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1.0.1 Introduction

Marketing and managerial process by which individual and group obtain what they
need and wants through creating product and values with others. Marketing plan is
one of the most crucial part that all business must focus in order to promoting and
introducing their product to the customers and public. A business must have a proper
marketing plan in order to sell their product and services. Marketing plan is the
process of introducing and selling their product to the public and it consist of market
target, market size, competitors, market share, forecast, marketing strategy and
marketing budget. Each business will have different marketing plan in order to
promote their products.

As a start up business, marketing plan is very vital part that we should focus
to make sure that we could manage if there are any obstacles occur during the
process. Furthermore, it also important to make sure that we could achieve the
number of target market and also the number of sales forecast.

In our company, we have marketing manager that will manage the marketing
plan make a precise and clear plan before we start to make our product to the public.
The marketing plan is manage in a systematic ways in order for the business to run
their business smoothly. Marketing manager has done the survey near the business
area and make the surrounding people familiar with our business field. In order to
give the best quality and friendly towards the customer, we need to identify and
determine the strength and weakness of the competitors that also exist follow with
the same type of business but with different concept.
1.2 Marketing Objectives
Marketing plans will provide valuable information to our customers. The objective for
marketing plan of A.S.H Group is as follows:

1.2.1 Branding objectives

We aim to raise the customer awareness of our brand in our target so that our
product will be more familiar.

1.2.2 Promotional objectives

To inform the product of A.S.H Group, we distribute the fliers to all the resident area
as one of the alternative of promotional services.

The main of objective from marketing is to reveal to other people that

hydroponic is one of the easier system compared to the method planting. Usually
plant lover use the hydroponic as their new system to fill the plant in their garden and
their house.

1.3 New Business

Our business is new business where we get the items to produce plant direct from
the factory.

1.4 Existing Business

We are not producing any innovation of product.

1.5 Description of products

Our business provides a service and product to our beloved plant lover. The two
basic categories of hydroponic systems are Solution, or Liquid Culture and Medium,
or Aggregate Culture. In a Solution system, such as Aeroponics or Nutrient Film
Technique the plantsgrow directly in the nutrient-filled solution.

In addition ,the hydroponic plant requires very little energy to find and break
down food. The plant then uses this saved energy to grow faster and to produce
more fruit. Hydroponic plants also have fewer problems with bug infestations,
funguses and disease.

Table 1.5.1 Product description

Product Description
Materials  Buckets
 Deep Water Culture
 Ebb and Flow
 mixture of nutrients
 perlite
 silica stones
 pea grave

Benefits  Long lasting.

 Use a good quality materials

Table 1.5.1 Product illustration

1.6 Target market

Target market is a group of customers that have needs and wants that can be
satisfied by the business through supply of goods and services. To ensure that
marketing efforts fulfill customers need and wants as well as bring profit, our
business will identify and focus our efforts on a selected group of customers. This is
to ensure that the marketing efforts taken are within the scope and capabilities of our

Target market is the very important in marketing activities to sell our product
towards certain groups of customers and make sale from that. Without all the
customers, the business cannot run. Our business focuses the target market based
on demographic and geographic segmentation. The main target of A.S.H Group is at
areas of Johor Bahru..
1.6.1 Geographic Segmentation
Our company is located at the center of city where development are occurs there. This
is very strategic because we can have new customer that need our product and service
especially to construction company.

1.6.2 Quality Evaluation of Distributor with explanation

We don’ have any distributor for our business. Clients meet us directly to our office.

1.7 Market Size

Market size is total potential revenue that is expected from the target market.
Estimation of market size required information regarding the particular market the
business intends to enter. The potential purchase includes purchase of the
competitors within the same market.

The main reason A.S.H Group located in the city center because the area is
the focus of the public. therefore, will facilitate the contractor to deal with us if they
are interested in the services we provide.

In order to determine our market size, we must take into consideration the
population of our target market within the place where we want to sell our products.
Based on the statistic information in the year of 2017 from our research, we find out
there are about more than 50,000 at Johor Bahru that have a hydroponics plant in
their house.
1.8 Competitors

Competitors refers to the order business that offers similar or replacing products

or services to the same target market. Since A.S.H is new and unknown,

of course we have to suffer and do everything that we could do to attract as many

customers to buy our product. We tried to make our competitors as our motivational

factors in order to increase our sales. So, we analyze our competitors by looking for

their strengths and weakness.

