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Última actualización: 02/27/2019

Ramiro Facundo Polverini Suarez
Developer / It Manager

Personal Information:

Last Name :​ ​ Polverini Suarez

First Name ​:​ Ramiro Facundo
Identity Document:​ 29.078.248
Birthdate:​ 10/15/1981
Age: ​37 años.
Address:​ Miro 2858 - San Justo (B1753FDX) -
Buenos Aires- Argentina - (+54-11) 6379-9447
Phone:​ (54-911) 21614477
CUIL/CUIT:​ 20-29078-248-2

Professional profile:

Developer with experience in Argentinian ERPs

Integration with different APIs, specially with REST.

Servers Administration GNU/Linux, Windows and Unisys MCP MainFrame.

Dynamic and proactive character. Proven ability to offer high levels of service and at the same time
achieve a substantial reduction in operating costs.
Among other tasks, I carried out a research and market study about new technologies in
NetWorking at the International level, and organized the importation of Ultra Thin Clients, in order
to achieve lower maintenance costs, electric power and equipment replacement.
Technical instruction to the maintenance personnel of the Software of a automated order picking
I was able to coordinate the start-up of a new server and an upgrade of the order picking robot of
the company KNAPP, providing me with the possibility to participate in the work team together
with engineers from that company.

● "Técnico en Electrónica con orientación en Comunicaciones" (RM N 72/92) Egresado del

Instituto Juan XXIII (DIPREGEP N 4491) La Matanza. Egresado 2000
● CCNA (I II III y IV) Cisco Systems coordinado por Fundación Proydesa. (2007)
● Microsoft Project (Introducción a la administración de proyectos) A.U.B.A. (2009)
● Programación en C# (MicroSoft .Net Junior, Buffa Sistemas) (2010)
● Liderando Proyectos y Equipos de Trabajo (Capacitarte UBA) (2010)
● Reconocimiento​ Microsoft Active Professional 2011
● ​Programación en ​SQL​ Server (Club De Programadores) (2012)

● Idiomas:
■ Español. Lectura / Escritura / Oral : Nativo.
■ Inglés. Lectura/Escritura: Nivel Intermedio/Avanzado. / Oral: Nivel Intermedio


● Bantics Cooperative
○ Partner
○ Dates Employed: Dec 2013 – Present
○ Location San Justo

C# Developer with APIs experience

Integrations with MercadoLibre via API REST
Integration with Wordpress / WooCommerce via API REST
Integration with Mikrotik API.
Java developer. Spring Framework / JPA / Vaadin.
Use of FireBird / MySQL / H2 Databases
NodeMCU / Arduino developer.
GNU/Linux Server admin.... See more

● Grupo SuizoBarracas (Drogueria Suizo Argentina - Drogueria Barracas )

○ Network Administrator / System Integrator
○ Dates Employed: Sep 2002 – Mar 2014
○ Employment Duration: 11 yrs 7 mos

Implementation of Systems, and training in the use of the company's ERP system. Responsible for Network
Administration and Computer Equipment in Ramos Mejía Plants - Parque Patricios - La Plata and Mar del
Plata. Working together with colleagues in the rest of the country's branches.

● PCRemote Service
○ Consultant
○ Dates Employed: 2010 – 2011
○ Employment Duration1 yr

● Drogueria Suizo Argentina

○ Network Administrator
○ Dates Employed: Sep 2002 – May 2010
○ Employment Duration 7 yrs 9 mos
Manager of networks and equipment of the Central House, Ramos Mejia. Configuration and tuning of
equipment, Maintenance of Hardware and Software