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Moonwalk National High School

Daang Batang St., San Agustin Village, Moonwalk, Parañaque City

Senior High School Department
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The percentage of Grade 12 TVL strand students who took culinary arts degree in college

Research Proposal for Research in Daily Life 2

Prepared by:
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Jessa Wahi
Catlyn Atap
Christine Dreu
Niel Adrian Versoza
Jetro Faustino

Noted by:

Mariane Diane S. Maputi


The American culinary federation was founded in 1989 and become an assemblage of a
United States chef club. The mission of the federation was to make a positive difference for
culinary art students through education, apprenticeship and certification that mission has
remained the same over the year. Apprenticeship was first used when one cook wanted to learn
more about the tricks of the trade. The first culinary arts instruction in a classroom took place at
Boston cooking school. However there's more to the culinary arts than just learning how to be a
professional chef studying the culinary arts can help improve your life in many ways and can
allow you to improve the lives of the people you end up cooking for as well.

we also choose the culinary arts because food service industry its growing rapidly and
culinary professionals are in great demand. Studying culinary arts is important since students
acquire the necessary skill to start working in this challenging field.

Objectives of the Study

This study aims to:
1. Determine the number of TVL students who took culinary arts after grade 12 in Moonwalk
National High school
2. Identify the factors among TVL students in choosing culinary arts as their college degree ;
3. Find out the effectiveness of program of TVL students in their career plan.

Significance of the Study


Culinary arts program, will allow you to learn the skills and knowledge that are required as a
culinary arts students. Which includes not only knowing how to cook but also to create new
dishes, how to keep the kitchen safe, how to run the kitchen efficiently and more. Studying
culinary arts will help you to expand your horizons in many ways. Only will help you to become
a professional Chet, it will give you a deeper appreciation for food as culture, food as art, your
health and more. Furthermore, this are possible beneficiary of this study are the TVL students
use to know the affective of culinary arts and the GAS students can use to find out how many
students will take culinary arts and also the junior high school can use to find the percentage of
students will take culinary arts
Research Questions

1. How many TVL students are taking culinary arts, after they graduate in grade 12?
2. What are the factors why they choose culinary arts after they graduate in grade 12?
3. Does the program of TVL students contribute to their career plan?

Respondents of the Study


The proponent selected the high school students of Moonwalk National High School to be
respondents of our study, preferably the GAS and TVL graduated students. To conduct this study,
we will use the stratified sampling technique. The proponents came up with 100students as
respondents having 50 representatives from the TVL students and 50from the GAS students.
Furthermore we will conduct the research in Moonwalk National High School

Research Methodology

In this study we choose a survey research design in which it is best for answering the questions
and the purposes of the study. Through this, survey questionnaire was used and is studied by
collecting and analyzing the data.

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