recognition of International ” Sally Grammar in the Colorado Chapter shared an article
Handwriting Month. in the Denver Post regarding a professor who has decided
to ban technology in the classroom.
” Ruth Holmes attended a lecture by former NY Times
writer Jack Lessenberry, who was the first reporter to ” Thanks to Elaine Charal for this item: In the wake of the
mention her in 1996. Pictured with Ruth and Lessenbery vicious murder of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, HuffPost
is Dr. Kevorian’s personal physician published photos of people in Paris holding up their pens.

Special supplement to the newsletter!

AHAF Education chair Linda Green has made avail-
able her review of the “quasi research” project she under-
took to determine Does Graphotherapy Work?
” Sheila Lowe visited several venues over the past three Click here to read the results.
months. Besides author events, she spoke at the AHAF
Tucson Chapter, Association of University Women,

10 The Vanguard April - June 2015

her apartment when she was gone and said, “It was so odd to know you could di-
Jean Foss prescription drugs gone missing. This
sent her back to Washington. One day,
rect a monitor with a hand held device, and
it was as big as the game players at the
Marcel Matley and Linda Larson re- Linda Larson and I helped her disassem- time.” Jean told me she was hired by a guy
member. ble a rather large set of book shelves that in Silicon Valley who thought computers
It was after Jean Foss moved to San eventually found a home in another se- were the way of the future. She said, “well
Francisco that I had regular contact with nior citizen’s apartment. When she left, then don’t you think you should get rid of
her. I would pick her up and we would Jean left a little chamber of my heart the typewriters? I think that is not support-
drive together to the monthly Nor Cal empty, but the fullness of her kindness ing your position.”
meeting in Cupertino. We took the and courtesy stays with me. The main thing I remember about Jean
Walrus’ advice: “The time has Truly, the body dies while the sweet- is that she was not at all what I expected.
come,” the Walrus said, to talk of many ness of a lovely soul lives on in us. I will She dressed like a go-go dancer, but was
Of shoes—and ships—and seal-
ing-wax—Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—And
whether pigs have wings.”
Unfortunately, there was no row
upon row of fatted oysters to entertain
us then nourish us. In compensation
there were those strange creatures
called graphologists to entertain us
when we got to our destination. Then
the ride back to San Francisco and
more conversation about more things
than the walrus could mention.
Topics of conversation roamed the miss her, as I have, but I would not like anything but frivolous. When Marcel and I
universe, but they never got to the de- to have missed her quality that makes went to her apartment to take apart a large
tails of our disparate lives, so about all I her missable. To have missed knowing bookcase we found it the most elegant of
knew was she came from Washington, her would indeed have been a miss. places, with well-read books. She sur-
the one in the Northwest not the one Marcel. prised me so much, I am very sorry not to
back East, and lastly she returned there. have known her better. My time with her
She lived in a fine-looking building of Not only did Jean participate at many was limited, but always, she was a special
the Renaissance style, but the style of the levels of AHAF, she was one of the few lady, and a darn good handwriting analyst,
people running it was anything but Re- people who was allowed to operate one and she was right there from the beginning
naissance. Jean had trouble with visits to of the very first computer mouses. She of AHAF. Linda.

“If there was such a thing as an earth angel, she

Rose Matousek would have fit that description.” Elaine Charal
“She was the best combination of elegance,
Another Grand Dame of modern gra- bawdiness and brains.” Linda Larson
phology has left us. The comments of “Rose was a handwriting angel to everyone!
some of the colleagues and friends who From the beginning she exemplified one of our fa-
heard the news tell the story. vorite statements: “If you are going to write the
“We lost a great lady.” Dave Grayson story of your life, do not let anyone else hold your
“She was an outstanding person, full pen.” She never did and she will be missed.” Ruth
of life and such wonderful part of gra- Holmes
phology.” Jane O’Brien Some years ago AAHA gave a tribute to Rose
“I was struck by her joie de vivre: she at a conference and I wrote a silly ditty that holds
never met a stranger, she always had a some truth. The first line went like this: Rose,
joke to share or a great story to tell! She Rose, everyone knows, the lady’s a lady right
had so much energy, she was easily mistaken for someone 20 down to her toes.” Sheila Lowe
years younger!” Theresa Ortega Upon reading Rose’s obituary, a reporter at the Chicago
“Rose, besides being beloved, is certainly a “great lady of Sun-Times was moved to write an article about her that we
graphology.”” Ann Kessler encourage you to read.

April - June 2015 The Vanguard 11

AHAF-AAHA 2015Conference
The AHAF – AAHA 2015 Conference is completely online this year! No packing, no travel. We are as
convenient as your computer or smart phone. If you missed the March 7th segments, the videos are

We offer you exceptional presentations by wonderful speakers. Sign up for the entire conference, or just
part of it. BONUS for full-day registrants: We are working on adding another featured segment or event.
Look for coming details. Also, we encourage viewing parties to share the experience with others!

All registered participants (and all Group registered participants) will receive the video and any handouts
available for that event.

For more information, or to register, see our information page directly at
or visit our website:
Register online, OR mail
*AHAF and AAHA Members-only discounts with these promo codes: checks and your contact
info, including email
Jul 11 & Oct 10 (Both days)both $30 OFF, use promo code: 2DAYSBOTH = $150.00
address, to:
1 Day (both speakers) $15 OFF, use promo code: 1DAYBOTH = $75.00
1 Session (AM or PM) $5 OFF, use promo code: 1SPEAKERONLY = $45.00 AHAF-AAHA Conference
1 Day “Group Rate” for 3+ participants is available (No code needed) = $150.00 P.O. Box 834
Windsor, CA 95492

The Conference is online. How convenient is that!

Saturday, July 11th

Mark Reddy will present "Handwriting & Human Nature: What I

can tell about you by the fact that you can write" in the morning
New! Group Rates Now
Available Beverly East presents "The Good, the Bad, and the Usual
We've created a Group Rate for Suspects. Exploring the Criminal Mind from a Global Perspective:
“conference parties” at $150.00 What their Handwriting Reveals" in the afternoon session.
for the full day for 3 or more.
Saturday, October 10th
Groups registering by June 30th
will receive a “party-pack,” with
fun activities for your group Adam Brand will present: “Aspects of the Stroke”
(pot-luck recipes, handwriting
samples for discussion, Sarah Holmes Tucker will speak on: "A Neurological
graphology brainteasers, and Investigation into the Validity of Handwriting Analysis."
No promo code is needed to
register for the group rate.
Videos of Roger Rubin and Pat Siegel’s March 7 Conference
Presentations are still available!

For assistance with setting

up or using Zoom for the
video conference, please New! Bonus Presentations: We are working on an extra feature, but as it’s still in
contact Val Weil at the works, we can't divulge details just yet. The bonus speaker event will be available for all Full-Day registrants! What an incentive to come and spend the
day with us!
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