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READING lz (Question l-4)

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and a time when
Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. It is the fourth of
the five pillars of Islam. The Qur'an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
during this month. The actual night that the Qur'an was revealed is a night known
as Iailat ul-Qadr ('The Night of Power').
Almost all Muslims try to give up bad habits during Ramadan, and some
will try to become better Muslims by praying more or reading the Qur'an. Many
Muslims will attempt to read the whole of the Qur'an at least once during the
Ramadan period. Many will also attend special services in Mosques durtng
which the Qur'an is read.
Fasting is intended to help teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint
and generosity. It also reminds them of the suffering of the poor, who may rarely
get to eat well. It is common to have one meal just before sunrise (known as the
suhoor) and another (known as the iftar), direetly after sunset. Beoause Ramadan
is a time to spend with friends and family, the fast will often be broken by
different Muslirn families coming together to share in an evening meal.
The end of Ramadan is marked by a big celebration oalled Eid-ul-Fitr',
the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast. Muslims are not only celebniting the end
offasting, but thanking Allah for the help and strength that He gave them
throughout the previous month to help them practise self-control. The festival
begins when the first sight of the new moon is seen in the sky. Eid is also a time
of forgiveness, and making amends. During Eid-ul-Fitr Muslims dress in their
finest clothes, give gifts to children and spend time with their friends and family.


1. A meal directly after sunset is called ,......

(A) Breakfast of Ramadan
(B) Breaking the iftar
(c) Suhoor

Cnl Lailat ul-Qadr

(E) Iftar
2. According to the text, what do Muslims stop doing during Ramadan?

(B) Eating

(D) Special services in Mosques ' l

(E) The whole of the Qur'an at least once

Hal: I dari 15

3. When is Ramadan according to Islamic calendar?

(A) After the Syawwal month
(B) At I,ailat ul-Qadr based on Islamic calendar
(C) The ninth month of the Islamic calendar
(D) When Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight

(E) When Qur'an was first revealed

(A) The advantages of Ramadan
(B) The factors of fasting
(C) The practices during Ramadan
(D) The purposes of fasting
(E) The reading of Quran

READING 2t (Question 5-8)

Kelantan Culture
A state rich sees a strong influence from
in culture and history, Kelantan
neighboring Thailand and the predominantly ivluslim population along its border.
Kelantan is renowned for its wonderful handicrafts, especially the skill of its
silversmiths, songket weavers and kite makers.
Don't forget to pick up some cottage industry products and sample true
traditional cuisine such as keropok or budu.In Kelantan, you can expect a rich
fusion of traditional Malay and Thai food, as well as a number of historical sites
and architectural wonders worth visiting.
The local economy is primarily agricultural, with the production of rice,
rubber and tobacco contributing significantly. Often, in between paddy planting
seasons, you can see a mass of black smoke on the horizon as farmers clear out
what's left behind after the harvest with flame and scythe.

5. The wordpredominanrly shows that the Muslim population is...

(A) Large
(B) Small
(C) Growing
(D) Well-known
(E) Minority

Hal:2 dari l5

6. Kelantan culture is mainly influenced by...

(A) Onlythe Thais
(B) Only the Muslims
(C) Its neighboring states
(D) The Thais and the Muslims
(E) Its border.

7. The word renowned as used in the passage means...

(A) Called
(B) Known
(C) Located
(D) Attracted

(E) Renewable

8 Keropok and budu ate examples of Kelantanese...

(A) Architecture
(B) Handicraft

(D) Food
(E) Clothes :

READING 3z (Question 9-12)

Butterflies are some of the most interesting insects on the planet Earth.
There are more than seventeen thousand different kinds of butterflies! Butterflies
come in all shapes and sizes
Butterflies go through four main stages of life. The first stage is the egg
stage followed by the larva stage. As a larvq or caterpillar, the future butterfly
eats as much as possible. As it grows, it sheds it outer skin, or exoskeleton. This
may happen.four or five times. After a few weeks, the caterpillar enters the next
rtui. oiits life, the chrysalis stage. In the chrysalis, the caterpillar will liqueff
into a soup of living ce1ls. Then, it will reorganize into a bufierfly and the

Hal:3 dari 15

metamorphosis is complete. In later parts of the chrysalis stage, you can see the
forming butterfly through the chrysalis.
When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it pumps its wings to send
blood through therri so that it can fly. Most butterflies only live a couple of
weeks, just enough time to drink flower nectar and to mate. Some, like the
Monarch Butterfly, however, may live many months.

