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FINAL COACHING SOC SCI PART1 (1-200) b. Menes d.

Duchess of Australia

1.What is largest lake in Africa? c. Ramesses the Great 10 Which people group minted the world's first
a. Lake Kilimanjaro d. Hatshepsut
a. Lydians
b. Lake Atlas 6 Who was the Egyptian good of wisdom and
writing? b. Hittites
c. Lake Victoria
a. Amon-Re c. Canaanites
d. Lake Sahel
b. Thoth d. Phoenicians
2 Who was the first female pharaoh?
c. Isis 11 Who was the first ruler of Akkadia?
a. Hatshepsut
d. Osiris a. Ashurbanipul
b. Thutmose II
7 Who was the king of Babylon from about 1792 b. Nebopolassar
c. Ramesses the Great to 1750 BCE.?
c. Sargon
d. King Tut a. Shalmaneser
d. Gudea
3 Which Pharaoh tried to make Egypt b. Sargon
monotheistic? 12 In 539 BCE., which Persian ruler defeated
c. Hammurabi the Neo-Babylonian Empire?
a. Amenhotep
d. Nebuchadnezzar a. Cyrus
b. Hatsheput
8 Which of the following is NOT a continent? b. Hammurabi
c. Tutankhamen
a. Africa c. Xerxes
d. Cleopatra
b. North America d. Darius
4 What group of people created the first
alphabet? c. Europe 13 Tyre was a city in Phoenicia that was famous
for a purple dye that came from what source?
a. Chaldeans d. Cental America
a. Beetles
b. Assyrians 9 What was added to Victoria's list of titles in
1876? b. Quartz
c. Israelites
a. Empress of India c. Ostrich eggs
d. Phoenicians
b. Queen of Ireland d. Sea snails
5Which king united Upper and Lower Egypt?
c. Monarch of Canada 14How many senators are in the U.S. Senate?
a. David
a. 50 19Tradition says that early Rome was ruled by d. Stuart
how many kings?
b. 435 24What is the name of the desert that stretches
a. One across most of North Africa?
c. 100
b. Two a. Savanna
15Who built the Tower of London?
c. Seven b. Sahara
a. William the Conqueror
d. Four c. Sahel
b. Maria Stuart
20 How many symbols were in the Phoenician d. Kalahari
c. Henry VIII alphabet?
25 _____ is the idea that the national
d. Oliver Cromwell a. 12 government shares power with the state
16Who was the god of the sun? b. 22
a. Popular Sovereignty
a. Anubis c. 26
b. Consent of the Governed
b. Ma'at d. 32
c. Federalism
c. Ra 21.The Middle Ages began with the collapse of
what empire? d. Republicanism
d. Horus
a. Byzantine Empire 26What is the term for members of the House of
17Gladiators were typically _____and _____ . Representatives?
b. Roman Empire
a. trainers and emperors a. 2 years
c. Greek Empire
b. patricians and plebeians b. 4 years
d. Phoenician Empire
c. brother and sister c. 6 years
22.Victoria much preferred Benjamin Disraeli to
d. slaves and criminals William Gladstone. 27 Which Amendment abolished slavery?
18The largest pyramid in Egypt, known as The a. True a. 14th
Great Pyramid was built for which ruler?
b. False b. 13th
a. Menes
23Victoria was the last monarch in what house? c. 15th
b. Tut
a. Windsor d. 16th
c. Khufu
b. Hanover
d. Tutmose II
c. Tudor
28 I am indicated by an arrow pointing upwards a. Christianity 37 Which group conquered the Western Roman
with the letter 'N' on top. I show the directional Empire?
orientation of a map. What am I? b. Islam
a. Visigoths
a. The Title c. Muslim
b. Huns
b. The Compass 33 _____helped slaves escape slavery through
the Underground Railroad. c. Mongols
c. The Key
a. Fredrick Douglass d. Abbasids
d. The Border
b. Nat Turner 38Which nation colonized both India and South
e. The Scale Africa
c. Harriet Tubman
29 After what event would America gain control a. Great Britain
over Puerto Rico and the Philippines? d. Sojourner Truth
b. France
a. Civil War 34Who was the god of the dead?
c. Germany
b. Mexican - American War a. Anubis/Osiris
d. United States
c. World War I b. Ma'at
39 Victoria ruled from 1837 until what year?
d. Spanish - American War c. Ra
a. 1883
30What country was the birthplace of Protestant d. Horus
Reformation? b. 1895
35 In the tundra, winters are...
a. Italy c. 1901
a. mild
b. France d. 1912
b. cool
c. Ireland 40 A caliph is _____
c. bitterly cold
d. Germany a. a tool used to write
d. average
31Clearing land for cultivation can sometimes b. a Muslim holy book
contribute to desertification. 36What is the longest river in the United
Kingdom? c. a Muslim leader of a geographical area
a. True
a. Great Ouse d. one of the Five Pillars of Islam
b. False
b. Thames 41 Who was the father of Alexander the Great?
32 What is the name of the religion that
Muhammad created? c. Trent a. Xerxes

