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GQQ&A Answers

1) have you ever met a ghost?

2) if you could be a musical instrument, which would you be and why

3) what’s your favorite ghost quartet memory

4) favorite drink


1) Yes, I once met my friend's apartment ghost. He poked my calves

2) I would be a guitar, because I appear basic but can rock your socks off
3) My favorite GQ memory was during opening night in Irvine, when I
sang the lyrics "I just like honey" in the song Bad Men, and the audience
burst into laughter. That moment is the pinnacle of Rose Red's quest for
revenge- of the whole show really- and I always treated it as such. So
when it got a huge laugh in our first show, it was definitely a pleasant
surprise. I'm glad the lights were all off during that song, otherwise the
audience would've seen the stupid grin I had on my face
4) Scotch

1. I have definitely encountered ghosts/spirits but don’t know if I’d say
that I’ve MET one. We’re not on a first name basis yet, if you know what
I mean.

2. I’d like to be a cello because every time I’ve heard one played in person
the vibrations of the music has never failed to stir up my soul. (I’d most
like to be played outside of a cathedral in the rain)

3. This is a hard one! I cherish every moment spent on this wonderful

project…. One of my favorites though has to be when we were still in
rehearsals at UCI for the first iteration, and we had just blacked out our
little rehearsal space for the first time with duct tape and cardboard. We
sat in a circle in the dark reading Edgar Allen Poe’s Fall of the House of
Usher. Letting ourselves be moved by one of the big sources that inspired
Dave to write the show was so special, and a great way to help us fill out
the “Usher” world in our minds.

4. I’m a red wine girl through and through, though this show has helped
me develop an affinity for Maker’s Mark.

1. I have met a ghost before. I had always been very skeptical of spirits
being present in our physical world, and I still am, but I had a very
crazy experience in high school with my best friend, Michael, that I
have a hard time fathoming as anything other than paranormal. My
grandma had recently passed away and upon cleaning out her house,
there was an old ouija board in the closet of the guest room that my sister
and I decided to take home. Michael’s house has always had very spooky
and supernatural weird things happening in it, so when I told him about
the board we decided to go give it a try in his living room one night. And
I know this sounds like a Stephen King story, but I swear it all really
happened. So one night when no one was home, we met up at his place,
lit some candles, pulled out the ouija board, and decided to give it a go.
We followed the instructions in the box as to how to summon a spirit,
and after about two or three minutes we thought we found one. We asked
if we could ask its name, and the planchette slowly moved its way over to
“yes.” I wasn’t fully convinced that there was a spirit moving the piece,
but then we asked for its name and the piece moved, with momentum,
across the board to “goodbye.” Michael and I were a little spooked, so we
decided to give it a break for about 10 minutes. We got some water and
relaxed, and then went back to the board. We did the summoning and
immediately found a spirit. We asked if this was the same spirit and
moved quickly to “yes.” We then asked again if we could ask for its name,
and instead of moving to “yes” the piece shot across the board like a
cannon to a star in the corner, and then it shot to the next star. Story
goes that if a spirit hits all four stars on the ouija board, the spirit is
thus a demon and its spirit will then be released from the board and into
the world. Michael and I read this before, so before it got to the third
star we yanked the planchette to goodbye and stopped the spirit. The
planchette went still, and we both fell backwards and began to cry. We
were speechless and felt haunted. We then proceeded to take the board
outside to the street and light it on fire, which is the supposedly proper
thing to do after a star situation happens. Once it was burnt to a crisp,
we put the remains in his trash can and never attempted ouija again. So
I don’t fuck with ouija anymore, and Hereditary really scared the shit
out of me last year.

2. If I could be a musical instrument, I would want to be an alto

saxophone because its coolest instrument. Like, if any instruments were
to be wearing shades it’d be the alto sax. But also there’s a piece of my
heart with the Gopichand, a one-stringed Indian instrument. We bring
it for audience members to play in Ghost Quartet, and it’s just so fun.

3. My favorite Ghost Quartet memory would probably be the first time

we played through Side 3 in the dark with an audience. When we
performed the side, the audience was reacting very viscerally. We could
hear deep breaths, gasps, and screams, and when the lights came up some
people were holding each other and one audience member was lying
down across multiple chairs in a fetal-like position. And it’s not that
there’s some ego that came with getting an audience to feel that way, but
rather for the first time there was an energy going back and forth
between us and the audience, responding to one another, that built a
catharsis in me that I had never felt before. There’s a lifted energy that
comes over me as the side ends, and I imagine it’s the same feeling that
people get when the go to church. It was enlightening and rejuvenating,
and I’ve felt it every time during Side 3 since.

4. My favorite drink definitely changes on what mood I’m in. Sometimes

I want a whiskey coke and sometimes I want a piña colada. But I do
always love a good chocolate martini to fulfill my sweet tooth. Or my
mom’s eggnog, which Aaron also loves.

1) I have definitely been in the presence and aware of ghosts multiple
times. I have heard ghosts, and caught glimpses as well… I
definitely have a deep respect and appreciation for them. This
show, especially has tuned me into my supernatural awareness.

2) I would be some conglomeration of an accordion, a kazoo, and a

banjo situation. Maybe like Bert’s one man band in Mary Poppins,
but like as a person? I feel like I’m a little all over the place, if you
COULDN”T already tell from my answers here… there’s definitely
an independent defiance about this one-person-as-an-entire-band-
situation that my Scorpio self is kind of obsessed with. And with
way more color.
3) My fave Gq memory is … all of them? I mean, we have had some
amazing times all over the place, and it’s really hard to pick just
one. As far as moments in the show, I love when Becca and I get to
just dance and really be present at the end of side two. But
#danioverpouringwhiskeyshots is a favorite theme, that’s for sure.
Outside of the show, I love our card time… and taking down
everyone on Super Smash Bros
4) I love me a Manhattan. Or a margarita on the rocks. Or a mule---
maybe I just love drinks if they start with the letter M?! And
whiskey, of course is also a fave - oh wait, I forgot wine exists.
Also a HUGE wine fannossieur (I also thoroughly enjoy making
up words).

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