9. What is the second stage of life for a butterfly?

(A) Eee
(B) Larva
(C) Chrysalis
(D) Butterfly
(E) Exoskeleton

10. How many stages of life does a butterfly go through?

(A) Two stages
(B) Three main stages
(C) Fourth
(D) One life
(E) Four

11. Why does the caterpillar shed its skin?

(A) It is growing
(B) The butterfly is coming
(C) To defend itself against predators
(D) It is hungry
(E) To show its beauty

Hal:4 dari 15


12, In what stage does the metamorphosis happen?

(A) Chrysalis

(c) Eee
(D) Caterpillar
(E) Larva

Choose a sentence which is similar to the gtatement.

13. Today, a library is much more than just a place where books are stored. '

(A) Nowadays, a library is only a place to store books.

(B) Nowadays, more librarios are used as a place to store books.
(C) Nowadays, a library store more books.
(D) A library is always used as a place to store books.

(E) Nowadays, libraries are used for more functions than only a place to keep

14. A calculator can help a student solve a problem quickly.

(A) A calculator helps a student solve and understand a problem quickly.
(B) With a calculator, a student can answer a problem quickly, but first she/ he

(C) A student can solve a problem quickly, and then thE student can understand
the problem with a calculator.
(D) To solve a problem, a student needs a calculator.
(E) Without a calculator, no student can solve the problem

15. Konwledge is very important for all human beings.

(A) Every body has knowledge
(B) No one has knowldege.
(C) Every body needs knowledge.

(E) Without knowledge, we can do nothing

Hal:5 dari 15

Choose one ungrommatical sentenee from the following options.

16. (A) About 60 percent of new college students in the US this days prefer the
sensing style.

(B) This means that they are very practical.

(C) They prefer a practice-to-theory method of learning----experience first and
ideas after that.

(D) They often have difficulty with reading and writing and are unsure of
(E) Most of these students are attending college because they want to have a
good job and make a lot of money.

17. (A) Insects do not feed on the sarrre kinds of plants.

(B) These are only one kind of butterflies.

(C) Its appearance on the willow tree protects it.

(D) Its resemblance to the larva helps it stay alive.
(E) Its resemblance to thg monarch gives it protection.

Choose the best expression to complete the following sentences.

18. Psychologists worry about the behavior of young people who watch a lot of TV
during their ....:. ..
(A) childbirth
(B) childish
(C) Children:
(D) childless
(E) Childhood

19. Linda refused Tom's invitation to have dinner with his family, ... .... he insisted.
(A) although
(B) but
(C) however

Hal: 6 dari 15

(D) or
(E) for

20. Many TV critics and viewers criticize the amount of ... in the media.
(A) violate

(C) violator
(D) violence
(E) violent

21. Twomentiedto .....thehousewhentheywereaway.

(A) break into
(B) break up
(c) bling ui9*
(D) bring in
(E) buy into ,.

22. ThescalesbrokewhenI......... .myselfthismorning.

(A) has weighed
(B) had weighed
(C) Weigh
(D) had been weighing
(E) was weighing

23. The children ....... away after they had broken the window.
(A) ran
(B) were running
(C) had run
(D) had been nrnning
(E) ruq

Hal: 7 dari 15

24, Wlren I got there, I ...... ... ..... .. the man dead.

(A) was finding

(B) founded
(C) folnd
(D) had found
(E) am finding "

25. Fortune tellers always tell the truth because they ....... in general terms.
(A) are speaking
(B) will speak

(C) spoke
(D) speak
(E) were speaking


Hal: 8 dari 15


Bacalatr teks berikut dengan seksama !

uJSt+ Jli_A_r

ar-b,, L$Cl foK q,r crjr. .ra . 4.-e J.ill .p phi ol,'ail J#ll ,Fi ./trr
Ul-l*+ Y|SU L"a .r-;i-,;re *,1 C+-l
a-*.,1 +l 3 clj.,s. k-"'t i+-l-l4l .l+*rtlJ$!

