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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Caraga Administrative Region
Division of Butuan City
East-I Butuan District
Ampayon Central Elementary School
Ampayon, Butuan City



MAY -Brigada -To promote -Participation -Administrators, -Human With documentation

Eskwela camaraderie during the Teachers, Parents. Services,
(Cleaning the among students Opening and Students and donations from
school grounds, in school Closing Program Stakeholders stakeholders
helping the community of Brigada such as cleaning
teachers Eskwela materials, paints,
cleaning the -To get involve in etc.)
classroom, etc.) the different -Grouping the
activities on SPG Officers
Brigada Eskwela assigned to the
different areas in
-First Students’ -To introduce the
JUNE General newly-elected -Room to room Administrator, -Human Services
Assembly of the SPG Officers to campaigns Teachers, &
beginning of the the studentry Students
school year -Educate
-To provide good students on
-Clean and environment for proper waste
Green Campaign learning disposal and
-May Pera sa -To promote
Basura Fund proper garbage -Selling used
Raising segregation papers and
-To generate bottles
-Monthly funds for (June-March)
Evaluation and building the SPG
critiquing / SPG Office

JULY -Clean and -To promote -Disseminate -Administrator, SPG Funds,

Green Campaign healthy living information right Brgy. Officials Donations
through buying after Flag Teachers, & from Barangay
-Health and eating Ceremony on Students Officials and PTA
Awareness nutritious food in Health
Campaign the canteen Awareness

-May Pera sa -To train pupils -Symposium

Basura Fund for effective and
Raising efficient -Conduct
leadership General
-Class Mayor’s Assembly for the
League -To promote class mayors
-SPG Leadership potentials and -Conduct
Training self-confidence Leadership
among the pupils Training for the
-Monthly SPG Officers
Evaluation and
/SPG Meeting

AUGUST -Peer Tutoring -To contribute to -Conduct tutorial -Librarian, Books from
on Academic school and reading Teachers, Brgy. Library Hub
Subjects aspirations to activity in school Officials and
(Math, English, promote quality and community Students
Science) education and during vacant
academic hours
- Reading -A- excellence
Story Program
Evaluation and

-English -To develop -Information -Administrators, -SPG Funds

SEPTEMBER Speaking and students’ drive through Teachers, and
Reading speaking skills posters and tarps Students
Campaign posted on walls
-To raise funds to -Administrator,
-Fund Raising support the -Selling raffle Teachers, Parents,
Activity ‘Pa- projects and tickets for one and Students
raffle mula sa activities of the peso each
Piso’ organization

Evaluation and

OCTOBER -Search for the -To motivate - Administrator, -SPG Funds

Cleanest studentry in Through contest Teachers and
Classroom and maintaining Students
Sector cleanliness of
their classroom
and sector

NOVEMBER -Anti-Smoking -To disseminate -Room to Room -Administrator, -SPG Funds

Campaign information Campaign Teachers, Brgy.
about the bad Officials, and
effects of -Symposium Students
smoking in our
DECEMBER -Fund Raising -To generate -Garage Sale -Administrator,
Activity during funds to support Teachers, Parents,
Foundation Day the projects and and Students
activities of SPG
-SPG Christmas

JANUARY -Clean Up Drive -To promote -Cleaning the -Administrator, -Human Services
goodwill, unity school campus Teachers,
and cooperation Students and
among pupils Parents

FEBRUARY -SPG Election -To elect new sets -SPG Elections Administrator, -SPG Funds
Period of SPG Officers Teachers and

MARCH -SPG Induction -To turnover the -SPG Induction Administrators, -SPG Funds
of Officers SPG to the newly- Program Teachers, and
elected officers Students