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Applied Thermodynamics

Assignment 1-

6 Marks

Last date and time of submission: 16 th Nov, Thursday 1.00 PM


Why is Mach 0.3 the threshold separating compressible and incompressible flow? You need to prove that density change is significant when the flow is having Mach number greater

than 0.3



A C-D nozzle receives steam at 7 bar and 200 0 C and expands it isentropically in to a space at 3 bar. Neglecting the inlet velocity, calculate the exit area required for a mass flow of 0.1




When the flow is in equilibrium throughout


When the flow is supersaturated with p v 1.3 =const


Steam expands in a set of nozzles from 10 bar, 300 0 C to 1 bar. The convergent part of the nozzles are sharp and friction less. In the divergent parts, the friction loss may be taken as 0.15 of the isentropic enthalpy drop. If the steam flow rate is 1 kg/s and the initial velocity of the steam is negligible, find the minimum area of the nozzles. If the exit diameter of the nozzles is 25 mm, find the number of nozzles. [2M]