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extra funding since it would Workers Affairs would

merelv orovide new leader- b€ hranded over to the new

ship tir,' absorb and reposi- department," said Bertiz.
tion e\isting oIfices as well 'Several bils seeking to
SIX agencies under the as their budgets, according establish the Department
Department of Labor and to Bertiz, a former member o{ Migration and Develop-
Employment (DOLE), the of Congress. ment (DMD) have been re
Department oI Foreign Based on Drevious di-s- introduced in tlte new Con-
Aflairs (DFA, and the cussions between MaIa'
Office of the President cafiang and Congress, Bert- But Bertiz said the Prcs
(OP) are likely to be "re- iz said the Philippine Over- ident enioys the preroga-
grouped" under the new seas EmDlovrnent Admin' tive to establish the new
department Ior overseas istration' (PbEA) and the department via an execu-
Filipino workers (OFWS) Ove$eas Workers Welfare tive order.
that President Rod.ieo Administration (OWWA) The new department
Duterte has vowed to oi- - both currently attached could also hamess for na-
elationalize by Decem- to the DOLE -'would be tion-building migrant Fili-
ber, the ACTS-OFW Coa- moved to the- new'ddpart- pinos w ho are coming home
lition of Organizations wirh skills a ntj exnertise
said on Sundav. Allof thePhilippineOver- acquired oversead, said
"This is a dre'am coming seas I-abor Offices (POLOS) Bertiz. who had oushed for
true for our OFWs. We now under the DOLE would the .reation of tlie DMD in
welcome the President's also be assigned to the new *re previous Congress.
decision to finally establsh deparhnent, along with the The new deDartment
a new rieD tme;r that will Commission on FiliDinos would alsoallowihe DOI-E
rigorously supervise the Overc€as (CFO) now irder to fffus on tackling equally
recruitment of Filipinos for the Office of the PresidenL pressing domestic issues,
jobs abroad so as to clrlb Bertiz said. such as jobs creaLion, skills
iampant abuse, " said "Two offices currentJy retooling, and puttinA in
ACTIOFW chairman Alr under the DFA - the Offic; check widesDread viola
iceto Bertiz Ill, a former of Migrant Workers Affairs tions of seneral labor stan-
and the Office oF the Legat dards, iicluding contrac-
'\,Ve are counting on the Assistant for Migrant tualization, Bertiz said.
new di-'partment to cady
out government policies,
strategies and prograrns to
Drotect and advance the
iights ard welfare of the
gowing number of Filipi-
nos toilingoutside thecoun-
' said Bertiz.
The new deparhnent i5
e),pe.ted to entail nunimal