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Topic: Signs of Volcanic Eruptions

Time Frame: 60 minutes

Content Standards
The learners demonstrate an understanding of:
 Signs of impending volcanic eruptions
 Potential volcano-related hazards

Performance Standard
The learners develop a family emergency preparedness plan to guide them on
what to do before, during, and after a volcanic eruption.

Values Integration
Appreciate the importance of knowing the different premonitory event that can be
used as a parameter to be able to prepare as soon as possible before an eruption
takes place.

Learning Competencies:
 Recognize signs of an impending volcanic eruption.

Specific Learning Outcomes

 At the end of the lesson, the learners will be able to:
o identify the different parameters used to monitor volcanoes; and
o explain the common signs of an impending volcanic eruption


Communicate Learning Objectives

1. Identify the different parameters used to monitor volcanoes
2. Explain the common signs of an impending volcanic eruption

A. Motivation:
 Photographs
o Show these photos of volcanoes.
o Name these volcanoes and identify the kind of eruption. (2 kinds of
eruption, one violent or explosive and one effusive or quiet)
Mayon Volcano

violent or explosive effusive or quiet

B. Instruction:
Gallery Walk
1. Each group is given 7 minutes to present their work to the whole
2. Let the learners have time to explain and discuss their poster.
3. Reiterate important points within the topic
 The students will answer the essential question given by the
 The students will cite and explain the importance of knowing
the volcanic hazards.

C. Enrichment:
“Why it is important to monitor a volcano’s status?”
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of topic, presents presents accurate information, leaves out information , many
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PRESENTATION inaccurate information
(FORMAT, Poster has excellent Poster has nice The poster needs The poster needs
design and layout. design and layout. It improvement in design significant improvement
LAYOUT, Neat and easy to is neat and easy to , layout or neatness in design, layout or
CONTENT, understand the read neatness
FIGURES) content
Most pictures and Few of the pictures The learner’s pictures
Pictures and graphics graphics are clear and graphics are clear are not clear and
are clear and relevant and relevant and relevant relevant
The Leader was able The Leader, The learners know The learners do not
to facilitate the Secretary, Reporter their roles but were not know their roles and the
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COOPERATION Reporter was able to members were able their responsibilities properly facilitated
AMONG clearly present the to help each other the entire time. among the learners.
MEMBERS summary of the and were able to
group’s output within come up with a
the given time. comprehensive

D. Evaluation:
 Summarization of the things they’ve learned.
 Quiz about the topic Volcanic eruptions
 Essay

Prepared by:
Shiela Lumbaga Caya