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Morning walk on the beach après surf

(breakfasty stuff): (lunchy stuff):

sweet: poke:
all served with crispy wonton chips
king’s hawaiian rolls stuffed french toast $8.5 spicy tuna: tamari, pineapple, scallion $14.5
cream cheese, pineapple, vanilla, crumbled bacon
salmon: spicy sesame oil, tamari, scallion $12.5
fresh fruit & granola $7 (v)
dairy-free coconut yogurt, organic rolled oat granola seafood:
w/goji berries, chia seeds, toasted coconut
local rockfish ceviche $9.5
savory: togarashi, watermelon, lime

benny’s: by the ea. smoked trout dip $12.5

grandma’s recipe….of course, w/ritz crackers
🥚smoked salmon $6.5

🥚pulled pork + pineapple $6.5 blackened fish taco $3.75ea.

jicama slaw, mango, lime crema
🥚veggie w/beet hollandaise $5.5
veggies, grains, salads:
loco moco $14.5
little surfers: $6ea. dry-aged burger, sushi rice, mushroom gravy, fried egg cold farro salad $9.5
watermelon, pistachios, cucumber, local feta
(all kids food comes with fresh fruit & white rice) kalua pork & kimchi skillet $13.5
-cheesy scrambled eggs jasmine rice, shredded pork, kimchi, poached egg
burrata $14.5
-cinnamon+sugar french toast spam fried rice $10.5 strawberries, sunflower sprouts, local radish,
jalapeño, pineapple, spam, crispy onion, poached egg fennel pollen
-grilled cheese (add an egg?)
the L.A ½ bagel $6.5
-pasta + butter @callyourmotherdeli zaatar grilled bagel, larger plates:
dill whipped cream cheese, salmon roe ½ spicy coconut chicken $21.5
coconut milk brine, jerk spice, white rice

brunch menu
manhattan club $14
coconut infused appleton, grand marnier, vermouth prosecco. villa marcello, 2016 veneto IT $11/44
not grandma's lemonade $12 pineapple sparkling, tedeschi vineyards, maui $16/64
highwest rye, hibiscus, lemon
champagne 1er cru(½ btl only) lombard, x-brut $34
brrrrrrosé (frozen) $13
rosé, strawberry, blue curaçao, gin, campari
vinho verde, quinta de raza, minho PT 2017 $9/36
hawaiian iced coffee $11
iced coffee, rum, spiced coconut cream riesling, s.a prum “essence”, mosel DE 2017 $11/44

yas queen’s park swizzle $12 chardonnay harken, california US 2017 $11/44
@cottonandreed mango rum, coconut water sauvignon blanc manu, marlborough NZ 2017 $12/48
syrup, lime, mint, allspice dram
hemingway daiquiri $12
jrink + juice (N/A)
rum, grapefruit, luxardo, lime zweigelt, landhaus meyer, niederosterreich 2017$10/40

kimchi bloody mary $12 (choice of vodka or gin) provence rosé, the palm, whispering angel FR 2018$13/52
jrink summer crush $11 crispy shallots, kimchi, spices
pineapple, apple, coconut water, ginger, mint red
practice what you peach $10
jrink wake me up $11 grilled peach puree, bubbles
pinot noir, elouan, oregon USA 2017 $11/44
orange, grapefruit, carrot, turmeric, ginger, lemon rioja reserva, ramirez de la piscina, rioja ES 2012 $13/52
everything’s guava be alright $12
natalie’s fresh squeezed orange juice $5.5 bacardi lime, guava, lime (blended) syrah, angel falls, santa ynez california US 2014 $12/48

fresh cracked coconut $9

beer, cider
pacifico lager $7
burley oak sorry chicky sour $9
manor hill grisette farmhouse $7
graft comes and gose cider $8
dc brau joint resolution ipa $8
beverage menu
atlas blood orange gose $7
maui pineapple mana wheat $8