d. Severn b. King Darius III

c. Constantine d. Loyalist b. He had edicts carved into pillars and walls.

d. Philip of Macedon 46 Cardiff is the capital where? c. He had peasants taught how to read and write.

42Which two civilizations fought in the Punic a. England d. He made speeches in many places around the
Wars? empire.
b. Scotland
a. The Greeks and the Romans 51How many times a day do Muslims pray?
c. Northern Ireland
b. The Byzantines and the Scythians a. 2
d. Wales
c. The Carthaginians and the Romans b. 7
47 Muslims face_____when praying
d. The Hittites and the Persians c. 5
a. Heaven
43 In which country does the White Nile d. 1
originate? b. the hospital
52Which battle contributed to the single
a. Ethiopia c. Mecca deadliest day in US History on the battlefield
when General McClellan lost over 20,000 men
b. Burundi d. Home in rural Maryland in Sept. 1862?
c. Sudan 48People follow the faith of Islam are known as a. Antietam
d. Egypt b. Sherman's March
a. Christians
44 Spanish conquistadors came to Mexico to c. Appomattox
look for gold from which ancient civilizations: b. Muslims
(choose two) d. Bull Run
c. Godly
a. Incas 53 Sacagawea was a teenage Shoshone Indian
d. Saints who helped the Lewis and Clark expedition as
b. Aztecs what?
49 Who began to build the Mauryan Empire?
c. Vikings a. A cook
a. King Ashoka Maurya
d. Mayans b. A house maid
b. Chandragupta Maurya
45 Ignatius Loyola began a religious c. A guide and translator
organization called the Society of Jesus or the . c. Prince Ceylon Maurya

d. Mahinda Chakra Maurya d. A hunter

a. Mormons
50 In what important way did Ashoka spread 54In which country does the Blue Nile
b. Moravians originate?
Buddhist teachings?
c. Jesuits a. Ethiopia
a. He required conquered people to convert.
b. Lbya d. 15th Amendment 63 The Iliad and Odyssey are long story-telling
poems called what?
c. America 59 What are the floating gardens built by the
Aztecs known as? a. epics
d. Egypt
a. Chinampas b. tragedies
55Temperatures in the Sahara can reach as high
as how many degrees Fahrenheit? b. Quipu c. comedies

a. 120 degrees c. Potlatch d. books

b. 100 degrees d. Wigwam 64Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury?

