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Sales Pitch Assignment
Working with a partner you must develop a sales pitch for a product you randomly draw.
Your product must do the following:
 A name that is different and unique from what it currently is
 It must have a purpose that is totally different than what it is intended to be.
o A telephone is now the remote control for your tv
 A slogan
 An advertisement idea with a target audience
 At least 3 product features (what the product is)
o Durable, Flexible, Lightweight
 A product benefit (what the product does for you)
o Makes you stronger, faster, etc…

Product Picked : Microsoft Xbox 360

New Name for Product : Xbox XP

Purpose of Product : Giving users a pocket-sized video game console where Xbox video game consoles have
previously only offered standard-sized video game consoles on the market and allow
users to play video games wherever they are.

Target audience : Xbox XP is targeted at gamers who are in the age of 15-30 years. XBOX XP also targets
female gamers around 15-30 years old.

Slogan : “Play Xbox Anytime Anywhere”

Method of advertisement : Advertisement on television to convince users to purchase Xbox XP, featuring
enhanced graphics features and user interface, Displaying in-store to enable users to
know the product in more detail and Advertising in magazines and newspapers to
promote products on a wider scale.
List at least FIVE product features & corresponding benefits. (20 pts)

 One feature must be obvious, One feature must be hidden, One feature must be exclusive

Product Feature Product Benefit

(Need at least 5)
1 Xbox XP recognizes "Encounter", 4 pts
Enjoy Multiple Players "Connection", "Discovery", "Share" and
"Play" among online players, delivering
ultimate in-coming mobile entertainment.
Without breaking the sweat, you can easily
connect to the internet and experience new
game fun
2 Remote Play on the Xbox system fully 4 pts
unlocks the potential of the Xbox XP
system, making it the ultimate companion
Play Remote with Xbox Console device. With the Xbox XP system, the
player will be able to play various XBOX
titles seamlessly on a beautiful 5-inch
display via Wi-Fi access points on local
area networks.
3 This sleek, slim device also has a high 4 pts
Slim And Sleek precision dual analog control for a deeper
gaming experience from your console and
4 It has an internal memory of about 10GB, 4 pts
Built-in Memory So you can enjoy instant gaming even if
you do not buy an exclusive Xbox XP
memory card.
5 Enjoy a real 4K game on Xbox XP, along 4 pts
Built for 4K with 4K entertainment on all Xbox XP
TOTAL 20 pts

Total Grade: ___/ 30 points