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hybris Customer Service Module

Deliver highly personalized customer service and sales support through

a single interface.

Business Requirements
When customers can’t find the answers they need, they can
become frustrated and often click away from partially completed
forms or abandon their shopping carts. In order to recover these
customers, service contact points – including call centers, chat,
eMail, and even Web-enabled customer self-service – need to
be able to deliver the appropriate information and resolutions
quickly. A weak customer service center infrastructure makes
is difficult to serve customers efficiently. Long hold queues and
customer service agents (CSAs) without the appropriate skills and
knowledge contribute to low customer satisfaction and lost sales.
Turning this problem around requires arming CSAs with the right
support tools to quickly solve customers’ problems, which leads
to higher customer satisfaction and, ultimately, to increased

hybris Customer Service Module provides your CSAs with easier
and faster access to the information needed to understand and
quickly resolve customers’ problems. CSAs can use the Cus-
tomer Service Module to create new orders, modify previously
placed orders, complete partial orders, take payments, cancel
orders, authorize returns, and refund payments. hybris Customer Fig. 1: : Customer management
Service Module even enables CSAs to create, modify, and man-
age customer profile details such as addresses, credit cards and
contact preferences. Unlike other solutions, hybris offers true
multi-channel integration; the application was specifically de-
signed with the call center environment in mind. A single, highly
responsive UI improves efficiency by enabling CSAs to process
more transactions per hour or day. Easy access to key functional-
ity enables CSAs to quickly get the information needed to identify
and resolve issues. Because CSAs see the same personalized
screens – catalogues, promotions, etc. – that customers see, you
can transform customer service into a successful sales center
and boost your revenue. The hybris Customer Service Module is
a widget-based framework that enables you to customize and
extend it based on your specific business requirements.

Fig.2: Shopping cart management

hybris Customer Service Module 1

Order Management Reporting
Your benefits ▪▪A dashboard-style interface enabling reporting on key order
→→ Increase customer satisfaction through highly criteria
personalized customer service and support ▪▪A comparison between orders placed, dispatched, returned
and cancelled over a user defined period
→→ Increase performance of both response times and time-
to-resolution ▪▪Evaluation of refunds vs. replacements in the form of a bar
chart showing totals and % breakdown
→→ Improve usability, speed, and efficiency through use ▪▪Analyze shipping methods and payment methods grouped
of a single, highly responsive interface for handling all by carrier
sales and customer interactions
→→ Support full website integration enabling CSAs to Customer Management
access the same data and content your customers do ▪▪Search for customers, create customer profile, show
→→ Drive sales and revenue by enabling CSAs to run customer details, manage customer details
advanced catalog search and access cross-/up-sell ▪▪Simple interface for creating payment and address details
→→ Provide a unified view of customers to give your CSAs Self Service
access to customer information and their preferences ▪▪Enable customers to track orders
→→ Configure your own cross-channel strategy through a ▪▪Customers can create inquiries and see the status of their
modular, highly-configurable, widget-based approach inquiry
▪▪They can request returns/refunds and amend/cancel orders
→→ Support multi-tenancy for streamlining personalized
service to customers of multiple brands
Handling of Multiple Stores
▪▪Enables CSA to switch between different stores where he can
answer a call in several brand personas
Summary of Features: Customer Service Module
Connect to phone devices
Order Composition and Order Management
▪▪System identifies customer’s phone number and directs CSA
▪▪Optimized product search, shopping cart management, to the Customer Detail page
cross-/up-sells, promotion visibility within product listings
▪▪Manage and track orders placed via different channels. Place/ Integration
add orders received by phone, eMail or fax.
▪▪Chat integration possible
▪▪Full support of Order Management Module functionality:
search for orders, create orders, take/make payment, modify
orders, cancel order (complete or partial), return order, refund
payment System Requirements
▪▪Order receipt integration via Order Management Module
▪▪Partial shipping (ship in-stock items, wait for backordered ▪▪hybris software version 4.2 or above (requires hybris Order
items) Management Module)
▪▪Pick up customer cart – during the phone call customer hands
over the code that he has received on the cart page by clicking
on the button in the moment as the issue appeared. This
enables CSA to connect immediately with customer’s cart and
solve the issue. Once the issue has been resolved the CSA can
then pass the cart back to the customer or take payment over
the phone.

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hybris software, an SAP Company, helps businesses around the globe sell more goods, services and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device.
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