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Boolean Search Cheatsheet 



Results will include both terms. You can also  Results will include one or both terms. You can  Results will exclude the second term. You can 
use an ampersand (&).  also use a vertical bar ( | ).  also use a minus sign (-). 

Examples:  Examples:  Examples: 

resume AND portfolio  resume OR cv  resume NOT jobs 

resume & portfolio  resume OR cv OR profile  resume -jobs 
resume & portfolio & email  resume | cv & portfolio  resume OR cv -jobs 

“Quotes”  Wildcard*  (Parentheses) 

Results will only include the exact phrase.  Results will include all variations of the term.  Results will include specific variations of the 
Enclose multi-word terms in quotations (“”).  Use an asterisk (*) in place of a suffix or word.  term. Wrap OR statements with parentheses (). 

Examples:  Examples:  Examples: 

“vice president”  recruit* =  sales (director OR vp)  

“senior software engineer”  recruiter; recruitment; recruiting  (seattle OR tacoma OR redmond) 
“san francisco”     
  consumer * goods = 
consumer packaged goods; 
consumer durable goods 

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Search Command Cheatsheet 


site:  intitle:  inurl: 

Searches only the specified web domain.  Searches for keywords in web page titles.  Searches for keywords in the web page URLs. 

Examples:  Examples:  Examples:  intitle:resume  inurl:staff  intitle:”talent acquisition”  -inurl:company 
(intitle:recruiter or “talent acquisition”)  (inurl:profile or resume or cv) 

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