c. 135 degrees 60 Opportunity cost is? a. Thomas Jefferson

d. 115 degrees a. the loan you choose not to take out b. Henry Knoc

56 Who do Muslims believe was the last b. the cost for starting a business c. George Washington
messenger of God?
c. the benefit you give up by choosing to do one d. Alexander Hamilton
a. Jews thing instead of another
65 North Korea's 4 wireless companies are own
b. Hebrews d. none of the above by the North Korean government. This is an
example of:
c. Allah 61 What was the capital of the Eastern Roman
Empire? a. mixed economy
d. Muhammad
a. Italy b. monoploy
57. Another name for people who gathered wild
plants and actively pursued animals for food b. Rome c. traditional economy
would be .
c. Constantinople d. command economy
a. hunter-gatherers
d. None of the above e.
b. warriors
62 In what year did the American, British, and 66 What document was written by the Pilgrims
c. nomads Canadian troops liberate France from Germany that later influenced the framers of the
during WWII? Constitution?
d. Paleo-Indians
a. 1941 a. Magna Carta
58What signaled the end of Reconstruction?
b. 1942 b. Mayflower Compact
a. Compromise of 1877
c. 1943 c. Bill of Rights
b. Amnesty Act
d. 1944 d. Virginia Declaration of Rights
c. Civil Rights Act of 1875
67 The United States has which type of d. Khartoum a. a country north of Africa
71 The Declaration of Independence was written b. a continent north of Africa
a. market after which major event?
c. a country west of Asia
b. command a. First Continental Congress
d. the place where the Crusades were fought
c. traditional b. Second Continental Congress
76 ____was a Spanish explorer who defeated the
d. mixed c. Constitutional Convention Aztec

68 Which of the following was NOT invented d. Stamp Act Congress a. de las Casas
by Ben Franklin?
72 Roman builders used rows of arches in their b. Columbus
a. Bifocals buildings to form a curved ceiling called what?
c. PIzzaro
b. Poor Richards Almanac a. aqueduct
d. Cortes
c. American Flag b. colonnade
77 What religion did the Roman Empire help
d. Lightning Rod c. dome spread?

69 Which of the following is true of the d. vault a. Islam

Mauryan Empire under King Ashoka’s rule?
73 What lines of latitude determine the b. Judiasm
a. The Mauryan Empire reached its height "tropics"?
during his reign. c. Christianity
a. Prime Meridian and Equator
b. The Mauryan Empire collapsed due to his d. Paganism
laws and edicts. b. Prime Meridian and International Dateline
78 Why is King Tut's tomb so important to
c. The Mauryan Empire shrank due to him c. Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn archaeologists?
giving back land.
d. Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle a. It was very large
d. The Mauryan Empire lost financial power
under his rule. 74 When supply and demand are equal, b. He had 30 wives
economists call this condition..
70 The White Nile and Blue Nile meet where in c. It was the only tomb found totally intact
Sudan? a. deficit
d. King Tut ruled for 50 years
a. Shedi b. supply and demand curve
79 According to the Missouri Compromise,
b. Giza c. loan which state would enter the Union as a free
c. Cartouma d. market equilibrium
a. Florida
75 Europe can best be described as
b. Maine d. Declaration of Independence 88 What is the main religion of the countries in
the region of North Africa?
c. California 84 Which problems DID threaten the Roman
Empire? a. Islam
d. Texas
a. Arguing military b. Christianity
80 The ____were Spanish soldiers sent to the
New World to claim land and resources b. Weak, greedy emperors c. Hinduism

a. Encomiendas c. Arguing over who was the emperor d. Judaism

b. de la Casas d. Each answer is correct 89 The second largest sea in the world is located
south of Cuba. What is its name?
c. Santa Marias 85 Which situation does NOT involve a right
protected by the Bill of Rights? a. Caribbean Sea
d. Conquistadors
a. The ability to own a gun, as long as the laws b. Red Sea
81 This Native American Empire conquered are followed
most of what we today call South America c. Dead Sea
b. The guarantee of a well paying job
a. Inca d. Mediterranean Sea
c. Freedom to publish opinions in the local
b. Aztec newspaper 90 Why was the annual flood of the Nile River
important to Egyptian farmers?
c. Olmec d. Freedom to join the church of choice
a. It gave them time to rest after harvesting their
d. Maya 86 _____is important to Muslims because he crops.
came down to Muhammed and told him to
82 The Qur'an was written by a _____called spread the teachings of Islam. b. It swept away weeds and other trash left on
Muhammad. the fields after the harvest.
a. Gabriel
a. child c. It left behind silt that helped fertilized the soil.
b. Messiah
b. old woman d. It enabled them to travel by boat to sell their
c. Shariah crops.
c. prophet
d. Sunni 91 At first, Rome had a king. Then, it became a
d. teacher republic where people voted for their leaders.
87 A globe is a model of the Earth in the shape Rome really grew to be large and successful
83 What were the essays written to defend the of a sphere.
Constitution called? when it was an .
a. True a. Village
a. Federalist Papers
b. False b. Government
b. Treaty of Paris

