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Phone: +966-503206591, +91-8883432781
Passport No: N8839928
Saudi Council Engineers Register No: 372681

Career Objective:
Give me a chance to update my knowledge and enhance my skills in the Electrical field and
be a part of the team that excels in work towards the growth of the organization.
Work Experience:
Previous Employment:

Position: Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Company Name: INEL Power System Engineers Private Limited. Chennai,

India (TPT Engineer in SIEMENS Factory, Mumbai, India)

Duration Period: May 2014 – August 2017

Current Employment:

Position: Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Company Name: Jamal Ibrahim Husain AL-FALGI Est. for General Contracting. Dammam,
(Third Party Testing Engineer in ABB Contracting Co. Ltd. KSA)

Duration Period: December 2017 – Till Now

Experience in KSA:

S. No Project / Client Description

Replacement of 33kV switchgear Panels, Testing &
Saudi Electricity Company, SS- commissioning of 33/13.8kV switchgear, Protection
1 7090, 7034, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Modification for remote end S/S, Protection Testing, SCADA
Signaling, End to End test, Hi-pot Test, Stability test for
Transformer & Bus bar.
Erection, Testing & commissioning of 380kV Double Bus bar
SWCC- Shoaibah-Mina Line B
2 GIS, LCC & Relay Panels. Protection Relay testing, End to
Water Transmission system,
End Test, Hi-pot Test, Stability test for transformer, Bus bar
Shoaibah, Saudi Arabia.
protection & 150 MVA Power Transformer Testing.
3 SABIC / SHARQ, Jubail 6.6kV Preventive Maintenance Testing of protection
Saudi Arabia. Relays & Circuit Breakers
4 REFINING AND 13.8kV, 400V Preventive Maintenance Testing of LV& MV
(SATORP), Jubail
5 MAADEN Industrial City, VLF Testing of 13.8kV and 34.5kV MV Cables
Ras Al-Khair, KSA
Saudi Electricity Company Replacement, Testing & commissioning of 13.8kV
6 Jazan Power plant / ABB SWGR GT#25 Unit And Transformer Stability,
Saudi Arabia. VLF testing for 13.8kV Cables.
7 SAUDI ARAMCO, Dhahran Pre Commissioning & Testing for LV panels and Cable Hi-Pot
Housing project, Saudi Arabia. Testing of 13.8kV cables.
PETRO RABIGH Testing & commissioning of 4.16kV SWGR,0.48 kV
8 Saudi Arabia SWGR, MCC, ATS Panel, Aux Transformers

9 SWCC, Jubail, KSA Erection and Pre-commissioning Testing of 20MVA Power

King Abdul Aziz Medical
10 City(KAMC)/ ABB, Testing and Commissioning of 13.8kV MV Switchgear Panels
Jeddah, KSA
Ministry of Foreign affairs Testing and commissioning of 13.8kV Switchgear and
Jawasat Office, Protection Panels
12 SWCC Pumping station Musayjid, Retrofitting Protection system by RED615 Relay
Saudi Arabia For Pumping Station switchgear.
13 SWCC Desalination Plant Retrofitting Protection system by RED615 Relay
Yanbu / ABB, Saudi Arabia. For Desalination Unit switchgear.
14 SAUDI ARAMCO HOUSING in Testing and Pre Commissioning of 5MVA
Udhalliyah. Aux. Transformers
Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad Installation, Testing and commissioning of 13.8kV
15 University Schneider SWGR & protection relays.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Electricity Company 33kV ABB SWGR Panel Preventive Maintenance Testing
Power station, AL-Namas/ ABB
Saudi Electricity Company Najran Preventive Maintenance Testing for 4.16 kV
17 Power plant / ABB, Saudi Arabia Circuit breakers, Switchgear & 480 V MDB.

