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Prof.Aradhana D1 , Shiva Prasad K S2 , Shrivaishnavi J K3 , P. Sowmya 4 , Tina Agarwal5

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Ballari Institute of Technology and Management, Ballari, India

AgriCom is a android based application which provides information to farmers regarding different crops and
farming practices and other agricultural products. It is dynamic and interactive to tak e in the feedback and other
input from the end users and can guide people regarding the different procedures that need to be adopted. This
project shows a simulation of live environment which takes different aspects into consideration like market -demand-
and-supply, production forecast, fertilizer preferences etc.

Keywords: Technical expert , end user, chat.


As the android is the current trend in the today’s world, each and every domain has android
based applications. But it is relatively less advancement in the technology in the field of
agriculture. In this silicon era, where everything is developed as a software and agriculture
being the base of occupation of our nation, it is necessary that we have a software impact in
this field as well. AgriCom is a revolutionary android based agriculture mobile application,
which helps user to take informed decisions by accessing customized agricultural information
related to their need. Our agricultural app will also provide latest technology, tools, methods,
price and fertilizer. This project facilitates dynamic updation and acts as guideline for
farmers. This app shows a simulation of a live environment which takes different aspects into
consideration like practices, technology, machinery and fertilizer preferences etc. An analysis
of the current technical trend of our country clearly indicates that there will be many
multimedia based gadgets which will be available at very affordable cost and so such
products will enable even common people like farmers to stay connected. This is the intent
with which this product has been developed. A strategically planned implementation of this
product will have wide-spread benefits across the agricultural domain.


The paper [1] discusses about today’s the mobile phone is used worldwide. As the price of
smart phone is decreasing, its popularity is increasing day by day. Moreover, android is the
mobile operating system used in smart phone, most of its applications are freely available.
The use of smart phone is increase in every sector of business, education, etc. Android

NCICT-2016 Special Issue 2 Page 124

introduces a “Farmer Helping Service” system that will provide the detail information of
fruits, vegetables and flowers in audio format to the farmers. This system can provide
information using android smart phone from anywhere

The paper [2] discusses about Android mobile use in Agriculture is as the core components to
more helpful to increase productivity of crops and indirectly to increase GDP of India reduce
poverty. The main challenges for crop selection traditional methods. This is android
application which will be useful for farmers & agricultural institutes for cultivation of various
kind of crops in various type of atmosphere. This smart phone app is easy to use and in
affordable cost which will suggest most probable matching crops to people according to
weather condition.

The paper [3] discusses about Indian agriculture based developing country. Information
dissemination to the knowledge intensive agriculture sector is upgraded by mobile-enabled
information services and rapid growth of mobile telephony. It bridge the gap between the
availability of agricultural input and delivery of agricultural outputs and agriculture
infrastructure. Apart from this, they are also useful in our day-to-day activities such as
education, medical and agriculture. This paper explores how Android Apps of agricultural
services have impacted the farmers in their farming activities.


In comparison to the present system the proposed syste m will be dynamic, precise and
provides complete information related to crop production, methods, technology, tools and
crop protection. It also provides facility to watch & upload video and chat with agriculture

User and technical person need to be registered in order to access information provided by
the admin. Registration provides authentication to the user/technical. Technical expert and
user can have discussion. This helps the user to have even much more clarity about the things
that they want. After student can login to their respective profile with the help of username
and password where they are updated with crop information. If in case, admin feels that
registered profile is not genuine, he can deactivate the profile at any time.

Admin will upload complete information, videos related to grains and views feedback given
by the user. User can view the information and videos that he want and user can upload the
videos which is often verified by the admin.

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Password Agriculture
User /technical Admin


Figure 1: DFD level 0.


HTML is a hypertext markup language which is in reality a backbone of any website. Every
website can’t be structured without the knowledge of html. If we make our web page only
with the help of html, than we can’t add many of the effective features in a web page, for
making a web page more effective we use various platforms such as CSS. So here we are
using this language to make our web pages more effective as well as efficient. And to make
our web pages dynamic we are using Java script.

