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1. The rocks are broken as a result of a process called weathering

2. Weathering is brought about by various agents in our environment, such as
: wind, waves, plants and animals, frozen water, water, heat from the sun,
human activities
3. Soil erosion is the removal of soil by wind and rain
4. Factors that affect soil erosion :

 speed and volume of running water

 Amount of vegetation
 Slopenof land
 Dryness and size of soil particles

5. How to prevent soil erosion :

 Stop cutting down trees

 Grow plans
 Build retaining walls

6. Colours of recycling bins :

 black : glass
 Red : plastic
 Blue : paper
 Yellow : metal

7. Landslide can occur when a large piece of land suddenly break away from its
original position and slides downhill
8. Effects of soil erosion :

 shape of land
 Condition of soil
 Condition of water

9. Air resistance slows down the speed of the narrow

10. Sound cannot travelin a vacuum
11. How does Sound travels? when a object produces a sound, the sound
travels away from the object in all direction
12. Conduction : heat can transfer from one part to another within an object or
between object
13. Convection : transfer of heat from one region to onether by movement of
14. Radiation: the realease of heat from the surface of most bodies that is
transfered directly from one region to another
15. Water cycle is the continious movement of water from the Earth, to the sky
and back to Earth
16. Condensation is the change of state of water from a gas to liquid
17. Developing baby in the womb
18. Organs begin to form and developing baby draws nutrients from
the mothers blood through the umbilical cord
19. Soil pollutions occurs when pollutans are released into the soil
20. Soil pollutans include : rubbish, harmful chemical from farms
21. Effect of soil pollution :

 air pollution
 Water pollution
 Deterioration of soil condition
 Growth of germs and pests

22. Ecosystem : all the organisms living together in an area

23. Pea plant dispersed by explosive action
24. some animals adapted to proctect them from predators :

 a snake : has scales

 A tortoise : goes into its shell
 A porcupine fish : inflates its body and shows its spines

25. Examples of behavioural adaptation : bird calls, migration,hibernation,hiding

and shedding of leaves
26. Cumulus cloud which can produce rain, hail or lightning : cumulonimbus
27. Weather affected by cloud, fog, hail, dew, and wind