c. Bill of Rights c. Kingdom

d. Empire a. the Atlas mountains c. Confucius

92 What was the name of most famous church b. the Sahara d. Buddhist monks and nuns
that Justinian built?
c. the Nile River 100 A combination of market and command
a. The Parish economy.
d. the Atlantic ocean
b. The Church of Christianity a. Mixed Economy
96 A measure of distance east or west of a line
c. The Church of Hagia Sophia called the prime meridian. b. Traditional Economy

d. The Church of Constantine a. meridian c. Market Economy

93 Which hemisphere, the Eastern or Western, b. map d. Command Economy

has the most land area?
c. longitude 101 What is one way King Ashoka spread
a. Northern Buddhism beyond India?
d. location
b. Eastern a. He sent his son to Ceylon, who then converted
97 A _____occurs when a country spends more its King.
c. Western on its imports than it makes from exports
b. He became ascetic, and traveled the country
d. Southern a. trade deficit with monks.
94 A tax on imports. b. import tariff c. He published many famous texts promoting
a. Quota c. free market
d. He invited other leaders to India to learn
b. Embargo d. trade surplus about Buddhism.
c. Tariff 98 A measure of distance north or south of the 102 The amendment that allows the President
equator. and Vice president to be on the same ballot
d. Import Tax
a. latitude a. Amendment 14
95 An imaginary circle around the earth, equally
distant from the North Pole and the South Pole b. artifact b. Amendment 10
a. cartographer c. Prime Meridian c. Amendment 12
b. location d. Equator d. Amendment 19
c. equator 99 During the Tang Dynasty, who ran the 103 What does the phrase "insure domestic
schools, public baths, hospitals and inns? tranquility" in the Preamble of the Constitution
d. longitude
a. The aristocrats mean?
95 Which feature of the landscape connects
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt? b. The Mongols a. Give land to the homeless
b. Fight wars on foreign soi a. Hippocrates 111 The Code of Hammurabi was based on the
concept of _____________.
c. Keep the homeland at peace b. Euclid
a. Thou shall not lie
d. Provide citizens with insurance c. Eratosthenes
b. An eye for an eye
104 Which plan for rebuilding the South 108 The branch of government that interprets
required 50% of the white males of a state to laws is the c. be nice to others
swear loyalty to the Union before readmission?
a. legislative d. cruel and unusual punishment
a. Ten Percent Plan
b. judicial 112 _____was a Spanish explorer who defeated
b. Reconstruction Act of 1866 the Inca
c. executive
c. Freedmen's Bureau a. Pizzaro
d. political
d. Wade-Davis Bill b. Cortes
109 The Aztec and Inca Civilizations
105 Coins were first produced, in China, under c. Columbus
which dynasty? a. had advanced societies before the Europeans
arrived d. de las Casas
a. Han
b. traded heavily with Asia before the arrival of 113 Locating or being located; position; place
b. Saing Europeans
a. equator
c. Silla c. were greatly influenced by their contact with
Africa and Asia b. location
d. Zhou
d. were large but not well organized c. longitude
106 When describing how people adapt to their
environment and change their environment what 110 Define the term Culture d. latitude
theme of Geography are you describing?
a. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, 114 The Emancipation Proclamation was made
a. Location customs, food, dwellings, and clothing to .

