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Appendix 5

Student Teacher Rating Scale

Appendix 6
Daily time record
Appendix 7
Case Study Sheet

Name: Student X School: TCSNHS

Date of Birth: February 26, 1999 Date: March 15, 2019

Parents: Beloy (a.k.a) Alemania Siblings: 4

Mely (a.k.a) Alemania

Referral Source:


Reasons for referral:

She have difficulty in reading and speaking.

Physical History:

Anjelica Alemania has a height of 149 centimeters and a weight of 35 kilograms, she was
a shy type girl and she was afraid to recite in the class.

School History:

She finished her elementary education at Bulalo Elementary School and currently
studying in Tagaytay City Science National High School located at Sungay West,
Tagaytay City.

Test Data:

Achievement, including reading level:

She can read some one of the words but stuttering most of the times.

Aptitude, including mental ability:

 Abstract Reasoning IQ: 6/10

 Logical Reasoning: 7/10
 Number Series: 7/10
 Verbal Critical Reasoning: 4/10
Appendix 10
Form 138
Appendix 11
Form 137

Appendix 12
School register

Appendix 14
The cooperating school

English Department
Appendix 16
The students

Grade 11 ABM-Pedro

Grade 11 STEM- Obelus

Appendix 19
The final demonstration teaching

I started my demonstration teaching in that photo

They were doing their group activity

Appendix 20
The instructional materials
Appendix 1
Student information sheet

Republic of the Philippines

Don Severino de las Alas Campus
Indang, Cavite, Philippines
(046) 8620-290/ (046) 4150-013 loc 221

Teacher Education Department


During the Period of Student- Teaching
Begin January 21, 2019 End April 15, 2019

The information you provide will be used to help your Cooperating Teacher become better
acquainted with you and guide you during your student teaching activities. Please answer each
question completely and accurately.

Name: Joshua Raniel Ivan C. Juane

Civil Status: Single Gender: Male
Major Field of Study: English Birthday: September 28, 1998
Home Address: San Vicente 2, Silang , Cavite

Type of community in which you have lived the major part of your life:
__________ Barrio/Sitio _______̷______ Town/ Poblacion ____________City
Father’s Name: Santos, Bernardo C.
________̷_______Living ____________ Deceased
Grade Finished: __________ ________̷_______ __________
Elementary High School College
Father’s Occupation: Municipal Worker
Mother’s Name: Santos. Marissa D.
________̷_______Living ____________ Deceased
Mother’s Occupation: Barangay Health Worker
Grade Finished: __________ ________̷_______ __________
Elementary High School College

Family’s approximate annual income of parents: Php 60,000

Family’s approximate monthly allowance: Php 20,000
Number of Children in the family: 4
Older than you: 0
Younger than you: 3
Type of High School graduated from: Academic/ General
High School graduated from: Private

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the following

people behind this success.

Mr. Jovan B. Alitagtag, my student teaching adviser for giving us words of

wisdom although he is a busy man but he was not able to forget his duty as our adviser

Dr. Florencio R. Abanes, the student teaching coordinator for showing patience

and endless support.

Prof. Jason R. Maniacop, the chairperson for supporting us all the way through.

Dr. Cecilia B. Banaag, the dean of the College of Education for giving us advices

and words of encouragement during our internship.

Dr. Magdaleno R. Lubigan, Tagaytay City Science National Highschool principal,

thank you for accepting us and for engaging us to different seminars that we might use in

the future.

Mrs. Josefa Charlene B. Mendoza my cooperating teacher, thank you because you

guide me since day one. You also helped me boost my confidence. Your pregnancy was

never became a hindrance to help and mold me. I really salute you for that, Ma’am!

Mrs. Prescila A. Eroles, Head teacher of English department of Tagayatay City

Science National Highschool, thank your love, support and guidance.

Fatima Venise Santos, my best friend, thank you for being there. Thank you for
being my coffee buddy. Thank you for extending your help when I needed you.

Dennis Montilla, thank you for you’re helped in doing my instructional materials.

I learned about planning and organization. Planning things are the most important

part of being a professional individual. Because if you have plans it means you are

achieving greater things. Before conducting a demonstration teaching I conducted a

classroom observation to easily know what strategies I will be using because it was hard

to teach students from different year levels without knowing their way of learning.

It is a big challenge for me because it was my first time to stand in front of my

real students and executed my lessons. At first I expected that I couldn’t get the attention

of my students

I wanted that demonstration teaching to be successful because I believe that I

could provide the needs of my student and imparted them all the knowledge that I have. It

is true that expect the unexpected things to happen.

When I was assigned to senior high school students, I was shocked because I was

handling a Science Class, a class full of intelligent student. But I still believe in God’s

plan for me. I believe that my cooperating teacher will help me handling these gifted


Mrs. Mendoza’s guidance helped me cope with the things I should know, she

taught me about the do’s and don’ts when teaching. I was expecting that I would be able

to do all my lessons well and it is true that Mrs. Mendoza had a huge part in my student

teaching journey.
Appendix 3
Lesson plan for final demonstration teaching

Republic of the Philippines

Don Severino de las Alas Campus
Indang, Cavite, Philippines
(046) 8620-290/ (046) 4150-013 loc 221

I. Learning Competencies

Distinguish between and among patterns of development in writing across disciplines.


II. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

1. define description as a pattern of development.

2. enumerate the types of description.
3. differentiate narration and description.
4. write a short paragraph using static description.

II. Learning Strategies

A. Subject Matter: Description

Sub-topic: Static Description
References:>documents >description

B. Daily Routine
a. Prayer
b. Greeting
c. Checking the cleanliness of the classroom
d. Checking of attendance
e. Review of the previous lesson
Appendix 8
Clearance from the cooperating school
Appendix 9
Certificate from English Critique
Appendix 13
The Pre-Service teacher

Service Teacher at Tagaytay City Science National High School
Appendix 15
The cooperating teacher

Mrs. Josefa Charlene B. Mendoza, MaEd English

Appendix 17
The observation phase

That photo was taken when Mrs. Eroles was observing the class

That was taken when I conducted my first observation

Appendix 18
The actual teaching phase

I was discussing about position paper in that photo.