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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where its people lived peacefully and never found

difficulty to fulfill their daily needs because the king, Jati Pati, governed his people with care
and wisdom although they were from different ethnics, Madura and Javanese. His people liked
him so much.
He had two daughters with similar characters; wise, hospitable, and helpful. The older one was
Dewi Padmi and the younger one was Dewi Arum.
Dewi Padmi was an unfortunate girl because she was sick. The disease was hard to be healed.
Her parents did everything, but failed. The disease was given by Mak Bayong, an ugly evil
witch who wanted to take over the kingdom. She was jealous of Jatipati’s people prosperous.
The witch would heal Dewi Padmi if the king gave Dewi Arum to the witch. She wanted her
because Dewi Arum was protected by the power of God. She tried to disrupt Jati Pati’s
The witch changed herself to be an old woman. She tried to incite the people that Dewi Padmi
was sick because of Madura’s people curse. The news made the people angry and they fought
each other. The fight was heard by the king and her second daughter Dewi Arum. Dewi Arum
asked her father to send her in reconciling the people. It was hard for Jati Pati to let her go but
He knew that Dewi Arum had power to unite them. In a short time the fight between their people
can be stopped. Of course this made the witch angry and she came to the kingdom She
remembered that There was a saying; “The one that could kill the witch is Dewi Arum”. She
didn’t want it happen. “Jati Pati! You should give your last child to me. If you do not give her to
me, I will burndown this region, hi hi hi”. “Please, get away from my youngest daughter. Take
me, if you want”. “I do not need you, foolish king! I just need your youngest daughter. And I
will be the king of the darkness. Hi hi hi” than the witch disappear in the dark night.
The king could not sleep thinking of how he could handle this matter. He should give Dewi
Arum to the witch on the Full Moon. Dewi Arum knew what her father thought. She insisted her
father to grant what the witch wanted. It broke the King’s heart. The king had an objection about
it but he could do nothing.
It was the full moon and the King had to give Dewi Arum. The witch came and the people tried
to haul the evil but they were too weak to fight.
The king was worried and did nothing. But Dewi Arum smiled. She was not afraid at all.
Not long after that, The witch took Dewi Arum away with her broom. They landed on a garden
not far from the palace. The witch then took a sword and was ready to kill Dewi Arum.
“Dewi Arum, Finally I could get you. The God was false to create you smart and powerful. I can
beat you hi hi hi hi. What is your last word!”
“I just want to say that I won’t die because of you but it is God’s destiny. He decides
everything“Dewi Arum said bravely.
“Go to the hell with your God. I don’t believe in God. Don’t say about that in front of me hi hi
Then the witch swung her sword to Dewi Arum’s neck. Blood splashed everywhere and dripped
down all flowers in the garden. Dewi Arum’s blood made all flowers become very fragrant. The
witch could not stand with the fragrance.
“Augh…aughhh…..I can’t breathe. I can’t stand with this fragrance. Help … help me ……” The
witch screamed and then she died.
Audience, do you know what happened to Dewi Arum?
God saved her from the death through the fragrance which came out of Dewi Arum’s blood. The
King, Dewi Padmi and the people were happy to see her home safely. Not long after that, Dewi
Padmi, her older sister, had been cured from the witch’s cursed. They lived happily for ever and
ever. That’s all my story. I hope we can enjoy it and take the moral value of this story it’s not
impossible for us to live in a harmony although we are in diversity. Let’s live in peace to be a
powerful country. Thank for your attention. See you nice time and good bye.