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The Director
CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre
(Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)
CSIR Campus, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113, INDIA
Ph.: 91-44- 22549201; Fax: 91-44-22541508
Email:, Website:
CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre
(CSIR-SERC), Chennai
Multi-purpose Cyclone Shelter Contributions of CSIR-SERC for societal intervention
Cyclone shelters are major infrastructural facility for marooned people
during occurrence of cyclone events  Providing Expert Advice to Technical Advisory Committee for
 The Indian and German Red Cross Society approached CSIR-SERC, Construction of Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters in West Bengal and
Chennai, to provide an appropriate structural design solution for Kerala under Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)
the cyclone shelters through NDMA
 A Multi-purpose cyclone shelter was designed by CSIR-SERC  Proposal for a new BIS code under Cyclone Resistant Structures
 A total of 23 cyclone shelters built along the coast of Odisha are Sectional Committee, CED 57
based on the design given by CSIR-SERC. Each of them saved
nearly 2,000 people during the Super Cyclone which hit Orissa in
the year 1999
 75 such cyclone shelters provided protection to about 1.0 Lakh
people during cyclone phailin in the year 2013

The innovativeness of the structural design includes:

(i) Selection of suitable aerodynamic shape to effectively resist Cyclone Shelter designed by CSIR-SERC for German Red Cross Society
cyclonic wind forces
(ii) Provision of stilt, and sloping ground to satisfy functional
requirements against storm surges
(iii) Selection of appropriate design wind speed based on risk analysis
of cyclonic wind speeds carried out at CSIR-SERC
(iv) Special foundations and engineering specifications for construction

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWT) experiments under Simulated

Normal and Cyclonic Wind Characteristics

Major Requirements:
(1) To introduce low frequency component in the longitudinal wind
spectra Geometrically scaled model of cyclone shelter inside BLWT

(2) To increase the intensity of turbulence