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Justifying Circumstance Requisites for validity Notes

[Defense of a DOFAS]
Self-defense 1. Unlawful aggression
2. Reasonable necessity of the means
3. Lack of sufficient provocation from the

Defense of FAMILY 1. Unlawful Aggression

2. Reasonableness of means
3. The one making the defense had no part in
giving provocation

Defense of STRANGER 1. Unlawful Aggression

2. Reasonableness of means
3. That the defender is not induced by revenge,
resentment, or other evil motive.

One whose act was done in 1. The evil actually exists

order to AVOID an evil or 2. That the injury will be greater than the evil
injury done to avoid it.
3. That there is no other practical and less
harmful means to prevent it.

Fulfillment of DUTY 1. The accused acted in the performance of a

duty or lawful exercise of office
2. The injury or offense committed be the
necessary consequence of the due
performance of duty or the lawful exercise of
such right or office.

In obedience of an ORDER 1. That an order was issued by a superior

2. For a lawful purpose
3. Lawful means