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House urged: Probe death

of kid in Rizal buy-bust ops
EY WENDELL VIGILIA dre lawmakets said. have victimized mosdy the youdr," Senior Mastet Sgt. Contado
They said Myca's nother had the resolution said. CabigaoJr., who acted as a Poseur
already beLied claims made bY the The tesolutioo said the dtug buyer, rvas killed in the opetation
Lerr-r-s,A.NiNc Makabayan
lawmakets waflt the House of police that the litde gid s'as used war "has impaired the future of aftet one of Renato's cohotts,tec-
Representadves to look into the as a human shield by his &ug sus- thousands of Filipino children ognized him as an undetcover coP
pect father Renato, nattating that rvho cor*iru:e to grapple with rhe and shot him.
deatll of *Lree-year old Kateleen
Cabigao's colleagues resPonded,
r\lyca Ulpira, rvho was caught il a police broke ir and smashed their psychological, emotional, social
crossfire during a buy-bust oPeta- windows while they rvere sleeping and economic impact of dre kill- ttiggering a gun battle that led
tion in Rodtiguez, Rizal iast month. even without a wartant of arrest ings of their loved ones, andwotse, to the death of Renato and hls
Filipino children themselves being cohort.
Reps. Arlene Btosas (PL Ga- or any lega.l documents.
briela); Carlos Zarate, Fetdinar'd The group of lawmakers, citing the casualties of police oPeta- Sen. Ronald Dela Rosa, who
Gaite, Eufemia Cullamat Bayan data from the PNI said at least tions." was the frrst PNP chief to lead
€L Duterte's rvat on dtugs, has dis-
\{una); Ftance Castro (PL ACT); 29,000 cases of kiilings classified as PNP chief Oscar Albayalde
and Sarah Jane Elago (PL l{abata- dea*rs undet inquiry have been rc- eadier ordeted the telief of the missed the death of Myca as "col-
arr) co-authored House Resolution corded nationwide since President police chief of Rodriguez, Rizal lateral damage" and maintained
No, 41 urging the House commit- Duterte launched his ctackdorvn and 20 of his men to pave the way that cops were only Protecting
tee on human tiglrts to conduct an on illegal drugs ir.r 2016 for an impartial insestigat.ion into themselves ftom getting shot.
"There has been a sutge of Mycah death. "\We ate living in an imperfect
inquily into the iflcident.
"The death of Kateleen MYca killings nationwide of susPected Ll Col. Resq- Damaso and his wodd. Would a Police oT6cer want
Ulpina is the latest addition to the criminals, mosdy identi6ed by the men involved in t}te opention were to shoot a child? Nevet, because
police as suspected drug dealets, teassigned to the prorincial hold- thev have children as well But
list of one hundted minors
Hlled in the Duterte administa pushets, br even mere usets, but ing and adniinistratir-e unit u'bile .hii h^pp"n. during oPerations,"
targeting impovedshed areas and investigation is ongoirg he said.
don's anti-iilegal dtugs campaign,"

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