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shall consider local or global reduction in capacity, as reports shall summarize and reference relevant previous rat-
determined from the inspection. ings and deficiencies. Inspection reports shall be included in
Based on inspection results, structural analyses and subsequent audits.
engineering judgment, OSARs (for operational loading) The contents of the audit and inspection reports for each
and SSARs shall be assigned on a global basis, independ- berthing system shall, at a minimum, include the following
ently for each structure, structural system(s) and berthing as appropriate:
system(s), as appropriate. The OSARs and SSARs defined Executive summary—a concise narrative of the audit or
in Table 31F-2-4 shall be used for this purpose and docu- inspection results and analyses conclusions. It shall
ment the structural and/or berthing system(s) fit- include summary information for each berthing system,
ness-for-purpose. including an overview of the assigned follow-up actions.
Based on inspection results and engineering judg- The Executive Summary Tables shall also be included
ment, ICARs shall be assigned on a global basis, inde- (see Example Tables 31F-2-7A through 31F-2-7C and
pendently for each above and underwater structure, 31F-2-8).
structural system and berthing system, as appropriate.
Table of contents
The ICARs defined in Table 31F-2-4 shall be used for this
purpose. Introduction—a brief description of the purpose and
scope of the audit or inspection, as well as a description
Structural component deficiencies assigned RAPs as
of the inspection/evaluation methodology used.
per Table 31F-2-5 shall be considered in the OSARs,
SSARs and ICARs. The assigned ratings shall remain in Existing conditions—a description, along with a sum-
effect until all the significant corrective action has been mary, of the observed conditions. Subsections shall be
completed to the satisfaction of the Division, or until used to describe the above water structure, underwater
completion of the next audit. structure, fire, piping/pipeline, mechanical and electri-
cal systems, to the extent each are included in the scope
3102F.3.6.4 Mechanical and electrical systems. An eval-
of the audit. Photos, plan views and sketches shall be uti-
uation of all mechanical and electrical systems and com-
lized as appropriate to describe the structure and the
ponents shall be performed in accordance with Sections
observed conditions. Details of the inspection results
3108F through 3111F of these standards. If a pipeline
such as test data, measurements data, etc., shall be docu-
stress analysis is required (see Section 3109F.3), forces
mented in an appendix.
and imposed seismic displacements resulting from the >
structural analysis shall be considered. Mechanical and Evaluation and assessment—assessment ratings shall
electrical component deficiencies shall be assigned rat- be assigned to all structures and/or berthing systems.
ings from Table 31F-2-5. Also, see Section 3102F.3.6. All supporting calculations,
3102F.3.7 Follow-up actions. Follow-up actions as as-built drawings and documentation shall be included
described in Table 31F-2-6 shall be prescribed. Multiple in appendices as appropriate to substantiate the ratings.
follow-up actions may be assigned; however, guidance shall However, the results and recommendations of the engi-
be provided as to the order in which the follow-up actions neering analyses shall be included in this section. Com-
should be carried out. ponent deficiencies shall be described and a
corresponding RAP assigned.
> If an assessment rating of “1”, “2” or “3” (Table
Follow-up actions—Specific follow-up actions (Table
31F-2-4) or a RAP of “P1” or “P2” (Table 31F-2-5) or
“Emergency Action” using Table 31F-2-6, is assigned to a 31F-2-6) shall be documented (Table 31F-2-8), and
structure, berthing system or critical component, the Divi- remedial schedules included, for each audited system.
sion shall be notified immediately. The Executive Summary Audit team leaders shall specify which follow-up actions
Table ES-2 (see Example Table 31F-2-8) shall include require a California registered engineer to certify that
implementation schedules for all follow-up and remedial the completion is acceptable.
actions. Follow-up and remedial actions and implementa- Appendices—When appropriate, the following appendi-
tion schedules are subject to Division approval. Executive ces shall be included:
Summary Tables shall be maintained and updated by the
1. Background data on the terminal - description of the
MOT, and shall be submitted in the audit and/or upon Divi-
service environment (wind/waves/currents), extent
sion request. For action plan implementation, see Section
and type of marine growth, unusual environmental
conditions, etc.
3102F.3.8 Documentation and reporting. The audit
2. Inspection/testing data
reports shall be signed and stamped by the audit team
leader. The inspection and other reports and drawings shall 3. Mooring and berthing analyses
be signed and stamped by the engineers in responsible 4. Structural and seismic analyses and calculations
5. Geotechnical report
Each audit and inspection, whether partial or complete,
shall be adequately documented. Partial inspections cover 6. MOT Fire Protection Assessment
only specific systems or equipment examined. The resulting 7. Pipeline stress and displacement analyses



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