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GROUP 1 With the tone of eyes nose and lips

We were once like two converging plates

We used to subduct in any way

Moving towards each other

As though always close as ever

Like not meant to part

With you I can stand firm coz ur with me

Like volcanic arcs you lie by my side

Not a thing as deep as trench

Could be our connection's end

Thought we'd never set apart coz in ur hand I found my spot

But you just started to walk away from me

And I don't even know what to think

Did you get tired of being with me?

That you got to leave me here

Why'd you do that babe?

Why do we need to separate

And end up being divergent

Did you know that when you left me

I was hopeless for as time passes by

The gap netween us expands

Now I see you driftin your gaze away from me

Pastt each other we would tramp

Like a transform-fault every step of yours

Leaves a crack in my heart