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A Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan for Grade 10

A Day in a Country
by Anton Chekhov


Joeann Marso-Castro
I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:

B. exhibits appropriate speech style in a given context;
C. execute a product advertisement in which different types of speech styles are manifested;
D. appreciate the value of speech styles in social oral communication milieu.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Types of Speech Styles

B. Reference/s:
-Grade 11 Learning module (Oral Communication in Context)
- [retrieved from:]
C. Values integrated: teamwork, empathy, professionalism, importance of listening,
Sound judgment, critical thinking, decision making
D. Time Allotment: (1) hour
E. Instructional materials: laptop computer, projector, PowerPoint presentation,
audio-visual presentations, speakers, chalkboard.

III. Procedure


1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Checking of Attendance
4. Review
5. Watch and Learn!

(Students are to watch a video clip about effective and non-effective communication.)


 Broadening the Roads

1. Ask motivational questions from the video clip;

2. Facilitate the students with the preliminary activity/ simulation that will lead
them to the main topic;
3. Discuss the types of speech style with the students.


 Lights Camera Action

Performance Task:

1. The class will be divided into five (5) groups. Each group will have to
accomplish an ad using the following items.

-electric fan
-face powder

2. The students will be given five (5) minutes to prepare and one minute to

3. Each group will prepare for the execution of their product advertisement and
will later perform it in class. The students are expected to apply the different
types of speech styles on their spiels/dialogues.
4. Each group will be graded according to the following criteria:

50%- Relevance
25%- Characterization
25%- Creativity


 Let’s do this

Direction: Identify the type of speech style used in the statement.

1. You commin’?
2. May I introduce you our CEO Mr. Clark Medina.
3. All visitors are invited to proceed upstairs immediately.
4. Would everyone proceed upstairs at once?
5. What’s up?
6. I see, you will change the project before submitting it tome right?
7. Gimme bestie
8. Expressing our gratitude must be delivered just for our Lord.
9. Mrs. Williams, would you like to take a seat first?
10. Catchy trendy!


A- Follow-Up

In a 1 whole sheet of paper, list down ten (10) significant conversation you had
for the whole day and identify the level of formality or the registered you used
on your conversation.

B- Advance

What are the types of speech acts? Provide two (2) examples each.