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Essay 2

People in the world today are selfish and always own their own. They are
busy doing their own things that they do not care about others. Most of them
do not even know who their next door neighbours are. Most of the time they
will be on their gadgets playing a game, surfing the internet or chatting with
others on the gadgets instead of talking with the people around them. They
forget that real relationship is more important that the virtual relationship and
when they need help, it is the people around them that will be there for them.
To me, such world is wrong. We have to change this before it is too late and
thing can not be undone.

I want the world that I live today to be filled with people who love and care
about each other. I would like a world where positivity is shared and spread
among all. A simple smile started by me or anybody else hopefully will spread
joy and ease pain when one needs it. A smile is a very simple wonder that
people are forgetting. We pass by each other forget to look at one’s face as
though people around us do not exist. We forget that saying a simple ‘hi’ or
‘hello’ is important in creating a bond with one another. It is time for all of us
start reminding each other how important a simple ‘hi’ and smile. And I have
promised myself to do this. Saying hi and spreading smile to make world a
better place to live and life a little easier to walk through.

I would also try to be kinder to the people around me, those I know or even
those I might not know! This world need kinder person who are willing to go
through an extra mile in order to help others. Simple help like carrying bags for
the elders, helping the blind crossing the road, letting the pregnant to sit in a
public transport or even most important but helping your parents doing the
house chores. People are too engross with their life and activity that they forgot
to look around them. People are feeling that they themselves are more
important than others. They live by the rules ‘it is just me, myself and I’ until
they forget that one day they might or better to say will need other help. So I
am trying to influence others around me to be kinder to others and to always
be willing to help others in need whenever they can. Hopefully with this attitude
the world will be a better place for us to live in.

Beside that, I also believe that we need to stop polluting the world
especially water in order to make this world a better place to live. Do you know
that 70% of human body is water,e very life including animals and plant need
water to live. Now try to think the fact that only 2% of water on earth is
drinkable! How will we continue to live? I believe this is not impossible if human
continue to pollute the water source. I myself have seen a person stopping
his car and throwing a few plastics of garbage into a river. This happened right
in front of my eyes! And until today I feel guilty for not trying to stop him. So
starting that day I promised myself that I will try my best to ensure that I will
always take my best action to stop such activity. I promised myself I will help to
change this world and the people’s attitude. I will spread the importance of
taking care the environment. I might not be able to do much but I believe
something is better than nothing so I will take my first step to achieve my hope
and dream for a better world.

Next, to make a better world, I will plant my own garden so that the world
will be better. Not only it will help in improving the world by giving it more
oxygen, it will also be a sight for the sore eye! What a better way to rest the
eyes than looking at the greenery around us. If I can persuade others around
me to do this, then the world surely will be a better place to live in. Moreover
we will also get better source of food as we can ensure the plant that we
harvest is without any dangerous chemical. Thus this make us have better life
and health too.

I believe if each of us try to do even one of these ideas that I have given.
The world will be a better place for us to live.

By: Muhammad Rasyiq bin Mohd Safien (5 Bunga Raya)