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Angelika Alviso

April 2, 2018

Executive Summary

Arsecca Siomai will have its product, siomai namely, ChiMai or chicken

siomai. ChiMai will obviously be a siomai made of chicken meat having spicy sauce with

it. Just what like other siomai do look like, it will cost depending on its size. Arsecca

Siomai is planning to have their different flavors of siomai in the future if possible. The

business organization will be considered as Sole Proprietorship, which will be having

only one owner. The business is just starting to grow and is expected to prosper.

Having a starting business also means having great courage in putting up a business;

it’s either small or big. In my case, it’s not actually the title that it matters as long as you

are able to manage something, then maybe it can be a big help to your business. I’ve

experienced managing our small family business whenever my parents are not around.

I’ve learned how to be wise in choosing the materials and ingredients the business will

be using, in order for it to have a bigger income. An organizational structure can be a

guide or something that entails the different departments that a business has. Its

organizational structure is the functional structure, which is one of the most common

organizational structures. Under this structure, the organization groups employees

according to a specialized or similar set of roles or tasks. The CEO and at the same

time the Manager of this business is Angelika Alviso.

Business Description

The business will be contacted through the e-mail of the owner itself: and can also be reached out through mobile number:

09959278518 and through the business’s website at The

business’s legal form of operation is Sole Proprietorship which means having only one

owner. Reaching the customer’s requirements and exceeding customer’s expectations

and providing tasty and affordable products produce by the business is its mission. The

goal is to make the business as big and popular as the world. Be known locally, globally

and internationally. Being motivated with the things you are doing and having strong

courage that you could truly reach the target goal you are aiming. Have trust within

yourself and be wise in everything that you do. You should be accountable in every

single detail of your business. It can help by making one of it as one of your keys to

success. Making your business as a successful one is a little bit hard especially when

its only you handling your own business. There’s a lot of techniques through the

success of every business. You have to be confidential with the transactions happening

inside and outside of the business, you should keep records on your business. You

should make sure that you will have profit on the businesss you are doing. Lastly, you

have to be positive and you have to trust on your business that it will grow bigger and

bigger on the upcoming years.

Product or Service Description

The products advantage to its competitors is that the business offer orders and

deliveries. The business also offers different flavors for our dear consumers. What

makes the product unique is that it has its own flavor and it caters service that thinks on

the consumer’s requirements and expectations. The business will cater different offers

for our dear customers and assuring them the finest products that we will be offering


What makes the product unique is that it has different flavors that the customer

would wanted to have and the product is made of real and healthy meat. The assurance

that the business will cater a product that will make the customers satisfied with the

products and will be contented. For it will have an affordable price with an undeniable


Market Analysis

The behavior of the market is what the people needs and wants. They need

affordable price and an undeniable taste of a food. The business shall depend on the

behavior of the market in order for the business to be transparent on the market and to

the people in the market. The target market of the business is in public places where

people do usually pass by and in schools where students prefer to buy affordable food

inside school campus and near malls where people who does shopping can buy also

the food.. Providing the students the sufficient food they deserve to instill good health

for the students. Advertising in radios and in televisions, producing flyers to public and

the usage of social media accounts for introducing the product to other people like

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The business will provide business carts for the

sellers and can also cater deliveries anywhere. Customers are always the priority in this

business. Their satisfaction and expectations should be reached for the product to be

positioned in their minds.



Arsecca Siomai will serve as its source for its own product having its own

manpower and equipments.


With the use of some pages in social media, it would be a big help for the product

to be introduced. You can simply post your product together with its price and offers of

the business. You can also post together with the product the basic information about

your product. People nowadays are more updated in social media and maybe it would

be a big factor for the business to be known.


The materials will come from the trusted producers of the supplies that the

business will be using. They had been the supplier of our family business ever since so

I have no doubts of making them also as the supplier of the business.


Arsecca Siomai’s distributor can be those vendors who immediately sell it to the

consumers. We would also distribute it to the customers or direct selling to the


Location Analysis

Advantages and Disadvantages of the location

The location for a while will be inside the school, Cebu Technological

University Main Campus. The disadvantage of the location is that the customers will be

limited for the business that caters only in the school and it will also cause a low income

of the school canteen. The advantage of it is that the business is more compatible with

the students because it has an affordable price compared to the school canteen. So, the

students would really prefer to buy it than the foods in the school canteen. Getting out

also in school campus is a bit tiring because aside from the heat of the sun it’s way too

far also for some other students.


Stall Rent ₱250.00

Ingredients ₱500.00

Materials ₱250.00

Water Expenses ₱150.00

Electricity Expense ₱300.00

Miscellaneous ₱500.00

Total ₱1950.00

Financial Plan

Start-up Cost

Stall Rent ₱250.00

Ingredients ₱500.00

Materials ₱250.00

Water Expenses ₱150.00

Electricity Expense ₱300.00

Miscellaneous ₱500.00

Total ₱1950.00


Total Cost ÷ No. of pieces of siomai = Retail Cost

₱1950.00 ÷ 900 pieces siomai = ₱ 2.16 or ₱3.00 each

Markup Percentage or Markup = 30%

Price  Original Cost + Markup Cost = Retail Cost

 ₱ 3.00 + (.30 x 3.00) = ₱ 5.20 each or ₱ 6.00 each

Profit  Retail Cost - Original Cost = Profit gained

₱ 6.00 - ₱ 3.00 = ₱3.00 each.