b. Place b. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with a. free slaves
very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain
c. Movement or snow. b. end the war

d. Region c. Useful material found in nature, including c. make friends in the South
water, vegetation, animals, and minerals. d. help Southern landowners
e. Interaction
d. Movement by people from one place to 115 Europeans discovered silks and spices while
107 Who was the Greek Physician who was another with intentions of settling in new
known as the Father of Medicine? location. a. exploring for ways to get to Asia
b. fighting in The Crusades b. battleships b. Distortion occurs

c. discovering the New World c. battlecruisers c. You can't tell what type of map it is

d. exploring was to get to Africa d. ironclads d. Scales are not accurate

116 Three important world religions that began 120 _____was the first Roman Emperor. 124 Powers that the constitution does not give to
in the region of Southwest Asia include Islam, the national government that are kept by the
Judaism, and a. Constantine states.

a. Hinduism b. Diocletian a. Expressed Powers

b. Christianity c. Augustus b. Concurent Powers

c. Daoism d. Pontius c. Reserved Powers

d. Buddhism 121 The beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of d. Government Powers
living that a group of people share.
117 This economic system is generally limited 125 What ended the Texas Revolution?
to farming and herding. a. interdependence
a. Treaty of Velasco
a. Command b. culture
b. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
b. Mixed c. dominant culture
c. Treaty of San Juan
c. Market d. region
d. Adams-Onis Treaty
d. Traditional 122 How did the yearly flooding of the Nile
River affect the people of ancient 126 To move things from one place to another,
118 Powers that are shared both by the states Sumerians built
and federal government Egypt?
a. ziggurats and mosques
a. Expressed Powers a. It washed away homes and forced the people
to move to a new location. b. canals and dikes
b. Concurent Powers
b. It left a strip of fertile land on both sides of c. wheeled carts and sailboats
c. Reserved Powers the river, and this land was used for
d. qanata and wadis
d. Government Powers c. It washed fish up on the shore, and the people
gathered and used the fish for food. 127 When describing a location using specific
119 These gunboats protected Grant's troops location and relative location what theme of
when they crossed the Mississippi and were 123 What is the main problem with using a map geography are you using
ships heavily armored with iron. to represent the earth?
a. Place
a. tugboats a. It is too small
b. Location
c. Region c. Legislative c. Tripoli

d. Movement d. Judicial d. Tunis

e. Interaction 132 The largest trading partner of the United 136 Where did the first attack occur to start the
States is Civil War?
128 Define 'sectionalism':
a. Mexico a. Fort Sumter
a. Group of several families
b. China b. Virginia
b. Line of descent through the mother
c. Japan c. Gettysburg
c. Allegiance to local interests rather than
national interests d. Canada d. Bull run

d. Tax imposed on manufactured goods 133 What are the five categories of the Shariah? 137 Who served as vice-president during
IMPORTED into America Franklin Roosevelt's first two terms as
a. Discouraged, Required, Forbidden, president?
129 Individuals can not own or start their own Recommended, and Approved
business in this type of economic system a. Eisenhower
b. Allowed, Required, Forbidden, Approved,
a. Traditional and Discouraged b. Garner

b. Command c. Obligatory, Forbidden, Approved, c. Johnson

Discouraged, and Recommended
c. Mixed d. Rayburn
d. Forbidden, Allowed, Obligatory,
d. Market Recommended, and Discouraged 138 The President is the head of
130 Powers specifically granted to the national 134 What religion's teaching includes Four
government. Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path? a. Judicial

