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21 June 2018

Mr. Jesus Dimatinag

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Grabland Realty Inc.
No. 23 Mapukpukaw St., Baguio City

Dear Mr. Jesus Dimatinag,

We write for and in behalf of our client, Mr. Juan Dimatinag, regarding your
obligation to deliver several properties to him. You are informed that on
October 31, 2010, Grabland Realty Inc. (GRI), through you, as the Chairman,
and the other members of the Board of Directors, passed Board Resolution
No. 10-31-01 Series of 2010 (the Resolution). Acting for and in behalf of
GRI, you agreed to a settlement for the claims of Mr. Juan Dimatinag for his
unpaid salaries and accounts receivable for a discounted amount P
12,000,000.00. The Resolution was issued stating that in lieu of cash as full
and final settlement, the following properties were to be delivered to and
received by Mr. Juan Dimatinag:


1. 1 corporate share of “A” Club SPA P 1,000,000.00
2. Unit 1, High Rise Condominium P 2,000,000.00
3. Unit 2, High Rise Condominium P 3, 000,000.00
4. Unit 3, High Rise Condominium P 1,000,000.00
5. Unit 4, High Rise Condominium P 2,000,000.00
6. 7 hectares agricultural land covered by OCT P 3, 000,000.00
No. 03

Total value of properties P 12,000,000.00

Until this present day, June 21, 2018, the properties in the Resolution have
not been properly delivered to Mr. Juan Dimatinag. The corporate share of
“A” Club SPA is still in the name of GRI, titles to units 1,2 and 4 of High Rise
Condominium is still in the name of GRI, the rent being earned by unit 4 of
P 75,000.00 is being received by GRI, the Owner’s copy of OCT No. 03 is still
in the name of Pedro Lako albeit already in possession of Mr. Juan
Dimatinag, and unit 3 of High Rise Condominium was sold to and is titled in
the name of Gina Tang.

A FINAL DEMAND is made upon you to transfer the titles of the above
stated properties in the name of Mr. Juan Dimatinag in compliance with the
Resolution. In the event that you are unable to transfer title to him, you are
to pay him in cash for the value of the property. The accrued rent
payments from Unit 4 received by GRI from October 31, 2010 up to the
present, which totals to P 6,900,000.00, computed from the monthly
payments of P 75,000 for 92 months, is also to be delivered to Mr. Juan

You are given thirty (30) days from the receipt of this letter to comply with
the demands. Otherwise, we will be constrained to file the necessary legal
action against you to protect the interest of our client. We hope that you
will address this matter promptly to avoid the expense and inconvenience
of litigation.


Atty. Hyacinth Lingbanan
Senior Lawyer
For Hacienderos Law Office