Table 1.8.1 Company’s Strength and Weakness

Company name Strength Weakness

 Their market a  This company not

Green Lover Co.Ltd. worldwide. interest to making deal
 Most of the world at Malaysia because
know about this Ringgit
company. Malaysia(MYR) drop.
 The price is little bit

 Have a good supplier  Have a many

Garden Enterprise. and good services . complains from

 Have a brilliant idea of  The price so

Plants Enterprise. marketing. expensive compared
to other
1.9 Market Share

Market share is defined as the estimated potential sales of the business after taking

into consideration the market size and competitors influence. Usually market share

represent in

term of percentage (%) of potential market size.

Analysis market share before entering :

Green Lover Co.Ltd. has market share which is 45% because it has been in the

industry longer than other competitors while Garden Enterprise has 30% in a market

share. Plants Enterprise only has 25% in a market share because the business only

started 4 years ago.

Table 1.9.1 Competitors monthly sale

No . Competitors % Monthly sale (RM)

1. Green Lover Co.Ltd 45 177,777

2. Garden Enterprise 30 156,545
3. Plants Enterprise 25 123,456
Total 100 457,778


Figure 1

Green Lover = Blue

Garen Enterprse = Yellow

Plants Enterprise = Meroon

Analysis market share after entering :

After our business enter to the market, market share of Green Lover Co.Ltd and
Garden Enterprise remain the same as before which is 45% and 30%, while market
share for Plants Enterprise has been decrease in to 20%.

Table 1.9.2 Monthly Sale and Percentage Loss

No . Competitors % Monthly sale Percentage of

(RM) loss (%)

1. Gardeen Lover Co.Lt 45 177,777 -

2. Garden Enterprise 30 156,545 -

3. Plants Enterprise 20 123,456 5

1.10 Sales forecast
Sales forecasting is the process of estimating what your business sales are going to
be in the future. Sales forecast also called as sales budget, it forms the basic of a
business plan because the level of sales revenue affects practically every aspect of
a business.

As we can see from the table below, the business is lower in first month. This is
because our business is new in market and there are many competitors were
established in this market.

In order to increase sale and maintain it to every month our management have
working very hard to ensure that we can achieve our target. Our marketing
department also plays a huge role to ensure that new idea will be generate to attract
more customers.

Table 9.10.1 Sales Forecast

Year Month Sales forecast (RM) Reasons

2017 January Opening

Sales forecast for the second year (2018)

We assume that the sales for next year will be increased by 3% because we meets
customers satisfaction and good services.

Total sale forecast :

= (3% X RM 792,000) + RM 792,000

= RM 815,760

Sales forecast for the third year (2019)

We assume that the sales for third year will be increased by 7%. This is because our
business become more stable and we get more customers.

Total sale forecast:

= (7% X RM 792,000) + RM 792,000

= RM 855,000

1.11 Market strategy

Marketing strategy is to enable business to plan for its limited resources in order to
achieve stated marketing objective and also is the key to deliver customer
satisfaction yet provide business with competitive advantage. This is our business
marketing strategy that will be carried out to promote our product to the public
generally in Malaysia which is :

1.11.1Product strategies
Chillax Enterprise produce of high quality of hydroponics where we serve a vary
plants. . Therefore , our product are different from other company.

1.11.2Price strategy
For price, we decided to use price penetration method for set up our product price.
We sell our product at price RM 30,000 per set .

1.11.3Promotion strategy
As a new business in market, we must aggressively promote product to make sure
that everybody were informed and noticed about A.S.H Group existence and also to
against our competitors.
We use brochure, pamphlets, fliers and business card to give information
about our location and flavor that we offered to them.

Table 1.11.1 Price per item

Item Price per unit(RM) Monthly(Units) Total price(RM)

Brochure 2.00 50 100
Fliers & pamphlets 0.50 200 100
Business card 3.00 30 90

1.12 Organizational Chart of Marketing





6.13 Manpower Planning

Position No of Personnel

Marketing Manager 1

Table 6.14 Schedule of Task and Responsibilities

Position Task and Responsibilities

Marketing Manager  Need to highlight target customers, key
products and service & sales forecast
 Getting feedback from customers

6.15 Schedule of Remuneration

Note : Please refer to administration plan.

6.16 Marketing Budget

Item Fixed Assets Monthly Other

expenses Expenses Expenses
(RM) (RM) (RM)

1500 - -

- 100 -

Business card
- 90 -

- 100 -

Banners - 100 -

Internet Ads - - 180

1500 390 180