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7 Daly 2.08. 9019 of dee 2009}879010 Ms Teresa Ritera Rodez, ‘Minisispas a Trans Feologica ‘Ministero pan a Trariion Ecologia Paz de Sap Juande InCrz, sn 28071 Masia Expt Dear Ministe, 1 would ike to daw your atention agai to the serious station reyaring air quality in Spain ‘According to the assesment of my services, exceedances in the level of nitrogen dioxide {GHO: appesc to conime to bein Breach ofthe init values se by the Ambient Air Quality Diretve. 11 seems that the mesures anzounced and Taken so fr are not suit to adress these breeches inthe air quity zones concerned and to reach fll compliance with EU air qulty Timit values by the pee 2020, a8 communicated tus by your Goverment ar the Ait Quality Minister Soman on 30 Janus 2018 i “Therefore, witout preuice to EU egal procedure, ll stakeholders actos al relevant levels fof governance should be mobilised and contribute tothe design and implementation of festive national, epioal and les! sr quality measures inorder to ensure compince with [BU aw an to step the health ofthe al population ‘Your sincerely, Uae Koren Vella