&lg r*lri*

p3 d pL4.Fi OtS-r , UtslYtLJr,$Jl qrr
d;6 E-Fl...Sr+

.ra J.s 4lt"ll o.A J! c.i+ C; ei-,.r:6Jl €i 6JjiSJl .sl, d3,-=ll l;-,1o J! ai-,|-!

'o-'li f-l t"cJJ C rlaPr al$g1

-lJ"ill r;c d+s tlJ61+ ,ni r.J.-l Oi c+ !i:tr ,,r+ iJ^..ilrlYl rJ tJJ g,E
*#i e*+ fJi- d$ f+itlta q '-'l' iJflJ^If+ yJl
'rl, o;e- .4,- +l,ll ,.!i ,o.:Ei, ,*
iJill"ll dr-fLi .ri3 . hJd ,L* i*,,otrllA-clJl ,*s U-St+.j,.-L: iJill"ll q.rSJL i.r'r.-,1,"3 i;[.;, 1LJJI d.riLS . l-r,-c 4'+ljl ,/ fi-Fl+S3'i+ Ai,iJ*,J.ri -,;tJ.

dis 6JiUl dr,',1.l,r t.$o . ti$,.,Jr,itll UtS .,is y;lS-r -le d BJittll ,',1 ia

crj-.;s e lilJl J! LSlf ,e#rq E3*o cr,-o^,,,;t s, trft .tf e .,=i o$.U+,r.J^ JSii

.ufji.tYt{ dr}..,i p4;r.,J+ Or.r! lJils .cjl+ii-,Yl -i O-pL:+ a:lltcr r;i

Pilihlahlah satu jawaban yang benar di antara jawaban-jawaban

berikut ini !

f.;.p- r,,L( rtjll ,fi d ' 26

as-ll t'i J6J (A)
dl-d Jd (B)
e+* _x-- (C)
.+-r,r4 (D)
gL":'o_;_16." (E)

f J#Sll ,pi .:l;6i r.l* f 27

Hal: 9 dari 15

ot]:t (A)
ajx (B)
.+-,i (c)
4,"^i (D)
aj_ (E)

...,EjSl+; ,"'l' , Lrjc, 28

rj-;,*l 4^.,,,rI,Gj-; i k#.ri:i ,rii.i-;c (A)
,n:l+il-J C *ll.J k$,/i ,=+i *iy+ C (B)
,jl+il-i C dr k+ di ei .i* (C)
lr;iL,o:l+l-,J i q# q+l r+l ,--if (D)
.. .l d, I '

t6# di ei -iy+ C (E)

r*,il c .r-,rJ.',flil-,--'.,.o
*[l 2s

i t."r-F (B)
U_,,St+.rJl+:-l;r c!.-l3g
t."ij J!+t*l-,;.: cj.-l+ i trjt+s_n (C)
U_Ft+,r.ljas-l_;.r &t+ i E,SbS_r (D)
E_.FI+S_9;'.rJlail1r &l* i U-St* (E)
Bacalah teks berikut dengan seksama !

iJrlJl 61+.*

'""1i, J# 4-o-,1 ti ol, 6r+JJ k -,1 riJ gl-il a-*.,1 c.i ol +y a--,1 &r- J
dgJBl, i.-ll .rl. l} t,+.l.o . a-,-,,*a-iro-rS=. iLra o+'. gi ..ria ka-l
.cll rS $}-yl lr.Jitill i-,Jr"ll d d:Yl . i. Il t tt a:iir 4iJ-,yl q-r$l a-,Jr.ll

+.i, i-;t.ryt J! .++ oalg!- cJS . 4+^JS*!l 4+.\yl :,--LJl qr! ,J. tJ.i o:ii t^i
{rl-l dJr..- Ul . r,.l+.ll J! .++ o-ni: rt6iri3 k;1l k# pLi; oill a*,Jr^Jl J! r+S
.i*,Jr^ll C C!o+
Pilihlah satu jawaban yang benar di antara jawaban-jawaban
berikut ini !

