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Main Proponent: Councilor Sheina Marie Onrubia
Co-Proponents: Councilor John Gio Ong Bongao
Councilor Allan Earvin Burce
Councilor Eddie Perol
Councilor Julio Azada
Councilor Hector Rodriguez


SECTION 1 – Title - This Ordinance shall be known as “The Tabaco City Gender and Develop-
men (GAD) Youth Ambassadors Program Ordinance”.
SECTION 2 – Declaration of Policy –
Article 2 Section 13 of the 1987 Constitution states that, “the State recognizes the vital role of the
youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual,
and social well-being. It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism, and encourage
their involvement in public and civic affairs.
As mandated by Republic Act No. 10742 otherwise known as “the Sangguniang Kabataan Reform
Act of 2015”, the State shall establish adequate, effective, responsive and enabling mechanisms
and support systems that will ensure the meaningful participation of the youth in local governance
and nation-building.
It is a declared policy of the City Government of Tabaco to establish an integrated and compre-
hensive policy/program on adolescent health and youth development in line with its pursuit of
sustainable and genuine human development that values the dignity of the total human person
and affords full protection to people rights, especially of young women and men and their families.
In pursuit of addressing the problems faced by the youth in the recent times, particularly on teen-
age pregnancy and mental health disorders (e.g., depression among others), it is just rightful to
have a meaningful and innovative youth intervention and governance participation.
Therefore, the City Government of Tabaco establishes the Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassadors
Program, which shall be lodged under the Gender and Development Office and shall be held

SECTION 3 – Definition of Terms –

a. Adolescent – refers to the segment of population of ages 10 to 19.
b. Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassadors shall refer to 20 young and committed GAD
youth adolescent health advocates age 18 to 25.

c. Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassadors Program – an annual youth development pro-
gram of the GAD Office, City Government of Tabaco.

d. Youth shall refer to those persons whose ages range from fifteen (15) to thirty (30)
years old as defined in Republic Act No. 8044. For purpose of targeted programming
for the youth, the age disaggregation shall be considered:

15 – 17 – child youth
18 – 24 – core youth
25 - 30 - adult youth

SECTION 4 – Rationale – In the interest of building the leadership capabilities of the youth and
promoting cooperation to solve teenage pregnancy, proliferation of HIV, and mental health disor-
ders, it is envisioned to institutionalize a youth development program by establishing a “special
youth task force” that would advocate and bring innovative solutions on the aforementioned is-

With this, the Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassadors Program aims to select 20 young and com-
mitted GAD Youth advocates age 18 to 25, in view of molding them to become models and leaders
for their fellow youth. Selected GAD Youth Ambassadors shall have the opportunity to participate
in a 12-month program that shall advance their character and leadership skills.

These ambassadors shall be trained to champion the cause for GAD awareness and provide
assistance in the tracking and monitoring of teenage pregnancy rates. They shall also serve as
volunteers in developing programs and organizing awareness trainings/seminars to address such
issue; in particular, they will be the primary drivers in school- and community-based initiatives.

SECTION 5 – Objectives – Specifically, the Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassadors Program aims
a. Select 20 GAD Youth Ambassadors who will advocate adolescent health to reduce
the rates of teenage pregnancy and empower young women;

b. Train and mold the youth through the series of holistic and sustainable training pro-
grams that will also equip them with technical knowledge on GAD issues;

c. Deploy more workers to meet GAD objectives in schools and communities; and

d. Provide financial/educational assistance to the GAD Youth Ambassadors.


SECTION 6 – Basic Eligibility and Criteria - Eligible applicants are youth from Tabaco City ages
18 to 25, including college students, out-of-school youth, and young professionals.
Applicants must be able to present proof of residency.
The applicants must show full commitment to the whole duration of the program.
SECTION 7 – Program Launch and Application Process - A preliminary consultation meeting
shall be held with the Gender and Development Focal Point System, involving LGU offices/agen-
cies, as well as concerned non-government stakeholders in preparation for the program imple-
Details on the program and its guidelines, as well as the process of application shall be drafted
and administered by the GAD Office.


SECTION 8 – Roles and Responsibilities - The selected GAD Youth Ambassadors shall un-
dergo adequate training and equipping to become advocates for adolescent health with the goal
of reducing teenage pregnancy and suicide rates among the youth. At least once a month, the
Ambassadors shall convene and receive intensive technical training on adolescent health, as well
as character building, project development/implementation, and leadership.
The GAD Youth Ambassadors shall assist in several tracking work for the monitoring of teenage
pregnancy rates in Tabaco City.
They will assist in the development and organization of GAD programs for the youth. The Ambas-
sadors shall play the key leadership roles in the implementation of the Adolescent Health and
Youth Development program.
They shall serve as peer helpers/educators/facilitators at the Kabataan Hub (teen center) which
serves as space for young people to learn about adolescent and mental health and address per-
sonal issues through confidential counseling and therapeutic activities.
SECTION 9 – Program Proper – The selected GAD Youth Ambassadors shall have the privilege
of receiving high caliber training and mentorship from excellent leadership and skill coaches. The
following areas are indicative topics for the rest of the program:


Leadership  Foundational topic on character leadership; What it

takes to be a leader
 Bridging Leadership Framework (Ownership, Co-
Ownership, and Co-Creation)
Technical Trainings  Gender and Development issues focused on Ado-
lescent Reproductive and Mental Health
 Data gathering and analysis (MS Excel and Office)
for tracking and monitoring
 Peer Education/Facilitation
Organizational Trainings  Branding/Project Development and Management
 Proposal writing and preparation of budget pro-
 Special lecture on Sustainable Development Goals

SECTION 10 – Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassador Term - A GAD Youth Ambassador’s term
shall run for one year, along with his/her honorarium/stipend. The selected Ambassador must be
available to commit to the trainings and perform the tasks assigned to him/her.
SECTION 11 – Tabaco City GAD Youth Ambassador Stipend/Honorarium - The selected
GAD Youth Ambassador shall receive an amount equivalent to PhP2,000.00 per month as sti-
pend/honorarium for one-year term. A contract of commitment shall be issued between the Am-
bassador and the GAD Office.
SECTION 12 - The implementing body of the Search and Monitoring of the GAD Youth Ambas-
sadors Program is the Gender and Development Focal Point System (members as mandated by


SECTION 13 - An amount of 1 million shall be allocated as an initial budget for Tabaco City GAD
Youth Ambassadors Program as a line item budget in the Annual Budget of the City Government
of Tabaco. The GAD Office shall prepare the budget and disburse funds for this program. Promo-
tional campaign materials, capability building workshops/trainings, honorarium, among others
shall be charged against this budget. Budget for this program shall increase accordingly as the
needs of the program increase.


SECTION 13 – Separability Clause – If any part, section, or provision of this ordinance is held
invalid or unconstitutional, other provisions not affected thereby shall remain in full force and ef-
SECTION 14 – Repealing Clause – All other ordinances, resolutions, or local executive orders
or rules and regulations contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby
repealed, amended or modified accordingly.
SECTION 15 – Effectivity – This ordinance shall take effect upon approval.