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Ascending from Fear to Love

Bhoga vritti vs seva vritti

1) Railway – window seat

2) Cherry vs non-cherry one
3) Selfish life – first take care of oneself, then of others
4) To do something selflessly for others is very great

Sanatana Dharma – desire to love and serve innately present

1) salt, water
2) Everybody trying to love and satisfy somebody – employee to boss, parent – child, boy – girl. So many love movies,
stories, songs, etc. everybody wants to love someone.
3) But frustrated love. Where will my loving propensity be satisfied.
4) Generally exploitative tendency – boss gives salary 5000 and extracts 5 lakh. Employee takes 5000 and does job of
5) Mother giving you your favorite – touches your heart Vs the waiter that gives but later tip, air hostess saying “good
morning”, businessman capturing customer – plastic smile. The relationship with parents, friends is very selfless

Story of man whose two children were fighting over property and HG RSP gave satopdesha from Bharat-Ram Vilap…

1) Rama Rama Rama Sita Rama…

2) Report to the padukas
3) Slept underground
4) I would eat only barley
5) Competition of loving competition – you become the king.

Nisvartha bhavana very rare in this world

1) Carrying luggage when parents come – don’t take coolie charges

2) Mother carrying a heavy child but doesn’t care for the burden – burden of love – pains also gives joy
3) Interrupted and motivated love in this world
4) Give this gift – later he will come in use.
5) Devotee’s car punctured… went to farmer, food and accommodation, wont accept 500 rupees. He gave his card. You
should visit my house. Unmotivated love – you want to reciprocate. You wont give card to waiter
6) Selfless love you see between mother and child.

Soul has natural love, seva bhava. When covered by impurity, then our behavior changes (like rain in touch with ground
becomes impure). We want to hurt, exploit others, become greedy. Child wants all the toys, 4/10 rich men in India but
still India poor.


1) Either you surrender to God or suffer in hell – dooms day

2) Rat trying to enjoy the garbage bin but then doomed
3) Hellish planet awaiting, so I surrender
4) Not very high motivation
5) Girls put burkha. Eveteasing heavy punishment… but then go to another country to do it

1) Ganeshji, I will give coconut

2) Balaji with business. One lottery wala – Rs. 50000, Balaji took his quota
3) Business with God
4) God is order-supplier - Om jai jagadish… sukha sampati ghar aave…
5) Ask for material benefits from God but never ask to go BTG - Motivated love
6) Maruti – give me Maruti car. Love for Maruti car.
a. Yatra Yatra Raghunath kirtanam, tatra tatra krta masta kanjalim, bhasvari anjalim maruti rakshasantakam
7) Material benefits – you get and lose


1) Lord is giving me food, clothing, shelter.

2) There is no relationship with God. Only a thank you
3) Grateful for whatever He is giving
4) Relationship is very distant.
5) We have more relationship with government; not personally know the PM. Even of the minister in respect. But son
love. Similarly - Distant – God is impersonal, God as master, Hanuman acting out of loving service– found Sita in
Lanka. Rama – 3 types of servant – does bad service, does what is told, does more than the master expects (destroy
army of Ravana, got estimate of Ravana army, created terror in heart of Ravana, Hanuman burnt Lanka). Rama
6) Unmotivated love


1) Wipe the window and ask for more service

2) Love – more and more service
3) Serve the person without any motivation
4) King on birthday – wanted to give charity – Person 1 asked for gold button, Person 2 asked for meeting you to thank
you as a perfect rajrsi. I want to be your friend. King – come with me. As friend, you need to live with me. Whatever
man wanted, he got by becoming friend. Devotee doesn’t ask anything but God gives anyways. Imagine child asking
for daily milk contract with mother
5) Hanuman feeling pained that his name is missing in the diary of Rama
6) Rama took all monkeys to Ayodhya. Hanuman go and relax. No service for you. Without service to you, there is no
use of my life. Yawning – chutki service. Rama would open mouth to please Hanuman. Sita in night – give him some
service now.
Devotee always wants to serve. That’s all. In spiritual world, they always want to serve.
Seniors from VOICE want to serve you. Usually, seniors rag the juniors. But devotees act like servant, they learnt this
in spiritual life.

Now, we will see the movie.