a. Expressed Powers a. Buddhism b. Legislative

b. Concurent Powers b. Shintoism c. Military

c. Reserved Powers c. Taoism d. Executive

d. Government Powers d. Confucianism 139 Define the term Natural Resources

131 The Branch of government that makes the 135 What is the capital of Egypt? a. Useful material found in nature, including
laws is the: water, vegetation, animals, and minerals.
a. Cairo
a. Authoritarian b. All of the physical surroundings in a place,
b. Algiers including land, water, animals, plants, and
b. Despotic climate
c. Movement by people from one place to c. Indus Valley d. A government ruled by a divine right
another with intentions of settling in new monarchy
location. d. Fertile Crescent
148 How does rule of law affect U.S.
d. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, 144 Large surface area;place, division or part. government officials and institutions?
customs, food, dwellings, and clothing
a. region a. It requires government officials and
140 How long were the Franks in hiding? institutions to create new laws.
b. place
a. 3 months b. It prevents government officials and
c. artifact institutions from making their work public.
b. 1 year
d. Resource c. It ensures government officials and
c. 2 years institutions are exempt from laws.
145 This question is a part of a group with
d. 4 years common instructions. View group » d. It holds government officials and institutions
In 1895, which country rose in rebellion against accountable to the law
141 Where did the Franks move after escaping
Germany? Spain? 149 The protection of the natural environment
a. America from destruction can be called .
a. Paris
b. Russia a. erosion
b. Warsaw
c. Cuba b. conservation
c. Rotterdam
d. Canada c. deforestation
d. Amsterdam
146 To elect a leader means to... 150 The code of honor that knights were
142 What is the national capital of Mexico? expected to follow is called
a. Mexico Meridian a. impeach
a. feudalism
b. City of Mexico b. choose a leader by voting
b. serfdom
c. Mexico City c. remove a leader from office
c. chivalry
d. Mexico Court d. nominate a leader for an office
d. Magna Carta
143 What is the name of the strip of land that 147 John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau
would be most likely to support . 151 All of the following are human
became the site of the Sumerian and Babylonian characteristics EXCEPT
a. A return to feudalism in Europe
a. language
a. Nile River Valley
b. A society ruled by the Catholic Church
b. religion
b. Asia Minor
c. A society in which the people chose the ruler
c. politics
d. climate b. Stonewall Jackson a. Sundiata Keita

152 A/An ____is the watering hole that most c. Jefferson Davis b. Sundiata Gaines
cities surround to supply the people with water.
d. Abraham Lincoln c. Mansa Musa
a. oasis
156 A bill cannot become a law until it is d. Muhammad Ali
b. laut
a. approved by Congress and judged 160 Who has the power to ratify or approve a
c. oacis constitutional treaty made by the president?

d. well b. proposed by the president and approved by a. The House of Representatives

153 Why are most modern economies referred to b. The Senate
as "mixed" economies? c. approved by Congress and signed by the
president c. The Supreme Court
a. Poverty is always highest in countries with
market economies d. proposed by Congress and ratified by the d. The vice-president
b. Most countries have aspects of market and 161 Which body has the power to impeach the
command economies 157 The Old World refers to president?

c. Government planners do not know how to a. North and South America a. The Senate
handle economic problems
b. Europe b. The House of Representatives
d. Products made by traditional economies have
no markets in the modern world. c. North America c. The Supreme Court

154 This group settled on the entire west coast d. South America d. The vice-president
of South America. They kept records on a 162 How was it ensured that the Roman
system of knotted strings called "quipu". The 158 This question is a part of a group with
common instructions. View group » Emperor treated everyone fairly
villages were connected by rope bridges and
roads. This economic system is based on customs and a. Everyone voted to be nice to each other
a. Inca habits.
b. The laws were posted for all to see
b. Aztec a. Mixed
c. They paid taxes
c. Olmec b. Traditional
d. Anyone who didn't pay taxes was punished
d. Maya c. Market
163 Tropical wet and dry climate zones are
d. Command characterized by...
155 Who was elected as President of the
Confederacy? 159 Which warrior King, called the "Lion a. wet summers and dry winters
a. Thomas Jefferson Price", ruled Mali from 1217 to 1255 AD?
b. wet winters and dry summers
c. wet summers and wet winters 168 Which of the following is a system of 172 What is Europe's fastest growing religion?
writing created by the Sumerians?
d. dry summers and dry winters a. Islam
a. ziggurat
164 Who were the first inhabitants of b. Judaism
Mesopotamia? b. cuneiform
c. Christianity
a. Assyrians c. Code of Hammurabi
d. Hinduism
b. Babylonians d. iron
173 Define the word Environment
c. Sumerians 169 The Progressive Era ran from
a. A people’s way of life, including beliefs,
d. Egyptians a. 1890-1908 customs, food, dwellings, and clothing

