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-Photo Collages

These are the most popular types of collage. They are put together through use of photos and sticking
them to the one surface. These can be created in so many ways. You may decide you want to cut out the
faces only, or use nature photos. There really is no limit to what you can do.


Whether you knew it or not, mosaic is a type of collage. Most people know of tiled mosaic art, however
there are a few different types. Others include paper, marble, stone and more. You can find these types
of collage in cathedrals, churches and temples. Small pieces are often used, and they can be sharp, so
this type of collage is better used for the older children in primary school. The pieces are often in random
broken pieces and are easy to manoeuvre into a piece of art.

-3-Dimensional Collage

3D Collage art is placing 3D items on a surface and creating something new. Some items that can be used
are: rocks, beads, coins, buttons, sticks, new and old objects. If you want you can keep it as all natural
items and do a sustainability project with the children. There is only a small limit to what you can do with
this type of collage.

-Magazine Collage

Magazine collages are made from random things in magazines. They can be cut out or ripped and then
stuck onto a common surface. One of the most popular ones is to make a new person out of different
body parts found in a magazine. Magazines can be replaced with newspapers to give a different feel and

-Paint Collage
This is one of the easiest types of collage. It can start off basic and can get more complex as the artist
develops their skills. the easiest type of paint collage is to paint another sheet of paper with and
coloured dye, but only one colour. When painting the sheet you have to spread the colour so you can get
three different shades of that colour. Once this is done, set the page aside to try. Once dried, you can
tare or cut the paper into any size you wish and glue it down to a surface. If you want to create
something specific, you can sketch it out, and paste the colour pieces down inside.

-Collage with wood

Wood collage is almost the same as any other collage, only, you use different types of wood, rather than
the other mediums, to create you piece. It is very straight forward, although an adult would have to cut
the wood for the children, and some extra assistance may be required.


This is the technique of using cut-outs of paper, linoleum, plastic, or other flat materials gluing them to a
surface and covering them with lacquer or varnish. Decoupage can include adding many copies of the
same image and cut, and layering it to a certain depth.

-Fabric Collage

Fabric collage are very different to the first two I talked about, because this one doesn't involve pictures
already on the material, instead, you create the picture with the fabric. The fabric can be cut into many
shapes and stuck down on a surface.