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LTO Student Permit Requirements Philippines (Updated 2018)

Carmudi PH 2 years ago

It’s exciting to get your driver’s license for the rst time. Not only does it indicate that
you’ve reached a certain level of skill that allows you to drive a used or brand new vehicle,
it also reminds you to always be responsible and safe when driving down the road.

Of course, we also like to point out the most important thing that happens when you now
have your driver’s license: it gives you the freedom to choose which vehicle you want  to

It is is the reason why getting your driver’s license is so important. And while it may take
some time to undergo each process, doing it becomes all the more less painstaking when
you keep in mind the following guidelines: Driver’s License for First Time Applicant
There are two kinds of driver’s license that are available today: ‘Non-Professional’ for
private motorists and ‘Professional’ for those who drive for-hire or public utility
vehicles. for those who drive public utility vehicles. To get a license though, one has to
obtain a student permit rst. The student permit is the rst “license” that’s issued to
rst-time applicants and it can be upgraded to a non-professional license after one
month, provided you pass the Land Transportation O ce’s (LTO) written and practical
exam. Note that it will take you six months to upgrade a student’s permit if you plan to
get a professional license.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a student permit:

LTO Student’s Permit Requirements 2018  

The LTO recently changed one of the most important requirements that relate to the
student permit, which is changing the  minimum driving age for minors from 16 to 17
years old.   Aside from the 17-year old age quali cation, there are two other requirements
that an applicant should meet before he or she can qualify for a student’s permit in the
Philippine. They should have these two things:  
Be physically and mentally t to operate a motor vehicle
Be able to read and write in Filipino or English

  If you meet the above criteria, then you can accomplish the following documents and
submit them to the LTO location most convenient to you:  

Original and photocopy of birth certi cate

If employed, Taxpayer’s Identi cation Number (TIN)
A lled-out application for driver’s license. (You can download it here)
You will need to include a parent or guardian’s written consent along with any valid
proof of identity if you are under 18 years old. If a parent or guardian is unavailable, you
may obtain a written consent from a notary public or lawyer.

Student Driver’s License Application Procedure

Step #1: With your complete student driver’s license requirements, go to your nearest
LTO branch or o ce and proceed to the customer service window. Get your number and
wait for it to be called.  
Step #2: When they call your number, head to the evaluator counter and hand over all
your requirements. The evaluator will check these for completeness and authenticity.
Once veri ed, you will be asked to sit down and wait for your name to be called again.

Step #3: When your name is called, you will be directed to a booth where your photo and
signature will be taken.

Step #4: Pay all the fees at the cashier and obtain an o cial receipt.

Step #5: Present the receipt at the releasing counter and obtain your student driver’s

Make sure you appear neat and presentable when you are inside the LTO’s premises.
Avoid wearing sando, shorts, and slippers, since you will take the test in front of an LTO
examiner. What’s more, you might pose for a picture near the end of the application
process if you pass the written and practical tests.  

Student Driver’s License Fees and Charges  

There are three types of fees that the LTO charges to those applying for a student permit. 
These are:

Application Fee – PHP150.00

Computer Fee – PHP67.63
Student Permit Fee – PHP100.00

Add them all up and the total cost of your fees will be P317.63. Be sure to bring exact
change to avoid delays at the cashier.  


Make sure to check for directions so you know which LTO branch is nearest to your

Do a thorough inspection of all your documents prior to going to the LTO branch. This is
more e cient, and saves you a lot of time–should you forget them and are asked to come
back again tomorrow.
Check if you have all your student driver’s license requirements with you before stepping

Some LTO branches don’t provide ballpens, so make sure to bring one with you (to be

Take some extra money with you to buy water and food. Although the process of
obtaining a student permit has been sped up considerably with the LTO’s latest updates
and improvements–some are saying it can now be done in under 30 minutes!–you never
know when an issue arises and further delays the application process.  

Don’t use xers–only transact with LTO o cers inside the building. If you have a
question, then simply head to the information desk to ask your queries.  

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