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Steel Industry


Pipeline Coating
The Challenge
In this steel mill located in the North of France, the
gases produced from the burning of coal are recycled
for part for the plant’s energy needs, and the
remainder redirected to Dunkirk’s urban heating

After welding ARC S4+ was manually applied to the

weld seam areas inside the pipes following localized
surface preparation of these areas. A third party
protective coating was applied to the pipe externals
to provide atmospheric corrosion protection
The pipeline between the Steel Plant and the Power
Plant transports corrosive gases.
This newly constructed pipeline is being installed as
a replacement for an existing pipeline that has been
corroded by the acidic condensates in the gas. ARC
S4+ was selected after extensive testing by the

Application Details

Equipment Pipeline 29 sections 12m length

Media Corrosive gas
Product ARC S4+ (0,7 mm)

The Chesterton Solution

ARC S4+ is an advanced liquid polymer composite Why use Chesterton Coating Solutions?
formulated to protect equipment against extreme  Long term protection
chemical attack and corrosion. The product was
spray applied using standard airless spray equipment
in two coats.
The edges of the application area were masked and Products used in this Solution
approximately 10 cm (4 inches) at each end of the
pipe was left without lining to avoid damaging the
ARC S4+ during the welding of the pipe sections. ARC S4+

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