Preventive Maintenance Testing of 13.8kV MV Switchgear

18 NITI University, Al-Ahsa Panels

Job Responsibilities in INDIA:

 Testing of all Numerical and Electromagnetic protective Relays in SIEMENS Factory
for KAHRAMAA Projects, QATAR
 Control and Relay Panel Scheme check for 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 400kV for
 Inspection of Control and Relay Panel and Preparation of Test Report for KAHRAMAA
Projects, Qatar.
 Testing of Control and Relay Panel for Transformers, Bus couplers, Bus Sections and Cable
Feeders for KAHRAMAA Projects, QATAR.
 Testing of Current Transformers, Potential Transformers and Metering Equipment’s.
 Testing of Switchgear Panels and Scheme Check for Switchgear Panels.

Experience with Relays:

Siemens Relay Handled:

 7SJ80, 7SJ81, 7SJ61 and 7SJ62 Directional and Non Directional Overcurrent and Earth fault Relay,
Voltage Protection Relay.
 7SD Line Differential Relay.
 7UT612, 7UT613 and 7UT63 Transformer Differential Relay.
 7SS52 Bus bar Protection Relay.
 6MD85 and 6MD86 Bay Control Unit.
 7SA Distance Protection Relay.
 7SK80 Motor Protection Relay.
ABB Relay Handled:
 RED 670 Line Differential Relay 
 REF 615 Overcurrent and Earth fault Relay.
 RET 670 Transformer Differential Relay 
 REJ 601 Overcurrent and Earth fault Relay

 RED 615 Differential Relay

 REF 542 Plus Overcurrent and Earth fault Relay

Alstom Relay Handled:

 Alstom Micom P545 Cable Differential Relay.
 Alstom Micom P142 Overcurrent Relay

Schneider Relay Handled:

 Schneider Micom P545 Cable Differential Relay.
 Schneider Sepam S40 and S60 Series
 Schneider Micom P633 Transformer Differential Relay

GE Relay Handled:
 GE L90 Cable Differential Relay.
 GE T60 Transformer Differential Protection Relay
 GE F650 Overcurrent Relay
Test Kits Handled:

 Three Phase Secondary Injection Test kit Omicron CMC 356, Omicron CMC 256,

Omicron CMC 353,Doble,PONOVO PW636i, Freja300,Freja546 and ISA DRTS66

 Micro Ohm meter MOM600A,MOM100A, DLRO 10A, DLRO 100A

 High Voltage Injection Kit (AC & DC).
 Insulation Resistance Meter (Megger, Kyoritsu & Fluke).
 Primary Current Injection Kit (Foster 600A), (Cotel 750A), Megger ODEN
 VLF Tester(VIOLA B, Megger), DC Hi-Pot Tester (Phoenix, Megger, Hi-Potronics)
 Omicron CPC 100,CP1 , Omicron CT Analyzer
 Circuit Breaker Analyzer (EGIL, ISA)
 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (Vanguard, Megger)
 Breakdown Voltage Tester

 Transformer Winding Resistance Tester (Megger)

Testing Software’s Handled:

 Siemens Digsi 4.89, Digsi 4.90, Digsi 4.92 and Digsi 5

 Siemens Raydisp Manager and Raydisp Evolution

 ABB PCM 600 V2.6, V2.7 and V2.8

 Schneider Easergy Studio V7.1

 Alstom Micom S1 Agile V1.3

 GE Micom S1 Agile V1.4.1
 Omicron Test Universe 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2
 Power Test V4.2.1
 FrejaWin V5.3
 ISA TDMS V7.2.1
Academic Profile:

Board/ Year of %
Examination School/college
University Passing

Maharaja Engineering College, Anna 7.72

B.E(EEE) Avinashi University (CGPA)

S.H.N.Edward Higher Secondary

State Board 2010 84.4%
H.S.C School

S. S. L.C St.Xavier’s High School State Board 2008 92.4%

Personal Profile:
Father’s Name : Muthuchamy

Mother’s Name : Kaleeswari

Permanent Address : 2/35, East Street,
Thadangam, R.R.Nagar (post),
Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India -626 204
Date of Birth : 21/11/1992
Sex : Male
Languages Known : Tamil, English, Hindi & Telugu


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear
the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.

Yours Sincerely

M. Nagaraj