:Cl+ Ud 30
a-,Jr.ll JJ $ E^ +;F !,rA+ (A).-
a*,,Jr^ll C OLil.++ (B)"

Hal: l0 dari 15

ar-bll JJ OljI i-. Jj.JaJi (c)

i--,;.rll! ,"{ sa e. *J t+l{ (D)
a*,J-ll ,"I plt.rrlS (E)

...# d-$ +Jiyl 3t

u-l.i"iieix (A)
u,-li.,iii,*+JI (B)
qpti&la""^i (C)
gr.lililj- (D)
U,eB.!la3+- (E)

: C t- eEiLl ti.( rJ i.iil*Jl 6cl;Pl g..

.*Slt qy Fl rsi
triJr q-,f -ni Ct-il (B)
6-,rrrJl qJiJj srii ria (C)
;,$;ll $a Fi r$ (D)
+j ri .y' $a (E)

:s& L 6gt r,J'" e+-.-ll I u 33

Li- 4*ii cx ;5i rr; (A)
Li- qjil .J. .;i"pi lr-y (B)
Li- 4;il 0. Jl.-i qJ,i (C)
u- 4*i'i dr JSi +3s c,ii (D)
c,il 3i Ci t"yl,rJ (E)

Bacalatr teks berikut dengan seksama !

q$Ji {U-l j ellr +J.i -$ -r- .A*,lJJl a,e i.iSlc aiil-9 -'oc l=#ii
Itrr.a35 4fi.1 'r lil,'tl ofri . 15 tr*li-r a5-ll> i,p.-;.l dr163 . OU-!l ' ,'Jlt C
.LJr.ll .rI -,pc, r-rre5 tJd &+ .elJJl cJ-lLii-l i-fif+
sJ! bJlJ Cf e$5i , S?l- Qr cs.ii-,11.1t -ll S eh.-+ dUF.5 a.:,itc
dIUr gSIJ r& r.rLtl f+ k+U . J"i..bll cr."E3 taJ'' -l l++l! cr.-ri . ': 'lill aJnt

Hal: ll dori 15

drtis-l cr!_.gll ctJi l+#tlt txj.o ,-,.Jr . OjJt ;r!_1 clJi c;;-J .
*_S_,lf d ttijtl
.Lfjq l(i-. iJ crl3:"-a:llr 4SlCl
Pilihlahlah satu jawaban yangbenar di antara jawaban-jawaban
berikut ini !

t d,'l-Jl ,J-tI+ 4+-UJlAl^-lt 0;e 34

i.,lill ey,,,,,..,,, i4l;.ll Or r-i,:Lc,rjlrj (A)
.- l 1

I OjJl !JLr_,; ,,,.,..,., i;lJJl Or i.i,it" ,-,J+ii (C)

+\ill glr. ll ,,,j."ji*,|_;rJl
.p l,iitc r-,,,Jii (D)
gfull gA-2" ,.,.,..,.r f4l;Jl Cp a.frb ,.,rrii (E)

:d;e ui lri< ol iiiJ*,Jl "orl;!ll gr 35

q.liJl .:,1.":,
cf-ro f l.l*a tut.oi J& d (A)
4iLi-i.,!Ci .:,j.qglr. +rt.-i po! (B)
ai;l> .: ,j."i +rl--i
-,"e Oj (C)
tti3:l Lh.-
clsJl d3tji..,*...,31.u-a arl.,.-i p d (D)
Ct+- cJS gl.u ye .it ..i (E)

I &1,*,ll
iJ-,tj^ll 4L+ll 0;e

ft+i di).i i*,1!l L1c J,oc ,..,+i (A)

C.^:lj J*i a*,lJJl iic, turij,,'J.,, (B)
f3.L--," 4ji a*,lJJl 1)e 4.uii ,, ,+u (C)
4l""ll C ,.+l Cia*,t_,,rlt 1)c +r:ii r,,1.,, (D)
6t+ +iV a-,llll gc _;ce ,,rJr.i (E)