165 Which of the following is not an idea from b. 1895-1915 b. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with
the Enlightenment? very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain
c. 1900-1917 or snow.
a. People have natural rights
d. 1910-1920 c. Useful material found in nature, including
b. Problems can be solved by using reason water, vegetation, animals, and minerals.
170 What were black codes?
c. Kings ruled by divine right d. All of the physical surroundings in a place,
a. Laws limiting the rights of African including land, water, animals, plants, and
d. Government should serve the people Americans. climate
166 Who was the emperor of Rome at the b. Law freeing African Americans. 174 Which two Union generals attacked
beginning of the Pax Romana (the time of Vicksburg and Jackson, MS along the
Roman peace)? c. Laws offering unlimited African American
rights. Mississippi river to seize it as a great asset for
a. Julius Caesar the North in a battle in which Abraham Lincoln
d. Laws enslaving African Americans again. dubbed "Vicksburg is the key!" (to the Civil
b. Abu al Malik War)?
171 The Sumerians believed that gods
c. Muhammad descended to the earth using the ziggurat as a a. General Lee/General Jackson(Stonewall)
ladder. Based on this sentence, which of the
d. Augustus Caesar following is true? b. General Ulysses S. Grant/Admiral Farragut

167 The education and skills of the workers. a. The Sumerians were monotheistic. c. General Scott/General McClellan

a. Post-Secondary Education b. The Sumerians were polytheistic d. General Sherman/General Stewart

b. Training c. The Sumerians were dicots. 175 How many lives were lost during the
American Civil War?
c. Human Capital d. The Sumerians were papyrus.
a. 60,000
d. Capital Goods
b. 100,000 a. Roman Catholic Church a. Inca

c. 620,000 b. Constantinople b. Aztec

d. 600,020 c. Eastern Orthodox Church c. Olmec

176 In what country today do you also have the d. Western Orthodox Church d. Maya
right to vote, but the responsibility to pay taxes
and register for the army? 180 Governments have the power to make and 184 The Virgin Queen was .
enforce laws
a. America a. Mary, Queen of Scots
a. so the police can arrest you
b. Cuba b. Joan of Arc
b. to find people who are not good citizens
c. China c. Elizabeth I
c. to keep people safe and prevent conflicts
d. North Korea d. Bloody Mary
d. to run peoples' lives
177 Define a Tundra 185 This gave Byzantine emperors a great
181 Where did the concept of citizenship begin? amount of power.
a. All of the physical surroundings in a place,
including land, water, animals, plants, and a. Ancient China a. Justinian's Code
b. Ancient Rome and Greece b. Nicene Creed
b. To change in order to adjust to a new
condition or environment. c. medieval Euorpe c. Roman Constitution

c. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with d. the United States d. Bible
very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain 182 The strip of land that was once located 186 How did Cabeza de Vaca contribute to the
or snow. many thousands of years ago that linked history of Texas?
d. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, northeast Asia and present day Alaska was
called . a. He was the first person to map the Gulf of
customs, food, dwellings, and clothing Mexico and the Texas coastline.
178 A Sumerian _____was made of terraces, a. mesoamerica
b. He conquered the Aztecs and contributed to
because it was gods' ladder. b. quipu Tenochtitlan becoming Mexico City.
a. civilization c. Bering Land bridge c. He was the first person to report on Texas,
b. city-state and inspired the Spanish to continue search for
d. Tenochtitlan gold.
c. ziggurat 183 This group was a powerful group of fierce d. He discovered the New World which led to
d. nomad warriors. They controlled a huge trade network exploration by several European countries.
which made them very wealthy.
179 The pope is the leader of
187 What are the 3 Branches of US 191 All of the following were a result of d. Constantine
government? Sherman's March to the Sea EXCEPT...
195 Who was the first Secretary of War?
a. Legislative, Judicial, Executive a. Lee's men grew inspired by the great Southern
victory. a. Henry Knox
b. Prime Minister, Courts, Congress
b. Many cities in the South would be burnt. b. George Washington
c. Senate, King, Supreme Court
c. Once freed, many slaves joined General c. Alexander Hamilton
d. Legislative, Governor, Mayor Sherman's army.
d. Thomas Jefferson
188 Which of the following is a job of the d. Planation owners in the deep South grew tired
government? of the war. 196 Who said "A house divided against itself
cannot stand"?
a. limit travel 192 If you lived in Egypt, the desert climate
would be similar to which American a. Stephen A. Douglas
b. make laws
city? b. George Washington
c. manage information
a. Albuquerque, New Mexico c. Dred Scott
d. provide merchandise
b. New York, New York d. Abraham Lincoln
189 Who invaded India and settled around the
Ganges river around 2000 B.C.? c. Chicago, Illinois 197 Who were Darius I and Xerxes?

