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KRBL Limited

Factsheet Share Price: Rs. 18.10

20th March 2012

Business Overview: Market Data

KRBL is the world’s largest rice millers and Basmati
Sector Food Products
rice exporters. The Company is a branded Basmati
rice company, with manufacturing capacities of 195 Market Cap (mn) $88/Rs.4,400
MT/per hour. The Company has also set up a seed Enterprise Val (mn) $276/Rs.13,840
farm and a 4 MT per hour seed grading plant for its
O/S Shares (mn) 243
R&D activities and new products testing. It holds a
~25% market share in the branded Basmati exports Free Float (%) 35%
from India and a ~30% share in the branded Basmati Dividend Yield 1.1%
sale in the domestic market. The Company’s domestic
52 Week H/L (Rs.) 34.45 / 12.75
and international brand portfolio includes India Gate,
Indian Farm, Doon, Unity, Nur Jahan, Bemisal, 12m ADT (‘000) $601
Aarati. KRBL’s branded Basmati rice has strong BSE Ticker 530813
demand in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA
and the Middle East. It holds a leading position in the
Middle East, the world’s largest Basmati market. Share Price Performance
25 4
Q3 FY2012 vs Q3 FY2011 Highlights:
• Sales increased by 20.8%
Rebased to KRBL's Price

• Export sales increased by 73.1% 19

• EBITDA increased by 28.9% 2

• Net Profit increased by 41.7% (after adjusting


foreign exchange losses) 13


Senior Management: 10 0
Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12
Name Position Vol KRBL 34.1% BSE Midcap 23.2%

Anil Kumar Mittal Chairman & Managing Research Coverage

Director No. of Analysts 2
Arun Kumar Gupta Joint Managing Director Buy / Hold / Sell 50% / 0% / 50%
Anoop Kumar Gupta Joint Managing Director Avg. Target Rs. 25
Rakesh Mehrotra Chief Financial Officer
Shareholding Pattern
Valuation Metrics:
35% 37% 37% 39%
FYE Mar 31 FY11 FY12E 1% 1% 1% 1%
EV/Revenue 0.9x 0.8x 6% 5% 3%
EV/EBITDA 5.7x 5.6x 57% 57% 57% 57%
P/E 3.7x 3.9x
Net Debt/EBITDA 3.9x 3.8x
P/BV 0.7x Mar-11 Jun-11 Sep-11 Dec-11

Promoters FII DII Others

KRBL Limited
20th March 2012

Summary Financials:
FYE Mar 31 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E FY2011 Revenue Breakup
Net Revenue ($ mn) 198 260 313 308 324
Growth (%) 9.1% 31.6% 20.4% (1.8)% 5.2%
EBITDA ($ mn) 31 41 44 48 49 By Products
Growth (%) 27.0% 32.7% 7.3% 10.2% 2.6%
Margin (%) 15.4% 15.6% 13.9% 15.6% 15.2%
Net Income ($ mn) 11 13 25 24 22
Growth (%) 11.2% 19.0% 90.4% (3.4)% (5.9)%
Margin (%) 5.5% 5.0% 7.9% 7.8% 6.9%
EPS ($) 0.04 0.05 0.10 0.10 0.09
Growth (%) 11.1% 19.0% 90.3% (3.3)% (5.1)%
Dividend (Rs.) 0.20 0.20 0.30 0.30 -
Yield (%) 1.6% 2.1% 1.3% 1.1% -
Strategy and Operations:
 KRBL is the India’s largest selling branded Basmati
rice company
 KRBL’s share in India’s Basmati production is By Region
expected to increase to ~25% and shall be processing
900,000 MT of Basmati rice by FY2016
 Operates in two business segments:
 Agri Business: which includes sale of Basmati
and non-Basmati rice, along with by-products -
rice bran oil, de-oiled cake and furfural oil
 Energy Business: which generates power from
wind turbine and husk based power plant. The
Company’s wind power generation capacity is
39.8 MW and its bio mass power generation
capacity is 15.8 MW
Production Capacity
 Dhuri Plant in Punjab is the largest, fully integrated
rice milling plant in the world Grading &
Plant Capacity Packing
 Capacity utilization at Dhuri plant is expected Location (MT/hr) Capacity
to increase to 50% by FY14
Ghaziabad Rice
 The Company has rice warehousing capacity of (U.P.) Processing
45 30
50,000 tonnes and paddy warehousing capacity of 1
Dhuri Rice
million tonnes (Punjab) Processing
150 50

 Collaboration with Buhler, world’s leading rice Delhi Grading 30

milling machine manufacturer, for process /
machine improvement
Important Notice
Information Sources: Share price information and estimates are sourced from FactSet. Company description and financials are sourced from annual
reports and presentations. Financials converted from INR to US$ at spot rate of 50.395. Free float: Shareholdings of investors that would not, in the
normal course, come into the open market for trading are treated as 'Controlling/ Strategic Holdings' and hence not included in free-float.

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