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Research Methodology and Software Packages

Submitted to: Ms Ishita Ghosh

Date: 19th March,2019

Submitted by:
Course: M.Sc. Economics, FY,
Semester II.
INDUSTRY(primary survey
Migration represents a survival strategy, used by people to tackle all kinds of negative as well as positive
events that affect their life. It occurs when the perceived interaction of Push and Pull factors overcome the
friction of moving. Push factors are those elements of the origin that are perceived negatively leading to a
desire to leave, on the other hand Pull factors are those elements of the destination that are perceived
positively leading to place-attraction. Migration can be classified into a range of criteria’s- It may be based
on Duration, Distance and Motive. Migration may be voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary migrants are
defined as any people who have migrated to any other region or country because they have been displaced
from their home country, have an established or well-founded fear of persecution, or have been moved by
deception or coercion. Voluntary migrants, sometimes also referred to as “economic migrants,” include all
migrants who have moved as a result of their own desires and motivations. Immigrants currently account
3.3% across the world.
The main purpose of this primary survey is to study the impact of Hotel Industry of Pune and see the impact
it has on migrants coming to Pune.
Initially Pune was seen as an escape city for people who still wanted to stay connected to Mumbai.
However, it has been seen that more and more migrants move to Pune, over the years for both educational
and professional opportunities. It is one of the most attractive places for migrants especially from the
southern part of India and some parts of Northern India, which Pune has been absorbing well till now.
Survey Questionnaire:-

1. Name of the Hotel in which the migrant is working presently:

2. Name of migrant: what is your name?

3. Place of belonging : which place you are belongs to?

4. Previous working location (if it differs from the place of birth):

5. Age: what is your age?

6. Educational qualification: what is your educational qualification?

7. How long have you been staying in Pune?

8. What influenced you to come to Pune: factors by which you are attracted towards
Pune to work here?

9. What has been your source of employment?

10.What is the reason behind choosing this occupation:

11.Job description:

Accommodation: Rent Owned

Monthly rent/EMI:
12.Monthly income: what is your monthly income ?

13.Number of members in your family:

Number of children: Number of elderly members:

14.Number of members who are working: how many of people are employed in your family?

15.Annual Family Income:

16.Amount sent to your native place?

17.Do you own a house in your native place?

18.Number of times you visit your native in a year:

19.Traveling expense incurred for the same:

20.What do you like the most about Pune city?

21.What are your future plans?

22.How satisfied are you staying away from your native place?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(1 being the lowest level of satisfaction and 10 being highly satisfied)