I dJJl u,ailL A+*l-t"olt 4L+lt dlp 37

gti,,U +#I Jji-ijLe crrri (A)
-tu#t J!i,.tiLc c+al (B)
OjJl 6JLrj . . '.,. ,,., .1r,i gl , ,' i,i,ilc drJ*,S (C)

t. r,,..,=, rr5i
tl ', I A.frti gJtui, (D)
g;JS*Jlttrtl ,,'j,9 *$ i,inLe 6J".-,i (E)

Hal:12 dari l5


t &,s +il cl+* r*l L (B)

ti.r; al3 r,irt - f*l ,.r (E)

6E**'i-l- (B)
Cetr * (c)
or+Q, rr. (D)
C (E)

fi*,,_pll C oLip (=lA+

C htJ 4A
LJ&.tlJt Ot& +.rC,f*.r (A)
els-rlt+ ur. 1,.... fuY (B)
td+.a A*,JJ^ll , Ut:o ,.,JAq (C)

OhJ.llJl .-,A+ & ,Y (E)

!4#)l dl..+ll cJ# a+*^-lf il^+ll Cllc, 41,

Ol{;.Il d e$l sj rlJt+ ral"fu r)3!t (A)

Olr#ll d eSl iJSII 6lJt+" O-r.raLi,J rY3Yl (C)

Ol|rlld e$l 6j il-rb O_patfo .:Y3!l (D)
Olr+"lld e$|65 tslJl+^ 6,u1,,,&i.rY-eYl (E)

, ...,(tl6elJI ... grlr(ri ll crt;lull iJn-f 42

.P (A)
(5rc (B)
? (c)
u. (D)

Hal: 13 dari 15

.aili.r,"-l .....6" \FEll |'}
ajx (A)

&)rj (B)

e.Jr (c)
4+tr (D)
a$j (E)

..i-*_!t oJ
el_2os, (A)
-r^-i (B)
eL;rrt (C)
elj.- (D)
,r3J (E)

l$l Ll^+ll uJ+ i.f..-ll aL.ll ic

tst+^- issill (A)
ut4+.-11 "JJS
laq..a t-r$l6lii.:ll +-,14 (B)
IJa.a ijgilt 6ti9ll Ot+_A (C)
gt+-. erill 6Li9ll +;& (D)
.LJ+.-;3sill uti*Jt Ot+;S: (E)

.. fr)-,}J r;i+ O:"l.".lt elc

UtS-,;i ,;*"i (A)
6tsJia..,*ti (B)
r.l6ti u,.*ti (C)
6SJ 4.".i (D)
ctEtli* i (E)

... UJ,"L*ll .,L+Y 47

g-rrotJ.p;)l (A)
iJk LIt ,,r (B)
o#l.t * I (c)
6.1t6-Lll .rq (D)

Hal: 14 dari 15

.$-6.Jlit$t 'yl 1Sl...;ll5 #r* i,.t+ CU Ui ,f*i

f4*"JSrtl l+.}-yl lSt-rt" lS +-9- A+"L'--,1. tt rrii .1o (A)
f{;e-gsrJl$)*yl tsl+$ts #-r i*l+ +lLt ui dA. (B)
fl#-1trll 1*")t-yl tSLJ." tS Cr.p {*t+ ,-Jlt .r.rr" qla (C)
tlruS&ll {i}l-yl t5l^,!. lS
+.p ir.l+ qJU dtj6 liU (D)
f4FJSill id-yl lSLHllS #r- i,-I,,r +ltJo cij6, ,"J< (E)

{.J," ,1'll q.lJf rr; {=Uiull *L-i

t,J,^.t'll $# .r*r r-r-rill dta (A)
f.,r-rill sl"-j lilJ (B)
f r=, n-ll sJ"-i,I (C)
f .-r;il| .J.43,s& (D)
f,".j*.^ill -. -ue d$ &il lr l^ (E)

.8JHK ,!i3S til 50

fclt L.ris es (A)
f cu r+6 F (B)
fs F (c)
f F (D)
Lil r+6
f s l+Esf (E)

clj}ill e

Hal: 15 dari 15

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