a. Uphanishads d. Los Angeles, California a. Spartan Kings

b. Aryans 193 _____divided the Roman Empire into the b. Leaders of Athens
Eastern and Western Roman Empires c. Generals of Persian Army
c. Vedas
a. Alaric d. Emperors of Persia
d. Sidartha Gautama and Buddha
b. Odoacer 198 Who came up with the Anaconda Plan
190 General Sherman's "March to the Sea"
destroyed anything they found useful to the c. Theodosius (North's strategy)?
Confederates, including plantations, railways,
and even cities. This type of campaign is d. Constantine a. Francis Scott Key
called... b. Winfield Scott
194 Who defeated the last remaining Roman
a. Salted Ground army in Europe? c. Frederick Douglas
b. Burn it down! a. Charlemagne d. Robert E. Lee
c. Scorched Earth Campaign b. Charles Martel 199 Tundra is a treeless plains of the Arctic
d. Overland Campaign c. Clovis I regions.
a. True 15. A 39. C

b. False 16. C 40. C

200 Which dynasty had the earliest written 17. D 41. D

18. C 42. C
a. Shang
19. C 43. C
b. Zhou
20. B 44. B
c. Han
21. B 45. C
d. Xia
22. A 46. D
-End of PART1-
23. B 47. C
24. B 48. B
1. C
25. C 49. B
2. A
26. A 50. B
3. A
27. B 51. C
4. D
28. B 52. A
5. B
29. D 53. C
6. B
30. D 54. A
7. C
31. A 55. C
8. D
32. B 56. D
9. A
33. C 57. A
10. A
34. A 58. A
11. C
35. C 59. A
12. A
36. D 60. C
13. D
37. A 61. C
14. C
38. A 62. D
63. A 87. A 111. B

64. D 88. A 112. A

65. D 89. A 113. B

66. B 90. C 114. A

67. D 91. D 115. B

68. C 92. C 116. B

69. A 93. B 117. D

70. D 94. C 118. B

71. B 95. C,B 119. D

72. D 96. C 120. C

73. C 97. A 121. B

74. D 98. A 122. B

75. B 99. D 123. B

76. D 100. A 124. C

77. C 101. A 125. A

78. C 102. C 126. C

79. B 103. C 127. B

80. D 104. D 128. C

81. A 105. D 129. B

82. C 106. E 130. A

83. A 107. A 131. C

84. D 108. B 132. D

85. B 109. A 133. D

86. A 110. A 134. A

135. A 159. A 183. B

136. A 160. B 184. C

137. B 161. B 185. A

138. D 162. B 186. C

139. A 163. A 187. A

140. C 164. C 188. B

141. D 165. C 189. B

142. C 166. D 190. C

143. D 167. C 191. A

144. A 168. B 192. A

145. C 169. C 193. C

146. B 170. A 194. C

147. C 171. B 195. A

148. D 172. A 196. D

149. B 173. D 197. D

150. C 174. B 198. B

151. D 175. C 199. A

152. A 176. A 200. A

153. B 177. C

154. A 178. C

155. C 179. A

156. C 180. C

157. B 181. B

158. B 182. C