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Before you run the programs below, right click the icon, click on "Properties",

click the "Compatibility" tab,

check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", then choose in
the drop-down box "Windows 98 / Windows ME".

Step 1. Download and install the QX3PLUS.EXE software from Intel

Step 2. Download and install the QCODINSTL.EXE software from
Step 3. Download and extract the QX3 Drivers from
Step 4. Now, plug in the microscope.

When the "Found New Hardware" wizard appears you will see a message saying that the
driver installation failed.
You need to install the driver manually by following these steps:
a. Click START - Select Devices & Printers
b. Right-click on the Intel QX3 Icon and select Properties
c. Click the Hardware tab - click Properties
d. Click Change Settings - click the Driver Tab
e. Click Update Driver - select "Browse my computer for driver software"
f. Browse to the folder with the extracted QX3 drivers from Step 3. above. The
hardware should install successfully.

Double-click on the QX3+ icon on the desktop and the program should run.