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Matthew Dalby

Representation of the Disabled

What do I think of the disabled?

It depends on the disability (whether that be blindness, deafness, physical

or mentally disabled)
Overall, am nervous around them because you don’t quite know what to
say – because you don’t want to say the wrong thing and offended them
Feel pity and sympathy for what they are going through (especially if they
cannot help being like that)
Generally, people avoid the disabled because they don’t want to offend
them or think that they are patronising them by being around them.
People who do not understand the disabled person’s situation make fun of
them because it is easier to poke fun than to sympathise with them. This
will also make the person feel better about them because they are making
themselves look more ‘normal’.
Seem to rely on people a lot and most people feel more comfortable
around physically disabled people rather than mentally disabled people –
who can be frightening and intimidating and people tend to treat them
less like human beings.
Some people may play on it (might be bitter).

Who are some of the famous people that are disabled?

 Stephen Hawking – Wheelchair/Motor Neurone

 Heather Mills – One Leg
 Gordon Brown – One Eye
 Stevie Wonder – Blind
 Verne Troyer – Dwarf (From Austin Powers)
 Muhammad Ali – Parkinson’s Disease
 Gary Coleman – Dwarf
 Albert Einstein – Autistic
 Leonardo Davinci – Autistic
 Ian Dury – Polio
 Terry Pratchett – Alzheimer’s
 Michael J. Fox – Parkinson’s Disease
 Ray Charles – Blind
 Mozart - Deaf

Who are some of the characters in the media (film/TV) that are disabled?

⇒ Rainman – Dustin Hoffman

⇒ Forest Gump – Tom Hanks – HERO
⇒ My Left Foot – Daniel Day Lewis – HERO
⇒ Born on the 4th July – Tom Cruise – HERO
⇒ Waterboy – Adam Sandler – HERO/POKE FUN
⇒ The Ringer – Johnny Knoxville – JOKING
⇒ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Brad Pitt – WEIRD/LIFE
⇒ Unbreakable – Samuel L. Jackson – VILLAIN
⇒ Avatar – Sam Worthington - HERO
⇒ The Joker (From Batman) – Personality Disorder – VILLAIN
⇒ I Robot – Will Smith – HERO
⇒ Million Dollar Baby – Hilary Swank – TRAGEDY
⇒ Secret Garden – Heydon Prowse – BEDRIDDEN
⇒ Prof. Charles Xavier (From X-Men) – In a Wheelchair – HERO
⇒ Pirates (In general) – Wooden Legs and Hooks (Captain Hook) – VILLAINS
⇒ Andy Pipkin (Little Britain) – Matt Lucas – JOKING
⇒ Alistair Scott (Inbetweeners) – Steven Webb – JOKING
⇒ Gollum (From Lord of the Rings) – Multiple Personality Disorder