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Component Chart


This spreadsheet is intended to assist amateur designers in identifying and managing components/parts th
The tire components have been filled out with example information to assist you in getting started. Clear t
Insert new rows below each component if you have multiple regulations, candidate parts or connected par

Add or delete from the component list as needed

Component Name

Tire (Front)
Tire (Rear)

Wheel (Front)
Wheel (Rear)
Hub (Front)
Hub (Rear)
Brake Rotor (Front)
Brake Rotor (Rear)
Wheel Bearings (Front)
Wheel Bearings (Rear)
Spindle (Front)
Spindle (Rear)
Upright (Knuckle) (Front)
Upright (Knuckle) (Rear)
Brake calliper (Front)
Brake caliper (Rear)
Brake line (Front)
Brake line (Rear)
Brake pads (Front)
Brake pads (Rear)
Master Cylinder
Brake proportioning valve
Ball joints/Rod Ends (Front Upright)
Ball joints/Rod Ends (Rear Upright)
Wishbones/A-Arm (Front)
Wishbones/A-Arm (Rear)
Tie Rod/Steering Link
Steering Rack/Gear box
Track Rod
Track Rod Ends
CV Joints/boots (Front)
CV Joints/boots (Rear)
Rod Ends/Joints (Inboard Suspension Mount) (Front)
Rod Ends/Joints (Inboard Suspension Mount) (Rear)
Shock absorber/Damper (Front)
Shock absorber/Damper (Rear)
Spring (Front)
Spring (Rear)
Anti-roll (Sway) Bar (Front)
Anti-roll (Sway) Bar (Rear)
Rocker assembly (Front) (If any)
Rocker assembly (Rear) (If any)
Half shafts/Axles
Differential Mounts
Driveshaft/Sprockets (w/chain)/ Pulleys (w/belts)
U-joints (if driveshaft used)
Transmission Mounts
Shift Linkage
<Use this to define chassis type (Spaceframe/Monocoque if
<Use this to define any bodywork components if required)>

Engine Mounts
Air box
Air box Mounts
Radiator Mounts
Radiator hose/plumbing
Engine management
Fuel Cell
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter
Fuel plumbing
Fuel cell compartment
Fuel filler mechanism
Steering column
Steering Wheel
Brake Pedal
Clutch Pedal
Throttle Pedal
Thottle Linkage
Clutch Linkage
Pedal assembly/mount
Shifter mechanism
Driver Seat
Passenger Seat (if any)
Seat Belts
Seat belt mounts
Switches and controls
Side mirrors
Electrical wiring
Data logging
Onboard Camera
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<Project Name>
<Designer Name>

gners in identifying and managing components/parts that will be considered in their race car designs
ple information to assist you in getting started. Clear these cells before starting. For the full process, see:
multiple regulations, candidate parts or connected parts for a given component

Enter as many lines of regulations/vision information for each component as needed

Component Regulation(s)/Vision

Section 10.2 - Front tires shall be Bridgerock T1000 size 215-50ZR-16 only
Section 10.3 - Rear tires are permitted to be, within the Bridgerock T1000 line, up to 245-45ZR-16
Note: Sprockets used with Motorcycle engine racers, belts with lower powered race vehicles and review the "Design Process" under "Getting Started"

Enter Select Yes/No to the questions below; Is the part only allowed to be stock? If not,
can you upgrade using off-the-shelf parts. Can you fabricate the part for higher value?
What is the estimated value of the upgrade to your vision of the car? Ie. Better
performance? More durability? Lower cost?

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜
Upgradable Upgradable Upgrade
Stock Part Only Off-the-shelf Custom Fabricate Value (1-10)

No Yes
Yes 5
rocess" under "Getting Started"

Select 'Yes' Enter component/part names or

for the model numbers if you choose. This
Enter as many lines of candidate part candidate column enables you to review
model numbers below as you need from part you compability between connected
your research choose parts
˜ ˜ ˜
Chosen Connected
Candidate Part Manf/Model # candidate Components/Parts

Bridgerock T1000 215-50ZR-16 Wheel (Front)

Bridgerock T1000 215-50ZR-16 Wheel (Rear)
Bridgerock T1000 235-45ZR-16
Bridgerock T1000 245-45ZR-16 Yes