CSS Stands for "Cascading Style Sheet." Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout
of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web
pages that previously could only be defined in a page's HTML. The basic purpose of CSS is
to separate the content of a web document (written in any markup language) from its
presentation (that is written using Cascading Style Sheets). There are lots of benefits that one
can extract through CSS like improved content accessibility, better flexibility and moreover,
CSS gives a level of control over various presentation characteristics of the document. It also
helps in reducing the complexity and helps in saving overall presentation time. CSS gives the
option of selecting various style schemes and rules according to the requirements and it also
allows the same HTML document to be presented in more than one varying style.

JavaScript is considered to be one of the most famous scripting languages of all time.
JavaScript, by definition, is a Scripting Language of the World Wide Web. The main usage of

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JavaScript is to add various Web functionalities, Web form validations, browser detections,
creation of cookies and so on. JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages and
that is why it is supported by almost all web browsers available today like Firefox, We used
the browser Opera or Internet Explorer. JavaScript is considered to be one of the most
powerful scripting languages in use today. It is often used for the develop ment of client-side
web development. JavaScript is used to make web pages more interactive and dynamic.
JavaScript is a light weight programming language and it is embedded directly into the
HTML code. JavaScript, as the name suggests, was influenced by ma ny languages, especially

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL lets us access and manipulate databases.
SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. SQL can execute queries
against a database ,retrieve data from a database, insert records in a database, update records
in a database, delete records from a database, create new databases , create new tables in a
database , create stored procedures in a database, create views in a database, set permissions
on tables, procedures, and views.


Apache Tomcat, often reffered to as Tomcat, is an open-source web server developed by the
Apache Software Foundation. Tomcat is a web server and servlet/javaServer pages container.
It is often used as an application server for strictly web-based applications but does not
include the entire suite of capabalities that a java EE application server would supply.


Android is a moblie operating system , based on Linux kernel. Android’s user interface is
mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-
world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along
with a virtual keyboard for text input.

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Admin Module
1. Login
2. Add crops
3. Update crops info
4. Upload video
5. View feedback

User Module
1. Registration
2. Login
3. View crops /video
4. Upload video
5. Feedback
6. Chat

Technical expert Module

1. Registration
2. Login
3. chat

The system starts with Login page as shown in figure 2 where either the students can
register or login or the login option for admin is also available.

Figure 2: Login page of AgriCom app

Figure 3 represents registration page of a user where user can enter their details, personal
info, contact number, Email _id.

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sFigure 3: Registration form of a user

Figure 3 represents home page of admin where admin have access to all the modules shown
in the figure below.

Figure 3: Home page of admin

Figure 4 represents technical experts registration page.

NCICT-2016 Special Issue 2 Page 129

Figure 4: user page for accessing information

Figure 5 represents the page where user can access information related to particular grain.

Figure 5: user page for accessing information

NCICT-2016 Special Issue 2 Page 130


This AgriCom application will be useful in Agriculture System to suggest Farmers to select a
crop for cultivation mapping using different ground parameters crop production, methods,
fertilizer, technology, tools. As this system more helpful to increase productivity of crops and
indirectly to increase GDP of India reduce poverty. As farmers adopt new techniques and
differences in productivity arise, the more productive farmers benefit from an increase in
their welfare.


[1] Asst. Prof . Vimal B. Patel, Rahul G, Bankim L.Radadiya, Ph.D . Thakkar, “ An Android
Application for Farme rs to Disseminate Horticulture Information”, International Journal
of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 88 – No.4, February 2014.

[2] Asst. Prof. Hetal Patel, Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel and Dr. Dharmendra Patel , “

[3] Ms Rachana P.Koli (Me-Ii), Mr.Suhas D.Raut (Phd. Professor Dept C.S.E) ,
“Android Application Agriculture Decision Support System” , SVERI College of
Engineering Pandharpur. Orchid College of Engg. &Technology Solapur University.

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